Dwayne Johnson Steroids | Does The Rock Do Steroids?

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Dwayne Johnson Steroids


The time has come for Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock to go under our steroids test to find Dwayne Johnson  AKA The Rock on steroids or natural? And trust me it’s an honor to be asked because as we know Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock is not a professional bodybuilder but he looks like one.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California, the son of famous wrestler Rocky Johnson.

Some say that The Rock has to be huge because of genetic heritage as his father and uncles are absolute beasts in size and strength.

And as we know most of his family members are in the wrestling business.

The Rock’s wrestling business archenemy John Cena also has some signs of steroids use, well let’s see if Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock on steroids?

The Rock has admitted to taking steroids


In an interview with Josh Horowitz of MTV, The Rock admits that he took steroids in his late teens, where he quotes “I and my buddies tried it back in the day when I was 18 or 19. Didn’t know what we were doing.” And he further said that the rock never tried steroids since then.

Dwayne Johnson’s Transformation


In the past when Dwayne Johnson was in professional wrestling he has a massive muscle mass and a bulky look.

That was 20 years back and now as we see in the before-after picture, today he looks more muscular shred look with less body fat.

Also, take a close look at the transformation then and now photo.

You will notice a significant change, not just Dwayne’s muscles, but also his skull which appears more square look and larger too.

The Rock’s muscle in the after pic looks juicier than before.

Whereas a massive change in upper body muscle and appears broad look which most likely is a sign of steroids.

Flushed Skin

We also notice that Dwayne Johnson AKA  The Rock’s skin looks a little darker than it used to be before 20 years.

When a white man uses steroids it’s skin tone becomes a little red.

Whereas a guy like The Rock with Samoan decent take steroids might turn his skin 1 shade darker.

Dwayne Johnson’s Traps

The Rock’s traps have always been a trademark of his physique. As it is the most dominant muscle group of Dwayne johnsons body.

This huge trap is very much rare for a natural bodybuilder but juicers ( steroid users) can experience these huge traps.

It is scientifically proved that when you are on a steroid cycle, the trap is the first muscle to blow up especially when you are taking steroids with a high androgen rating.

Dwayne Johnson’s acne and stretch marks

The most common problem facing by a steroids user can be acne and stretch marks.

Although we didn’t find any of them in Dwayne Johnson’s body either upper or lower.

Whereas we also know there as some best treatments to remove acne and stretch marks.

So it is still the question mark that rock is not on steroids because he didn’t have any acne or stretch marks.

Final Verdict

Base on the evidence it seems like Dwayne Johnson could be taking steroids.

Whereas the said that he use steroids for two weeks when he was 18 or 19 and never touch steroids since.

Dwayne Johnson’s Potential Steroids

Bulking Cycle

Dwayne Johnson might be using testosterone boosters which helps him to look big.

Most of the professionals who can’t get big naturally take help from anabolic steroids.

Looking big in the ring is like the tiger in the jungle.

You make your opponent looks small and proves to be the male alpha in the business.

And when if you use steroids before like rock admits you can give a try it again in a carefree attitude.

When rock finishes his wrestling career and focuses on Hollywood.

He has to change his looks completely and then he moves to the gym and working hard and lower his body fat and comes up with huge and ripped muscle.

HGH Is the compound used to gain massive muscle and cuts body fat at the same time.

The same thing happens to  Dwayne Johnson he used to be huge and after finishing his wrestling career.

He promotes a cut and ripped body and gets one in no time.

Some may have pointed out that the rock doesn’t have the famous HGH gut.

Whereas some guys take HGH without getting a look at a pregnant lady.

Just because they didn’t mix it with insulin.

Bloated belly effects can only be caused when bodybuilders used a combination of insulin with HGH.

It’s also been a rumor that some pro is using HGH but didn’t have a bloated belly like Ronnie and others.

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