Best SARMs For Cutting | List Of Top 3

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Best SARMs For Cutting

SARMs For Cutting

Body fat can be really annoying and we don’t even want to start venting on how unhealthy it can get. Fat stops you from getting the muscle definitions you are looking for. In some people, this fat can get really stubborn to the extent where exercises alone aren’t enough to cut it down. If you are one of the people experiencing this, then let us introduce you to SARMs for cutting. Selective androgen receptor modulators have been used for cutting for some time now. They are not just effective for this purpose but they’ve also been seen to deliver results at a very fast rate and in an extremely safe way.

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Cutting SARMs Comparison Chart

Best SARMs For CuttingRecommended DoseRecommended Run CycleBest For
Cardarine (GW-501516)10  mg a day8  weeksExtreme Cutting
Stenabolic (SR9009)25 to 30 mg a day4 to 8 weeksConsistent Cutting
Ostarine25 mg a day10 to 12 weeksFat Loss

Why Use Best SARMs For Cutting

Before SARMs for cutting were a thing, everyone thought that the only reliable solution in cutting was steroids. These compounds were indeed effective but the effects they left behind were a big mess. Steroids are extremely powerful and are used to affect the body beyond the intended purpose. They came with fatal cardiovascular side effects among a dozen other complications. Cases of people dropping dead due to the usage of these compounds weren’t very rare. For the lack of a better alternative, people had to take risks and continue using them.

With SARMs, things have completely changed. These supplements provide all the cutting results you need without the dangerous cardiovascular and other effects. Their selective nature makes this possible and the fact that they achieve other muscle-enhancing benefits in the process makes them very ideal for this purpose. There is, therefore, no need to compromise on your safety anymore with steroids.

3 Best SARMs For Cutting

Without further ado, here are the 3 best SARMs for cutting:

Cardarine (GW-501516)


Unlike other SARMs, Cardarine is seen to bind to PPAR receptors and not androgen receptors. This has raised debates over whether this compound should even be categorized as a SARM in the first place. Its results and performance, however, are very similar to all SARMs and when it comes to cutting, very few of them can match its effectiveness.

By binding on your PPAR receptors, Cardarine helps in activating AMPK which sets off a chain of reactions leading to fat loss. This compound also stimulates the oxidation of fatty acids which are then burnt up.

GW-501516 was developed back in the 90s when it was being tested as a potential treatment for prostate, breast, and colon tumors. Clinical studies hinted at a possibility of the compound being capable of treating metabolic disorders and this led to the exploration of what it can achieve in fat loss. The results have been fantastic even when it was used on obese and pre-diabetic men. It also provided cardiovascular benefits that boosted endurance in strenuous activities.

Lab tests on rats also showed that it didn’t just burn down fat but also improved muscle growth significantly.

Dosage: For cutting, you are advised to take 10mg daily of Cardarine for eight weeks. You can increase the dosage to 20mg split into two but you should only do so under the guidance of a physician.

Stenabolic (SR9009)

Stenabolic (SR9009)

This is a wonderful choice for anyone interested in cutting body fat without gaining muscle mass. Stenabolic will make sure that you lose fat at an amazing rate and while equipping you with the endurance to undertake other physical exercises with ease.

We all know that during cutting, most people are usually on tight diets and this may prevent your muscles from getting sufficient nutrients. SR9009 contains nutrients that go into your muscles to prevent muscle wasting during this period. It, therefore, guarantees fat loss without altering your muscle mass.

Studies have also shown that Stenabolic will help in preventing your body from accumulating more fat by enhancing your metabolic rate. This ensures that the calories you are consuming are broken down and utilized before they are converted into fat.

SR9009 can be used alone for cutting but if you want faster and more results then you can stack it with Cardarine. You should know that if you choose to use it with Cardarine that other than losing body fat, you’ll experience a notable increase in muscle mass.

Dosing: You can take between 20-30mg of SR9009 daily. You will need to break this dosage down to four times due to its short half-life.

Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine is perhaps the most versatile SARM there is. This supplement can help with different bodybuilding goals including fat loss. Research has proved that Ostarine supplementation helps to increase the breakdown of calories boosting fat loss. This supplement will also help with oxidizing fatty cells in the body. With Ostarine, therefore, you’ll be able to fight existing fat and also keep your body safe from accumulating adipose in the future.

Its versatility also means that its users enjoy other benefits such as an increase in muscle mass and gaining more lean muscles. This is a great thing for anyone looking for wholesome results. Therefore, if you are interested in fat loss alone, then Ostarine isn’t your best option.

Dosing: Ostarine should be used in four-week cycles of 25mg daily dosage. You are advised to go through the PCT period after each cycle. Ostarine has a half-life of 24 hours and hence you’ll only need to take it once a day.


The above SARMs are very effective for cutting but if you want even better and faster results then you’ll need to be keen on your diet and workout regimen. You are advised to maintain a consistent diet throughout the cycle. You also can’t run away from exercise. The good news is that with all the SARMs above, you will gain lots of endurance. This should allow you to remain active in the gym with cardio and other exercises.

You can pick any of the SARMs above and with a decent diet and exercise regimen the outcomes will be nothing short of impressive.

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