Best Bulking Cycle For Beginners

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Written By Jonathan Deventer

Best Bulking Cycle

So you wanna get HUGE ay? There are several different factors to take into account when trying to create the ‘Best Bulking Cycle’.

These include:

  • Which steroids to use
  • How long to use them for
  • Your experience level (whether you’re a noob)

Before we reveal the perfect formula for an awesome bulking cycle, it’s important to note that everybody reacts differently to each steroid – and no one will have identical gains.

However, it IS common for many people to agree on certain compounds and combinations being very effective.

In terms of which steroids to use, we’re talking about which anabolics will help you pack on muscle like BANE-himself and what to stack them with.

So for example, when D-Bol is stacked with Testosterone or Trenbolone you can expect some amazing gains, with some users noticing 10x less water retention compared to if they were to run either of these steroids by themselves.

Nobody knows exactly why this is, but details like this are crucial when trying to get the most gains out of your bulking cycle.

Certain steroids aren’t only effective themselves but can also bring the best out of other compounds, which I will get to shortly.

Details like this can be the difference between you looking like a bloated hippo or a jacked silverback.

…Trust me, you don’t want to look like the hippo.


Best Bulking Cycle

After talking to some pros in my gym, most of them agree that these 4 roids stacked together will almost guarantee huge gains on a bulking cycle:

All 4 of these steroids combined will give you incredible strength and mass gains when bulking.

If you eat a truckload of calories as well as taking this stack = gains of the gods.

Crazy Bulk actually has a best-selling bulking stack that mimic’s the effects of dbol, test, tren, and deca (and it’s 100% legal).

Other effective steroids for gaining mass:

How Long To Cycle For?

This all depends on your experience level. If you don’t have a huge amount of experience with such compounds then it would be wise to start with a 4 or 8-week cycle.

If you’ve been doing this shizzle for years then a cycle can last up to 15 weeks.

Yikes, that’s almost 4 months!

As a rule of thumb, the average steroid cycle will last 8-10 weeks, followed by a minimum of 4 weeks off.

Best Bulking Cycle for Beginners?


If you’re a newbie you’ll want to stay away from ‘harsh steroids’ or only cycle them for a short amount of time (approx 4 weeks), as you don’t know how you’re body’s going to react.

Harsh steroids – Dbol, Anadrol, Trenbolone

Mild steroids – Test, Deca, HGH

If you’re a beginner and you want to be super cautious during your first bulking cycle, run testosterone alone for 4-8 weeks. Then in your next cycle chuck in deca.

And only then move onto the more serious/harsh steroids in trenbolone, d-bol, and even Anadrol in an 8-week cycle.

When you start throwing these bad boys into the mix, your gains will go up another level, but it’s important not to jump into the deep end straight away.

First, you must learn to walk before you can run.

If you’re more experienced with taking these substances your body will have more or less adapted. If it hasn’t you’ll know about it.

So assuming there are no problems, you can stack multiple steroids freely and cycle for a longer duration.

Important: If you’re a newbie or an experienced user of anabolics, it’s important to get your blood work done on a regular basis (once per month) to make sure all your numbers are good and that there are no underlying problems occurring due to regular steroid-use.

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