Did Ronnie Coleman Use Steroids? Or Natural?

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Ronnie Coleman Steroids

Did you ever think that all the massive bodybuilders such as Ronnie Coleman with hulk-like physiques can build their muscles through exercises, diet plans, and the hard-working?

Or they can maintain their overall body through an intense workout and strict diet regimen?

A man with this sort of physique is mostly considered a steroid user and enters into the conversation of natty or juice.

Steroids and Bodybuilders

Most people believe that it is almost impossible to replicate this type of physique and strength like pro bodybuilders without using any type of steroids.

We all know the human body has its limitations, which can determine the level of gains through genetics or working hard in the gym.

It definitely doesn’t mean that all professional bodybuilders build their muscles through any illegal substances or anabolic steroids.

The development of strong frames and a massive physique can be natural for those who are genetically freak or hereditary.

Most professional bodybuilders achieved their great physique and massive strength by working hard in the gym and strict diet from an early age.

The basic problem of these modern-day beginners is that they follow the routine of their idols without identifying their own abilities.

So here we are going to discuss Ronnie Coleman, and did he take steroids for his massive gains.

Ronnie Coleman is 8 times Mr. Olympia and a perfect example of hard work and dedication for youngsters.

Ronnie is also known as the GOAT in the bodybuilding world, which means the Greatest Of All Time.

And No doubt, He truly is the greatest of all time.

Only two men in the world have the privilege to hold Mr. Olympia 8 times in their carer.

The beginning of his carer was very rough, he failed to win a single trophy.

After years of failure, his enthusiasm allows him to bounce back with strong motivation and the rest is history.

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The Accomplishments And Making The History:

Ronnie also held the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with 26 titles (since broken by Dexter Jackson).

He won all-time record for the 8 Mr.Olympia title and matched with Lee Haney’s record.

Ronnie is the only bodybuilder who held the title of Arnold Classic and Mr.Olympia in the same year, only Dexter Jackson repeated the same in the year 2008.

He also made his mark on the film industry as he appeared in The First Training Video, The Unbelievable, The Cost Of Redemption, The Relentless, and the most recent The King (2018).

Ronnie Coleman Statistics

  • The weight of the body: 287-300 Ibs (130-136 kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’11’’ (180cm)

Body Measurements

  • Arms: 24’’
  • Chest: 60’’
  • Waist: 36’’
  • Thighs: 36’’
  • Calves: 22’’
  • Year of birth: May 13, 1964

The Police Officer

Ronnie Coleman finds a job at the Texas police station and served as a police officer from the year 1989 to 2000 and stayed as a reserved police officer till 2003.

He trained himself by spending hours weightlifting at the gym while serving as a police officer.

Ronnie Coleman is very much into pre and post-workout shakes, and protein isolates during his training sessions.

The police station with the private gym encouraged him to get into bodybuilding seriously, and then he looks to find the other gym with more types of equipment available.

Coleman’s Surgery

In fact, after their retirement, Ronnie continued with his intense workout sessions which damaged his body badly.

He underwent to knife for a series of injuries that were conducted to the back, hips, and intervertebral discs.

All the surgeries cost him around $300,000 to $500,000 each and left him in a wheelchair, but he has no regrets.

Ronnie Is Natural Bodybuilder

When it comes to natural bodybuilding standards, a man with 5’11’’ or 180 cm like Coleman can naturally build up 177 lbs or 80 kg.

Whereas Ronnie Coleman’s stats show a different story, there is a difference of 102-110 lbs which is massive when it comes to comparison.

Can you believe that?

Is it possible to build up to 102-110 lbs of lean muscle by just being a gym rat or by a strict diet?

Don’t rush to make judgments at this point in time.

I have more pieces of evidence that can help you to find out Did Ronnie Coleman took steroids or not.

bulking ans cutting steroids

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Evidence That Indicates The Use Of Steroids

Comparing Ronnie Coleman With Other Bodybuilders

Let’s compare Ronnie with some famous bodybuilders who had accepted the use of steroids in the past.

1. Rich Piana

Late Rich Piana, was the NPC Mr. California Champion and had admitted that he is using some growth hormones and bulking steroids in front of the viewers.

He had the statistics of 6ft height and 272lbs weight.

Whereas, Coleman’s height is 1 inch shorter than Rich Piana’s but the weight is almost 15lbs greater.

Trust me It’s not Genetics!!!

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

When we compare him with the great Arnold we witnessed the difference in height, but Ronnie is 65 lbs bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold also accepted the use of steroids with no regrets.

He said that about 50 years ago, anabolic steroids were considered legal, and all the bodybuilders of that time were excited about something new and unique.

He also adds that he started the use of steroids under a doctor’s prescription.

Ronnie Coleman Had Accepted The Use Of Steroid

Ronnie Coleman didn’t accept that he is talking steroids by any means.

Ronnie Coleman was a police officer by profession, which demands him to keep stay within the laws, so how can he admit to using an illegal substance?

Using steroids is considered an illegal drug in the United States.

But after his complete retirement from the stage,
he accepted that he used steroids but under the doctor’s supervision. After 2011 he mentioned his steroid status in many videos and the magazines like “Muscular Development”.

I personally believe that there is nothing wrong to accept your steroid status, Late Rich Piana had also admitted several times that he was using growth hormones and test and deca cycles.

Ronnie Coleman Steroid Cycle

Ronnie Coleman has never completely accepted nor denied his steroid status.

Thus this is Ronnie Coleman’s potential steroids cycle

Many of us are curious about the Ronnie steroid cycle. so here I am with his potential steroid cycle.

He might have used the growth hormones and other anabolic mentioned below:

The other steroids may include TestosteroneDeca Durabolin, Winstrol, And Dianabol.

There is no proof that Ronnie actually used these steroids.

This article is completely based on pieces of evidence.

I didn’t encourage you guys to use any illegal steroids by any means.

Bulking Cycle


Ronnie is well-known as a bodybuilder and an all-time great.

He spent almost 15 years of his life competing at the grand stages of all.

He made the decision to take retirement after Mr. Olympia’s title in the year 2007.

Steroids Or Not Ronnie Coleman is an all-time great!!

Ronnie got more than steroids can provide, which surely indicates that he has very good genetics too steroids are just a helping hand in his condition.

We cannot deny the blood, sweat, and tears behind the 8 times Mr. Olympia’s physique.


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