Testolone RAD 140 Review | Accurate Dosage, Side Effects With Before And After Results

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What Is Testolone RAD 140

Testolone RAD 140

Testolone RAD 140 or simply Testolone is a relatively new compound whose popularity in the bodybuilding industry is fast rising.

This compound is currently undergoing studies to determine its benefits in the treatment of muscle wasting and disorders. In the bodybuilding arena, it is more popular due to the benefits it has in boosting muscle mass.

RAD140 is categorized as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. These are compounds that attach to androgen receptors influencing the performance to increase strength, stamina, and muscle mass growth among many other benefits.

This anabolic compound is yet to be approved by the FDA for human consumption, but it is available online as a supplement.


RAD 140

Androgens can be described as steroid hormones that are found in both men and women. The primary role of these hormones is in sexual development.

Other than that, they are tasked with muscle, bones, brain, and liver growth. As you can see, therefore, they are crucial to the body, but the biggest problem is that as we age, they decrease gradually leaving a massive negative impact on our physical strength and muscle mass.

This is one of the reasons why older people become physically unfit and prone to bone fractures. It is also believed that when androgen levels are affected, it can also lead to cancer, AIDs, and growth failure problems.

One of the active treatment options for dealing with androgen-deficiency diseases is testosterone replacement therapy.

The challenge here, however, is that it is associated with lots of severe side effects that include infertility in women and prostate cancer in men and that’s why safer alternatives are needed. This is where SARMS comes in.


SARMs Stack For Healing

Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators provide a unique approach to hormonal disorders delivering excellent results with minimal to zero side effects.

These modulators activate specific tissues focusing on muscle and bone growth without interfering with other body organs and functions.

It’s for this reason that SARMs such as RAD 140 are the most recommended hormone replacement therapies at the moment.

How Does Testolone RAD 140 Works

Testolone RAD140 Before And After Results

Testolone selectively works on the androgen receptors located in the muscles and bones without affecting reproductive or other organs.

When this compound binds to the androgen receptor, it makes proteins in the body react differently when they come into the receptors. The cells around will also respond uniquely releasing different proteins.

The presence of these proteins will then lead to either inhibition or initiation of the effects of RAD140 in these ARs.

In the end, therefore, only a few ARs that are extremely necessary will be activated in the body while all the other receptors will be left untouched thus preventing interference with other chemical functions in the body.

You should also know that the structure of RAD140 is uniquely designed to ensure that it does not resemble steroidal structures of hormones such as testosterone. How is this beneficial? This helps to prevent the conversion of RAD140 to other hormones.

One of the biggest advantages of using RAD140 is that it promotes muscle and bone growth without affecting the seminal, vesicles, and prostate that secrete sperm.

The supplement also doesn’t interfere with liver enzymes, and clinical trials showed it had low toxicity in mice.

Additionally, this compound will help to activate androgen receptors in parts of the brain that could be injured.

Studies showed that it helped with receptors in the hippocampus of mice and was also useful in activating specific biochemical pathways like MAPK improving cellular viability and health.

Testolone RAD 140 Benefits

Testolone RAD 140 Benefits
  • Increasing Muscle Mass

Diseases such as multiple sclerosis, AIDs, and cancer usually result in the loss of muscle tissue, fatigue, and overall weakness of the body. This grossly affects recovery and engaging in physical activities becomes virtually impossible.

With RAD 140, patients with these problems will be able to reverse all the effects of muscle wasting and gain weight in the process. This is achieved through the compound’s effective performance in improving muscle and bone cells growth.

Patients with prostate cancer can also rely on the selective nature of RAD140 to gain healthy weight without experiencing prostate growth.

RAD140 like any other SARM will give a bodybuilder power and strength almost the same way other steroids would but in this case you won’t be witnessing any undesirable adverse effects like enlargement of breast tissue.

  • Helps to fight breast cancer

Recent studies have shown promising results hinting at the possibility of RAD140 to assist with the fight against breast cancer. The compound was particularly useful in cancer cells that contained estrogen and androgen receptors, i.e., AR/ER+ Breast Cancer. These clinical trials showed that RAD140 was able to suppress the growth of these cancer cells by blocking the negative effects of estrogen. Reports from these studies went further to explain how RAD140 prevented the secretion of ESR1, the infamous protein linked to cancer development.

  • Promotes weight loss

RAD140 may be able to promote weight loss by reducing levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and increasing muscle mass which leads to higher metabolism that breaks down fat deposits. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals that are looking to lose extra weight without losing their lean muscle mass. So far no clinical studies have proved this, but the benefit has been reported online by several users.

  • Treatment for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Clinical trials on mice showed that RAD140 protects brain nerves from the menace that is amyloid-beta proteins. These are the same proteins that are responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. The effect was attributed to Rad140’s ability to prevent the accumulation of amyloid-beta, to promote brain cell development and synaptic plasticity which is key for learning and memory.

Testolone RAD 140 Dosage


There is no definite dosage for this supplement because its benefits in humans are still under clinical studies. Experts, however, explain that one should be able to enjoy its vast benefits by consuming 20-30mg daily.

Testolone RAD 140 And Post Cycle Therapy

SARMS or any other steroid hormones should be used in cycles of around 8 to 12 weeks followed by a break period. This break helps your hormones to return to their natural baseline before you can start another cycle.

PCT periods vary from one individual to another. Some people may require shorter breaks while others may need more time.

The supplement you are using can also affect the duration of PCT while others may not even need this therapy.

Physicians recommend that a typical PCT period should be the same as the supplementation time, i.e., if you used the supplement for eight weeks, you should also go for a break of the same period.

Limitations of RAD 140

The most significant drawback of this compound is that its usage in human beings is still under clinical trials. The majority of the benefits communicated are obtained from studies done on rats, and hence there is limited clinical knowledge to tell us how the compound can work in humans. It is still, however, being purchased and sold to bodybuilders and athletes some of whom have witnessed a massive boost in their workouts.

Testolone RAD 140 Side Effects


The problem with compounds that are not widely studied is you not only know their benefits, but you also have no idea what side effects you can get.

This is the same problem when dealing with RAD 140. The majority of the bodybuilders using it have not reported any serious side effects so far, and this is probably due to the selective action of RAD140.

The fact that Testolone may interfere with testosterone levels does, however, mean that there’s a chance of experiencing effects such as:

  • Change in sex drive
  • Hair loss
  • Breast enlargement in men
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The good news is that any side effects of RAD are not permanent and will only stay for as long as you use the supplement.

Caution is drawn to patients with androgen deficiencies and hormonal imbalances because they are at a bigger risk of RAD140 complications which can increase chances of suffering severe side effects.

Testolone RAD 140 And Other SARMs?

Ostarine is the most used SARM out there. It is a well-studied compound whose benefits and side effects are properly known, unlike RAD140.

Ostarine and RAD140 are similar in various ways in that they are both non-steroidal that boost bulking and cutting with very minimal side effects.

However, unlike Ostarine that’s more popular in fat loss, RAD 140 is considered to be more effective in increasing muscle mass.

It’s also vital that you know the World Anti-doping association bans Ostarine. RAD 140, on the other hand, is not forbidden probably because there’s limited information showing what it can do but its similarities with Ostarine can make it as bad as ostarine.

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Conclusion On RAD140

RAD140 continues to be used by bodybuilders in improving stamina, endurance, and muscle growth. Its ability to increase muscle mass and bone density has also helped various users to enjoy weight loss without losing their lean body mass. It’s a decent SARM whose effects can be seen after just four weeks of using it.

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