Andarine S4 Review| Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects And Before After Results

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What Is Andarine S4


Andarine S4 is currently being sold as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) but what you don’t know is that it started out as a male contraceptive.

Yes, the idea behind this product was for family planning purposes where it had already managed to reduce spermatogenesis successfully.

This explains the dozens of cases of men out there that were using this compound and had a tough time getting their wives pregnant.

It was not until a certain clinical trial was done on mice where scientists noticed S4’s ability to increase muscle mass and bone density.

They realized how incredibly selective the tissue growth influenced by this compound is and that’s when the idea of using Andarine S4 for muscle growth came up.

This raised interest for further studies, which have provided even more information that helps us understand more about Andarine and how it works.

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How Andarine S4 Works

Andarine S4 Before After

Three chemicals influence the performance of Androgen Receptors which include:

  • AR Antagonist – This chemical attaches itself to the receptor, and once this happens the receptor can no longer be activated.
  • AR Agonist – Unlike the androgen receptor antagonist that only binds once, the agonist will attach to the receptor and then detach itself before attaching again. Agonist chemicals behave like this over and over.
  • AR Modulator – These chemicals uniquely affect receptor, and this is where the Andarine S4 falls. AR Modulators bind to the receptors and then go further to change its structure making the receptors to function as instructed by the modulator.

What happens, therefore, is that once S4 or any other effective SARM compound gets into your system, it binds to your Androgen Receptors and sticks on it.

When receptors come into contact with testosterone the S4 influences the receptors to make genes that are only beneficial in bone and muscle growth.

In simpler words, S4 Androgen works similarly to steroids except its anabolic activities are much safer and hence do not result in all those adverse effects prevalent in steroid users.

Andarine S4 Benefits

Andarine S4 Before After Results

The best part about using this compound is that there is so much information around which helps you to know what you can expect from it.

Andarine S4 is widely researched, in fact, it was the first-ever SARM compound that was approved for a second-stage clinical trial.

We can hence, confidently say that it is the most analyzed SARM out there whose anabolic efficacy is undebatable.

Scientists have verified its benefits and recommend its use as an alternative treatment for osteoporosis, muscle wasting, some renal diseases, and other hypogonadism problems.

  • Muscle Improvement

The most significant benefit of Andarine S4 is, without doubt, its preservation and improvement of lean muscle mass. The compound is exceptional for this purpose.

The first clinical trial on S4 showed that its consumption could result in a 3.3 lbs increase in muscles within 90 days and guess what, this was achieved without a change in diet or increase in any exercises!

  • Muscle Regeneration

The first clinical study was done on this SARM also involved volunteers with degenerative disorders. They were all placed under a daily dosage of at least 3mg/kg. After 1-2 weeks the study noticed a significant boost in muscle regeneration and the patients didn’t even have to take part in any exercises.

The study, however, also noticed a few side effects in some of these patients and they were all attributed to the dosages used. To avoid these effects, it was therefore recommended that you be extra keen on daily dosages of S-4 to prevent adverse reactions.

  • Reduction in Muscle Fat

Imagine using a SARM whose side effect is a reduction in body fat! This is precisely what S4 does. While your body is experiencing insane muscle mass growth, you will, on the other hand, be enjoying a decrease in body fat which allows you to gain muscles even faster.

A decrease in body fat is, however, a subjective matter. People with specific genes may be unable to experience this change. The good news is that everyone should be able to enjoy the S4’s ability in oxidizing fatty tissues.

  • S4 causes minimal growth in sexual organs like prostate
  • Chances of getting cardiovascular diseases are much lower when compared to users of other steroids. This is because Andarine S4 does not affect the LDL/HDL ratio
  • Unlike typical steroids, SARMs such as S-4 expose you to fewer risks of getting hepatitis and hepatotoxicity because they don’t need any liver enzymes for anabolic effects to be activated.
  • Testosterone levels are not affected
  • It’s highly selective, and hence other vital organs like the heart won’t be affected
  • Zero chances of getting female characteristics such as breast enlargement
  • S-4 is not as powerful as steroids, but the good thing is that using these SARMs you won’t need the exhausting post cycle therapy that’s necessary when using steroids. Andarine S4 can be cycled throughout the year helping you to experience almost similar results.
  • Women can also enjoy the vast benefits of Andarine S4 without having to deal with masculine features.

Andarine S4 Side Effects


Andarine S4 just like many other SARMs comes with its side effects. It is, fortunately, described as a ligand which means that even if you use it at extremely high levels, you may experience a few side effects, but none of them will leave permanent damage on you.

The most prevalent side effects are perhaps related to visual problems. A lot of S-4 users expressed their concerns in adjusting to night vision.

If you are one of the people with this problem stop using the drug daily and instead take the SARM for five days and then take a break of 2 days. This should help you reduce the visual effects.

Once you stop using Andarine S4 entirely your night vision issues will also disappear.

Most SARMs have also been linked with psychological effects in some people. Consumption of S-4 could, therefore, cause depression.

It’s advisable that if you notice you are experiencing this problem you seek for physician’s help right away to forge a new way forward.

Finally, you should know that continuous usage of S-4 can generate tolerance of the compound in your system.

At some point, you may hence start noticing that you are not enjoying as many benefits as you were a few weeks back.

This can be solved by increasing the dosage (if your body is tolerant enough) or taking a break for some time before restarting the cycle again.

Andarine S4 Dosage

S4 Dosage

The recommended dosages of Andarine hugely depend on the results you are looking for:

For Reducing Body Fat

Andarine S4 delivers incredible fat-burning benefits. Its usage will reduce the effects of Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL), the enzyme responsible for the storage of fat in the body. It will also oxidize fat which will consequently be used as a source of energy.

For this purpose, the recommended dosage is 50 mg taken for 6-8 weeks cycles with a 2-day break in between.

For Muscle Bulking

Andarine S4 isn’t exactly the best SARM for bulking. Several other SARMs are better formulated with more excellent results than S4 for this purpose.

It can, however, still be used for bulking where you’ll witness reasonably larger muscle growths, and all this will be achieved while keeping you relatively lean.

For Recomping

To enjoy optimal muscle mass growth and a decrease in body fat you’ll need to take 50-75 mg of Andarine S4 for 4-8 weeks.

Where To Buy Andarine S4

Andarine S4 Review| Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects And Before After Results 1


The SARM is available on multiple online retail stores in both liquid and pill form. If you are looking for an oral Andarine S4 alternative, you can quickly get it from the official page of Brutal Force. They have decent deals, and their products are of high quality.

Andarine S4 capsules are also available on Medfit’s Adonis and Jacked the Ripper websites.


Andarine S-4 is a fantastic SARM with significant benefits. Users have lost massive amounts of weight while gaining muscle mass without even having to intensify their workout sessions.

Painful muscle pumps aren’t an issue using this supplement and the best part yet is that you won’t experience any of those embarrassing effects of breast enlargement or other female characteristics.

The unique performance of Andarine gives it a cutting edge that makes it rise way above most other SARMs in the market, and that’s why it is recommended to bodybuilders and other athletes.

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