Did Steve Cook take Steroids or Natural?

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Steve Cook Steroids:

Steve Cook, is a fitness model and a bodybuilder who competes in the Category at Mr. Olympia.


He is 31-year-old, also hits the gym at a very early age, and made a record of weight lifting in the youth.

Steve has been trained by his father as a perfect trainer and mentor.

Where the motivation comes from? 

Having a sporting family, who motivated him to stay healthy and fit and through numerous bodybuilding competitions, also teaches him the basics of life since his childhood.

“None of them probably be happy as I fall in love or happy with a daily grind, but want a lot for tomorrow.”

We can say that Steve is the lucky one because he is gifted by natural abilities for the sport he is in.

Steve also works very hard to develop strength and stamina, to meet bodybuilding standards, which leads him to compete in several bodybuilding competitions.

Accomplishments Of Steve Cook:

Steve cook took part in several bodybuilding competitions from the year of 2010 to 2014.

He also took part in IFBB Olympia, IFFB Dallas, IFBB Houston, NPC Junior National Championships, NPC Junior USA Championships, and some others too.

He is a sponsored athlete of the two most famous supplement companies “Optimum Nutrition” and Bodybuilding.com.

Steve has an own line of clothing named Swolider Nation.

Why Steve Is Not Criticized By The People, For Natural Or The Steroid User?

  • Due to his massive fan following, Steve cook never come under the debate of natty or juice.
  • His Body structure never captured him into a coop of criticism.
  • He is basically not immense or massive.
  • He also claims himself to be natural.
  • Steve cook bears a friendly nature when it comes to fans, so there is no beast talk are arrested.

“He wants to put himself all natural ever, as he has an outstanding inspiration to look like a Steve Reeves, Bob Paris, and Frank Zane through which he wants to inspire other people.”

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Steve Cook Body Statistics:

  1. The height of the body= 6’’
  2. The Weight of the body= 205-215Ibs
  3. Body fat= 6-8%
  4. Arms size: 19.5 inches

Analogy Of Steve Cook With The Most Remarkable And Outstanding Bodybuilder:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, And Dwayne Johnson Are On The List:

There are many bodybuilders who have their own brands of supplements, whereas some of the individuals are brand themselves as you are well known by the name of Dwayne Johnson and Von Moger.

When it comes to steroids Dwayne Johnson, the rock with 290Ibs and 6’5’’ in height of the body shows a sign that is very similar to any steroid user.

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There is a question you guys want to know that has Steve taken help from the steroids or is he completely natural.

Simeon Panda with a height of 6’1’’ and 230Ibs is considered a natural one.

Whereas, Arnold Schwarzenegger with a 6’2’’ body height and 235Ibs of weight had admitted the use of steroids.

And Ronnie Coleman with a 5’11’’ height and bodyweight around 305 Ibs has also admitted the steroid use.

Steve Cook Workout Plan:

Steve’s workout is the combination of multiple types of training as he believes in stress muscle for better results.

His workout concluded in the rep changes and rep tempo with different weights.

Steve said: Being with a 2 weeks plan is a great deal and a good idea for me. I prefer to select high volume training throughout the year.

Days (One Week)
Day 1Legs
Day 2Chest And Biceps
Day 3Cardio Exercises
Day 4Back And Triceps
Day 5Shoulder
Day 6Again Cardio
Day 7Repeat The Schedule

Balanced And Calculated Diet Of Steve Cook:

His offseason diet mostly consists of carbohydrates, dairy products, and fruits.

As compared to the offseason he drops carb in his diet for photo shoots and competitions.

His diet is almost constant for a year. The range within the 5Ibs allows him to enjoy more carbohydrate, dairy products and lots of fruits in the offseason.

His daily protein intake is in between in the range of 250 to 300g.

Whereas he consumes approximately 50 to 70g of fats in his diet.

He is taking 6 meals a day which helps him to keep a healthy metabolism and improve body functions. Moreover, protein helps him retain muscle gains.

The basic source of protein included in his diet is Turkey, Sirloin steak, fish and the chicken.

He also includes some supplements for extra boost are included are Whey Protein, Casein, Multivitamins, and Creatine.



Are There Any Symptoms Of The Steroid User?

In comparison to the other bodybuilders, who are considered to be on steroids let’s take a look did steve cook showing some signs and symptoms of steroids by his body. 

Definitely, those bodybuilders who considered to be on steroid has shown particular signs and symptoms.

Such as the massive gains in a short interval of time, balloons like arms, bloating, huge traps, and some other signs and symptoms.

Flushed skin: 

Steroids elevate the inner body temperature and also responsible for elevated blood pressure.

Steroids can raise the level of testosterone in the body which raised the level of bad cholesterol in a result. Whereas there is a difference in skin colors such as pink color in white men and a darker color in Samoan men.

Steve has great skin color without any fluctuation in color.

Flushed skin: Negative

Wide Jawn line And Increase In Masculine Characteristics:

The steroid users identically have a large face structure as compared to non-steroids users.

This will also increase masculinity.

There is no appearance of a wide jawline in steve cook, As we know the square-looking face directly shows high testosterone which can be a result of steroids.

Wide Jawn line And Increase In Masculine Characteristics: Negative

Thinning of hair:

One of the steroid side effects is thinning hairs. This can happen due to the imbalance of hormones and the accumulation of dihydrotestosterone.

Whereas Steve’s hairs are thicker, and his eyebrows, are also noticeably thicker.

Thinning of hair: Negative

Acne or stretch marks, Gynecomastia and Bloating:

As we all know acne or stretch marks are two of the main side effects of Dianabol steroid.

Steve has not no acne or stretch marks on his back or shoulders.

Gynecomastia or man boobs is a condition in which the male breast tissue starts to grow in an unnatural way, Gyno is very common in juicers whereas rare in natty. And as we noticed there is no sign of gyno in Steve’s chest.

Steve’s body never seen or spotted with a steroid gut and bloating symptoms till yet.

Acne or stretch marks, Gynecomastia and Bloating: Negative

Photoshop Looks And Balloon-Like Appearance:

The most common sign of steroid users is they are huge in size as they were photoshopped and 3D appearance (balloon-like arms).

Whereas, Steve Cook has the most amazing and defined physique.

Steve cook’s physique didn’t show any signs and symptoms of juice till yet, although Steve looks huge it’s just because his fat percentage is around 7.

Photoshop Looks And Balloon-Like Appearance: Negative

Rapid transformation:

Steroids have the ability to develop massive stage-ready build in no time.

Whereas natural bodybuilders took time to develop a body that fulfills all standards to compete.

If we compare Steve cooks’ transformation with steroid users’ transformation we found that his gains are not as rapid as steroid users, he works hard years and years for this physique. see the Gain timeline.

Rapid transformation: Negative

Gain timeline: (Lost 20Ibs from 2010 to today):

As you can see in the above picture of Steve Cook, He probably does not gain any muscle size, since he left high school.

You will also notice his arms were bigger in size than today.

He weighs 20Ib more and was 235lb than today, even he lost a pound instead of gaining.

Maybe he has taken some steroids like clenbuterol at the time of high school, but there are no signs and symptoms that he is on steroids.

He might have taken help from steroids, during his high school days to lose some pounds and retain lean muscle but not anymore.

Is He Tested For Steroid Use From Bodybuilding Federations:

Steve has competed in the Olympia Men’s Physique category and also participated in the NPC competitions for the natural bodybuilding federation, but unfortunately, the federation is not updating a drug test protocol on their official website.

Whereas, we all know tests are not up to the standards that can differentiate between the steroid user and the natural one.

Some medical test like Urinalysis is taken to differentiate between natty and not. but such tests like Urinalysis can be dodged.

Because once you stop taking steroids it will not detect in your system just after 24 hours, so detection time is important for urinalysis.

The other testing tool is through the blood samples.

Most people are claiming that Steve was stopped to compete in 2014, just because he didn’t pass the random drug test in 2013.

When he was asked about his steroid status, he replied that he never wanted to be like a hulk as his first priority is health.


My assumption on steve Cook’s steroid status is completely based on the gain timeline and signs and symptoms.

Based on the evidence it seems like Steve is natty!!

Although it seems like Steve Cook may have taken clenbuterol in his high school days to help him get ripped.

He is always considered a genetically freak or God gifted, same as Chris Jone, Donte Franklin, and
Simeon Panda.




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