Cardarine GW-501516 Review | Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, And Before After Results

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What Is Cardarine GW-501516?

Cardarine GW 501516

Cardarine GW-501516 started out (in the 1990s) as a prevention and treatment drug for tumor growth in the breasts, prostate, and colon.

Fast forward to the early 2000s, and the drug quickly became most athlete’s choice for endurance.

So, how exactly did a colon treatment compound turn into an endurance supplement? The biggest reason behind all this is the continued rise in interest in the functionality of the drug that was witnessed in the 2000s.

This subjected it to so many clinical trials and in the end, scientists came across exciting findings showing how it can prevent metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity.

A few studies later, more results showed how beneficial its gene expression nature was in improving recovery, burning down of fatty tissue, and increasing endurance.

This caught the eye of bodybuilding supplement companies, and that’s how its popularity in the industry grew.

Positive reviews further boosted its usage and 20 years down the line, very few people have reported any adverse effects from it.

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How Does Cardarine GW-501516 Work

Cardarine Results

A lot of people confuse Cardarine for a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). This supplement is actually a PPAR agonist but works in a similar way as a SARM.

When Cardarine is introduced into your system it focuses on androgen receptors that are responsible for skeletal muscle tissue growth and glucose uptake.

Studies have shown that it is highly effective in the oxidization of fat tissues and that’s why interests regarding its ability to treat obesity are on the rise.

Additionally, GW-501516 is believed to increase HDL (good cholesterol) by 79% while decreasing LDL.

This is supported by some of the results coming from Phase II clinical trials of the compound. As such, it is possible that the drug can significantly help to lower the risks of contracting cardiovascular diseases.

Cardarine GW-501516 Benefits


There are so many benefits surrounding the usage of this PPAR agonist. High-quality clinical trials support these benefits, and that’s why more and more people are beginning to use Cardarine. What makes it even more ideal is that above all these benefits users rarely get any side effects.

Some of the benefits of using Cardarine GW-501516  include:

Boosted Endurance

There is a reason why elite athletes can’t afford to miss Cardarine GW-501516 in their workout regimen.

There is an even bigger reason why the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) named GW 501516 as a banned substance.

This is simply due to its potency which makes its users unbeatable. Stamina, energy, and endurance don’t come any better than it is when using Cardarine.

Your gym workouts will feel effortless, and this gives you a rare chance of intensifying your exercises even further!

After intensive workouts, the biggest problem is recovery but not when you’re using Cardarine. This compound will shorten your recovery time helping you to spend more time in the gym.

The best part? All this energy and stamina is achieved without having to deal with anxiety and jitter.

This is because GW 501516 doesn’t contain any stimulants and hence its impact is perfectly safe for almost all athletes.

Other benefits include:

  • Promotes the burning of fat
  • Delivers results quickly. Most users of Cardarine felt its impact after just the first dose!
  • It can be used during both bulking and cutting
  • Its versatile nature makes it possible for you to stack it with almost anything
  • You don’t have to go through post cycle therapy
  • Cardarine can run for up to 8-12 weeks
  • Minimal to zero chances of side effects

Cardarine and Obesity

Obesity is a serious problem affecting so many people worldwide. Every time there is a report of a potential cure for obesity the news is, therefore, expected to spread rapidly which is exactly what has happened here.

Cardarine popularity in dealing with obesity received a major boost after a 2015 scientific report which explained how Cardarine GW-501516 affects PPAR beta cells.

These are the cells that use body fat to produce energy during starvation. GW 501516 activates these cells and thus increases the burning of body fat at insane levels without causing any negative reactions, and that’s why it was labeled the cure for obesity.

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Cardarine and Muscle Fibers

In 2015, Wei Chen investigated the effects of an increase in PPAR genes (caused by the usage of cardarine) on muscle fibers.

The outcomes were astonishing. He realized that as PPAR genes increased the body’s muscle fibers were able to utilize oxygen even more and the body’s endurance also witnessed a massive boost.

An increase in stamina was witnessed in lab mice that were under normal supply of oxygen and also the ones with limited oxygen. This evidently concluded that Cardarine is remarkable in boosting skeletal muscles endurance.

Another study that looked into the PPAR agonist nature of cardarine showed that while the compound enhanced endurance, it did so without affecting BCAA even when the lab mice were placed under intense exercises.

This hence allowed the mice to recover at a much faster rate.

What’s even more interesting is that the lab mice in the study went ahead to witness a significant decrease in body fat and this was regardless of the diet they were on.

The studies hence went further to confirm Cardarine’s ability to boost fat burning without having to change one’s lifestyle or diet!

Cardarine GW-501516 Side Effects


Cardarine GW-501516  has, for 20 years now, been tested in both healthy subjects and also ones with behaviors such as smoking and alcohol consumptions.

None of these studies have ever published a report showing how GW501516 can in any way negatively affect you.

Most of these studies have actually reported findings where effects of Dyslipidemia, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases were reversed.

Can usage of Cardarine result in liver damage?

There have been various concerns that using Cardarine GW-501516 can damage your liver but let’s confirm to you that this is nothing but misguided speculation.

The compound, in fact, makes your liver healthier and promotes healing properties. You will notice that injuries like scratches, muscle damage, and blisters take a shorter time to heal.

Cardarine and Cancer

There’s an unclear history between Cardarine and tumor and cancers which has raised concerns among users and other interested parties questioning whether or not it can influence the spread of cancer.

There were allegations that if a user of Cardarine already had cancer cells that the interaction of these cells with GW 501516 will increase their growth.

This raised eyebrows leading to extensive research all trying to understand the interaction between this compound and cancer cells.

Fortunately, a majority of the trials conducted showed that using Cardarine affects neither the growth nor spread of cancer cells.

One study from the American Association of Cancer Research explained that PPAR agonists have zero impact on the amplification of colorectal cancer cells.

The report, published in 2004, went further to explain that under normal conditions, the activation of PPAR does not influence cell growth.

The National Institute of health not only proved wrong these accusations but also confirmed that this compound could help to inhibit the development of cancer in humans!

Cardarine GW-501516 Dosage

For starters, use 10 mg of Cardarine GW-501516 daily. This should help to introduce the chemical into your system safely.

Once your body gets used to the compound, you can gradually increase the dosage to 20mg daily. If you are taking it at high dosages, you should split it into 10mg every 10-12 hours.

GW 501516 was formulated for long-term use, and studies have shown that using it over extended periods has no side effects. You can, therefore, use it without any off-cycle periods.

If you’d wish to use it alongside a SARM, then you can take Cardarine for 12-14 weeks and go for a 4-6 weeks break during which you’ll be taking the SARM.

Use Cardarine GW-501516 alongside a ketogenic diet for best results.

Cardarine Cycle

You can use Cardarine with stimulants and other anabolics without experiencing any side effects. To enjoy ultimate fat loss, endurance and other gains use Cardarine in a triple cycle involving Ostarine MK-2866 and Ligandrol LGD-4033.

Where To Buy Cardarine


Cardarine is available in so many online shops, but not all of them will give you the right quality. Remember that purchasing a low-quality GW will not just make it impossible for you to gain its benefits but can also result in some unforeseen adverse effects.

One of the recommended stores to purchase this PPAR is the Brutal Force Official website. It offers the purest and most effective alternative to Cardarine GW 501516.


Very few chemicals are as incredible in their real-life performance as they are described in clinical trials and this is where Cardarine GW-501516 falls. We can hardly think of a better fat burner that can compete on the same level as cardarine.

Its impact is just remarkable, and a glimpse at the user reviews is enough testimony to this. This PPAR will give you unimaginable intensity, endurance, and stamina to achieve your workout goals.

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