YK11 Review With Dosage, Side Effects & Results Of The Most Powerful Myostatin Inhibitor

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What Is YK11

Myostatin YK11 Review

YK11 is the most powerful SARM in the market right now. This supplement is so strong that some people even claim that it is more of a synthetic steroid than a SARM. Clinical trials, however, do insists that it is a SARM and as such, we are able to enjoy its potency with minimal to no adverse reactions.

YK11 As Myostatin Inhibitor

How much do you know about this supplement though? In this review, we will be telling you everything you need to know about YK11. We will help you understand why we believe that it should be at the center of your bodybuilding master plan.

This selective androgen receptor modulator is quite new in the market. The compound was first properly identified by a Japanese scientist, Yuichiro Kanno, back in 2011.

Since then, the drug has been at the center stage of different pharmaceutical companies all of which are trying to identify the full length of its benefits.

So far, trials have shown that YK 11 functions as a myostatin inhibitor. When introduced in the body, these compounds help in slowing down the operations of myostatin which then gives your body an opportunity to grow more muscles at a faster rate than you would be able to do naturally.

The little information that is already available about these compounds shows incredible results and no wonder it is among the most sought-after SARMs at the moment.

How Does YK11 Work

Myostatin YK11 Results

YK11’s performance revolves around its myostatin-inhibition properties. Myostatin is a protein that is commonly found in skeletal muscles. We all have this protein but its levels usually vary from one individual to another.

The role of myostatin is to regulate the growth of muscles. Ideally, this is the compound that makes sure your muscles are never too big to interfere with other functions in the body.

The problem, however, is that its presence can block the progress of athletes who are trying to increase their muscle mass. Research has even shown that individuals with naturally low levels of myostatin are always more muscular and stronger than the ones with more of this protein.

By blocking the functions of this protein, YK 11 helps to unlock your full potential allowing you to grow your muscles as big as you and your body can handle.

YK11 helps in preventing the production of myostatin by attaching to the androgen receptors. Additionally, this supplement increases the production of Follistatin which is also useful in slowing the secretion of myostatin.

From how YK11 works, it is easy to see why it is categorized as a SARM. The big argument that associates it with other steroids is based on its backbone structure which seems to be similar to that of steroids.

However, based on how it works and the fact that it doesn’t exhibit as many adverse reactions as we see in steroids makes us believe that it is a SARM.

As we pointed out earlier, Yk11 is a relatively new compound in the industry that is still undergoing various clinical trials. Perhaps with more data in the future, we may be able to understand more about its performance to conclusively end the debate on whether it is a SARM or not.

YK11 and Testosterone

YK11 Results

Testosterone is a crucial hormone that functions as both a sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. It is due to the latter that Testosterone supplements are commonly used by bodybuilders.

Both YK 11 and testosterone supplements have the same end game but how each one of them works to get there is what sets them apart.

Testosterone supplements are mostly administered directly in the bloodstream through injections. This causes an influx of the hormone within your body.

As a result, you will experience more of its “anabolic steroid” properties leading to increased muscle mass, vitality, and overall strength. These are amazing benefits but they do come at a price.

First, injecting testosterone supplements causes an immediate spike of the hormone in the body. Scientists explain that this may become dangerous to your body as it can interact with other cells interfering with their functions.

Secondly, the sudden introduction of testosterone will prompt your body into thinking that there is enough of the hormone within your system. Your body, will, therefore, respond by slowing down the natural production of testosterone.

This will be a problem in the future because the injected testosterone won’t last forever. The fluctuation in levels of testosterone will also interrupt the muscle building process.

Finally, testosterone supplements aren’t particularly ideal for women. Women using these products risk experiencing virilization i.e. expression of male characteristics.

YK 11, on the other hand, is a bit more precise in its operations. This SARM is extremely selective and hence users are able to enjoy consistent and faster results with limited side effects.

Secondly, the bioavailability of this compound is decent enough for it to be used orally. As we all know, oral supplementation is much safer and desirable compared to injections.

YK11 Benefits

Research and user reviews show that YK 11 is beneficial in that it:

  • Inhibits Myostatin production and increases Follistatin levels thus boosting fast muscle growth
  • Increases strength levels
  • It works quickly
  • Prevents fat growth

YK11 Side Effects

YK11 Side Effects

It is in the public domain that all SARMs are usually very safe. YK 11 is no different but you are warned against overdosing on the supplement.

People already at high risk of hair loss are likely to experience the process at a much faster rate if they use this SARM. A few users have also reported mild acne breakout caused by YK11.

The above two are the most common side effects. The good news is that they are usually mild. Also, if you take moderate amounts of YK11 your risks of getting these reactions are very minimal.

YK11 Dosage

Men are advised to take between 5 to 10mg daily. Women should take between 0.5 to 2mg per day.

These doses should be split into two. For beginners, you are advised to start with low dosages and only go higher if your body responds well to it.

You are warned against taking more than 10mg per day. You should consult your doctor in case you wish to go beyond this dosage.

This SARM can be stacked with OstarineRad-140, and Lgd-4033

Buy Brutal Force SARMs

Where To Buy YK11

YK11 is widely available in different online stores. Unfortunately, the SARMs industry is strictly regulated and hence you should be keen on where you get this SARM from.

We normally recommend users to buy it from Brutal Force who stacks high quality and purely natural forms of YK11 which is completely legal and safe.


YK11 may not be very well studied but from the information we have, we can confidently say that it is one of the best SARMs out there.

User reviews also prove that it performs brilliantly and with no complications. YK11 is, therefore, highly recommended for anyone looking to increase muscle mass within a short period.

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