Bulking And Cutting Cycles For Beginners

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Bulking and Cutting Cycles – What Does It Mean To Bulk & Cut?

What is Bulking and Cutting cycles? When a person “bulks” it means they are purposely putting on weight to gain muscle by eating a calorie surplus diet. To “cut” they lose weight; mostly fat, by eating a calorie deficit diet and doing more cardio.

Those who have wanted to build up their muscles and lose fat have most likely heard of the terms, bulking and cutting.

To bulk up your primary goal is to build up your muscles to increase your strength and overall body mass.

To achieve this you will increase your calorie intake, stick to a low rep high weight training routine with adequate rest periods in between exercises.

To cut you want to lose the fat on your body to get a lean look that is still defined and muscular.

To achieve this you will have to decrease your calorie intake, begin a cardio training routine that included both cardio works outdoors and in the gym.

To reach both of these goals you will have to perform what is called, Bulking and Cutting Cycles.

What are Bulking and Cutting Cycles?


The strategy behind bulking up is to spend a few months eating a lot of food while at the same time doing extensive training.

Extensive training should include heavy, hard lifting to build your muscles.

These are just some of the various methods of bulking used:

  • Clean Bulk– eating clean foods
  • Dirty Bulk– eating whatever you want, including junk food
  • Fast Bulk– eating foods to gain weight fast
  • Permabulk – staying on the bulking phase, eliminating the cutting cycle
  • Fulking– eating foods that you assume are generating muscle, but are actually only generating fat
  • Lean Bulk– bulking but trying to remain lean
  • Slow Bulk – eating sensibly and gaining bulk slowly
  • Recomping – maintaining current weight and turning your body into more muscle as it is.

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Cutting is the process of shedding weight quickly. You attempt to lose weight by decreasing body fat and changing your body’s composition. The dangers in cutting too quickly are the risks of decreasing your hormonal system.

When a person cuts too fast they risk a decrease in testosterone, decrease IGF-1, increase myostatin, and cortisol. Basically, the cutting cycle is going to change your metabolism.

The pros; however, are it does improve insulin sensitivity.

As long as it’s done with the correct dietweight training routine, and most importantly is the correct supplements.

As stated above after bulking you begin the cutting phase and this has huge drains on your body so the additional nutrient and supplements help you push through your training, shred faster and so much more.

For health reasons and to decrease risks a general rule for people is:

  •  If you are overweight or obese you should only cut, not bulk.
  • If you are underweight or skinny you should only bulk, not cut.
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How to do Bulking and Cutting Cycles Safely

The general rule appears to be approaching the bulking cycle slowly, not to throw your system into a shock, but to slowly adapt.

Start out your calorie increase slowly by the week so you are eating enough to be able to increase your lifts slowly by the week.

If you eat too much your body is going to turn it into fat, slow increase of calories along with an increase in lifts gives your body a chance to turn the extra calories into muscle.

In order to minimize fat gains, you will need to do cardiovascular exercises by incorporating just a few short but intense cardio workouts a week.

Perform about ten to fifteen minutes total about every third or fourth day. This time frame includes a slow warm-up and finish.

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The difference in your diet between bulking and cutting is your carb intake. While cutting you want to remove potatoes, beans, brown rice, and oats from your diet.

This process should also be approached slowly, don’t remove them all at once or suddenly. It’s far better to allow your body to slowly adjust to the new diet.

Your body naturally gets rid of nutrients flowing through your bloodstream as it stores them in your body as muscle or fat through insulin which is an anabolic hormone secreted when carbs enter your system. This process helps you while you are bulking, but works against you when you are cutting.

Cutting is a much harder process as you have to stick to a planned diet which decreases your calorie intake.

You have to stick to planned meals which will be smaller; however, they must be eaten more often.

When you follow a cutting cycle you should be eating every two hours to keep your metabolism soaring and calories burning.

Like the bulking cycle, cardio is an essential part of the cutting cycle also. A workout of about 30-45 minutes every other day is standard during the cutting cycle.

You can vary the exercises by doing some that are fun like recreational sports or vary the work-outs you choose to keep them fun to do.

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There is no definite answer when it comes to how long each cycle should last as it depends so much on your specific body type.

Some alternate days, some alternate weeks, and even months.

The most important rule is whatever time frame you set to bulk, you should set the cutting cycle for whatever time it takes you to remove the fat gained during the bulking cycle.

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