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Did Julian Edelman Use Steroids?

Before going in to Julian Edelman Steroids, lets take a look at his life, achivements and stats.

Julian Francis Edelman was born on May 22, 1986, in Redwood City, California.

He is an american football widw receiver and punt returner for the New England patriots.

Edelman starts his football career, when he was in school and holds a record of 13-0 in 2004.

After high school he went to Kent State university where he earned a degree in business, and also continue to play for the university.

Born: May 22, 1986 (age 32)
Redwood City, California
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight: 198 lb (90 kg)

Julian Edelman Professional Carrer:


Edelman Rookie Year 2009:

Julian Edelman was picked by New England Patriots in seven round as 27 picked.

He signed a four year contract with them for $ 48,700, also included signing bonuses.

Edelman started his carrer as a rockie in the year 2009, he played his first game against New York gets. It was his first game since 2007 singing by New england patriots.

Soon after that Edelman broke his arms and out of Tenesse Titans, and unable to accoompany his team to a london tour, where he supposed to play Tampa Bay Buccaneers Session.

Julian Edelman was the top rated rokkie at the time of his injury.

He made his comeback for patriots on week 10 against Indianapolis Colts where he scored his first NFL touch down.

Edelman was called inn to fill walker’s place against Huston, Walker was sidelined after his injury of ACL and MCL.

He caught 10 out of 15 passes thrown at him, He finised his season with 37 reception and one touch down.

Edelman became the first rookie to score 2 receiving touchdowns in one postseason game since 1995 season where David Sloan did the same.

Julian Edelman’s Year 2010 to 2017:


Since after 2009 there is no looking back for Julian Edelman.

In this span of time Edelman became the first choice and permant member of patriots for every league.

After the season of 2012 and 4 year contract with New England patriots he became the free agent.

He was resigned in 2013 with Patriots for 1 year as he continued to play 2013 season for the same team he played for past several years.

In season 2013 he scored two touchdowns to win over buffalo Bills. He also received three punts total of 32 yards.

These three made him a moment of NFL all time leader in career punts returned with average of 13.0 yards.

He surpasses McAfee who had an average of 12.8 yards for Chicago Bear.

Julian Edelman Career Changing Year:

2013 was the career making year for Julian Edelmanm, where he played all 16 games for patriots with his outstanding performance.

Edelman again became a free agent after the 2013 season.

He was resigned with patriots on a four-year deal for $17 million (March 15, 2014).


After is outstanding efforts in 2014 and 2015 season for New England Patriots and recording many touchdown and receive punts, He finally ranked 87th in the list of top 100 NFL players of 2016.

Julian Edelman was finned for hitting Deone Bucannon halmet to halmet, and that act cost him $26,309.

He finished the game with 8 reception of 151 yards and 77 yard touchdown and winning the title of AFC offensive player of the week.

He also became the first Patriots after Randy Moss who earned wide receiver to receive the award back in 2007.

Edelman finished his 2016 season with the new carrer best of 98 catches of 1106 receiving yards.

His performance in 2016 season ranks him higher in NFL Top 100.

After 2016 he was on 71st in the ranking of Top 100 NFL players of 2017 previously he was on 87th in the list.

Julian Edelman Injury:


Julian Edelman sufferd  an injury soon after he signed a two year extension for patriots for $ 11 Million and 9 Million through 2019 season on June 8, 2017.

Edelman completely tore his ACL in the third match between Patriots and Detroits Lions.

This Injury ends his 2017 season.

In the absence of Edelman Patriots reached to super bowl and lost to Philadelphia Eagles with the final score on board 41-33.

Julian Edelman’s Year of Return


Julian Edelman recover from his ACL injury and back to traning 2018.

And it was also reported that Edelman will join patriots in traning camp in feb 2018.

But badluck continues for this young fellow as it was announced that Julian Edelman is suspended for 4 matched due to the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs (PED).

Julian Edelman and Performance Enhancing Drugs:

On June 2018 just after Edelman’s return, he was suspended for four games due to voilation of drug policy.

He was suspected to use performance enhancing drugs (PED). On june 26 Edelman appealed the suspension but his appealed was denied and he missed first four games of the season 2018.

He joins his team patriots on October 2 for the rest of the season 2018.


Julian Edelman replicates Santonio Holmes in Super Bowl XLIII (2009) and became the first wide receiver to win Super Bowl MVP.

Soo is Julian Edelman On Steroids?

I have to be very careful with the answer of “is Julian Edelman on steroids?” as I mentioned above he was suspendend for four games in Season 2018 due to use of banned substance.

But as we know that he was suspendent for use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED).

On this performance enhancing case Edelman also issued a apology and was sounded little confused too.  

He quoted  “I am very sorry- I don’t know what happened”.

He also mentioned that he went through many test for the sake of his career and didn’t know how it came possitive. After that he apologized to the owner, Team mates and fans.


In my personal opinion, Julian Edelman might have used HGH, Testosterone, and Winstrol.

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The above mentioned steroids on what Julian Edelman used is complelty based on my opinion, there is no direct evidence the he used steroids or any drugs mentioned in this article, This Article is a piece of my freedom of speech and for information purpose only.

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