Loose Vagina | Causes, And Solutions | How to Tighten Your Vagina

Here we will discuss Loose Vagina,  What Causes This, How to Tighten Up, and More.

For every woman it is important she is healthy and in good shape and that means her nether regions as well.

Unfortunately, with time and certain events in our lives, there come changes to our bodies that we might not like.

Having looser vaginal walls becomes more or less a fact for every woman in her high age.

For some women, this problem occurs at a much younger age which becomes a burden.

When you want to have good sex-life, but you know your body is not up to par as it once was.

This may be the reason for a less fulfilling life, more fighting in the relationship and self-confidence issues.

Here we will go over some of the causes of loose nether walls and how to avoid them.

The Biggest Reason Is…

Loose Vagina And Giving Birth


The biggest reason for this problem is giving birth.

At birth, the vaginal walls are stretched to painful extremes.

And takes about 6 months to fully heal up and get back to its original tightness.

Contrary to popular belief birth alone does not stretch the vagina.

But together with other causes might contribute to the problem.

The ability to get back to its original tightness is related to the age of a woman.

Women in their early twenties usually won’t have any problems.

But those over 30 or even over 40, which is getting more common.

And Will has a hard time getting their genitalia back in shape.

The more births you give at higher age the higher the possibility of getting loose.

The way to avoid this is to have children as early as possible and not when you are in your middle age.

Age And Loose Vaginal Walls?


The reason why age plays such an important factor is that with age women produce less estrogen which helps with regeneration after birth.

If not enough estrogen is produced you’ll have problems getting loose.

This is why living healthy stress-free life is so important for keeping yourself healthy.

More than that is impossible to do since we all get old eventually.

May Some Drugs Can Cause Loose Vagina?


Another cause can be the use of drugs that contribute to hormonal changes as a side effect.

There are various drugs out there that might make the vulva dry and less elastic which dampens the sensations during intercourse.

Additionally with age women will live through a changed hormone production which will change the way your body functions.

Again the age plays an important role, but this could also be the results of some other health problem.

Always ask your doctor for some advice on how to best solve this problem.

Make sure you use drugs that don’t have this kind of effect on your body and the problem should go away.

Do Not Fall To Despair, There Is A Solution OfLoose Vagina

There are many solutions to tighten Loose Vagina. 

Some of them are as simple as doing some exercises like Kegel exercises.

Kegal Exercise which will help you strengthen the vaginal muscles.

Additionally, you can make use of certain products like Ben-wa balls.

Which will help you exercise on the go without you putting in conscious effort.

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Using vaginal walls gels can also be a quick and simple solution to your problems.

The most extreme treatments are having surgery or electrical stimulation which is done by medical professionals and costs quite some money but usually gets good results.

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Loose Vagina

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