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Oxymetholone is a widely used steroid that sells under the name Anadrol 50.

It can also be found under brand names like Oxyplex.

The original intent for this medication was to treat anemia in patients that were not thriving postoperatively.

Due to the ability of this drug to increase red blood cell count, it is also used to help people with HIV boost their immune systems.

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It has found a home in bodybuilding stacks for gains as it promotes gains in muscle mass, size and strength.

It also delivers fairly rapid results, which is why this steroid is often used to kick-start a bulking cycle.  Buy Anadrole online here.

Oxymetholone For Bodybuilding


For bodybuilders, the positive side effects of Oxymetholone have made this a rock star for gaining huge muscle.

The results of this synthetic anabolic steroid on muscle growth are what attracts bodybuilders to this drug.

The fact that there are few side effects helps make this one of the most widely used steroids within the sport.

Anadrol is a mild form of testosterone DHT and as such, it can be useful for women athletes.

There is a woman’s Anadrol that is dosed at 25 mg to help reduce the effects of masculinizing effects of taking a male hormone. There are, however, situations when Anadrol should not be used.

For women who plan to become pregnant or who are pregnant or nursing, Oxymetholone should never be used. It is known to create fetal harm and potentially death.

For women who are breastfeeding, it is unknown if this steroid is passed from mother to child via breast milk, but if it does the results can be significant. In these cases taking a bodybuilding supplement may be a better option.

When taken as directed under doctor supervision, Anadrol has a low risk if used according to the prescription and if people avoid high dosages. Problems occur with toxicity when the steroid is used too long and at too high of dosages.

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Reviews of Oxymetholone

Throughout healthcare and in bodybuilding the reviews of Oxymetholone are positive. The nature of the drug to treat patients who are at risk is remarkable. Doctors, for the most part, are happy that they have a steroid that is safe enough to use with the frailest of patients.

For bodybuilders, Oxymetholone is perhaps one of the most used substances to gain muscle.

It is also one of the few steroids with such rare occurrences of side effects. Its diluted state allows female athletes and bodybuilders to cycle Anadrol through their workout schedule.

Bodybuilders stack Anadrol with other steroids to customize the effects of the drug.

Most notably, Anadrol is stacked with Dianabol to boost the steroid cycle. Other substances that bodybuilders stack with Anadrol include trenbolone acetate.

Results of Oxymetholone

Oxymetholone Results

Oxymetholone is a 17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid that when used in conjunction with bodybuilding causes our bodies to pack on muscle cells.

The typical Anadrol cycle is six weeks long and boosts protein synthesis that helps to form lean muscle mass.

Because Anadrol is used to fight anemia, it helps also to boost red blood cell count, which improves the oxygen supply to cells and in the discarding of cellular waste.

The result is cells that are healthy and fully supplied with nutrients. Dianabol can also produce similar results, but with fewer side effects.

Bodybuilders use Oxymetholone to increase muscle function and to force the body to grow larger muscles. While the idea is to bulk up, the reality is bigger muscles that are sharper rather than rounder in shape.

The Oxymetholone Cycle

Oxymetholone before and after

There are two primary Oxymetholone cycles — Those for bulking and those for cutting.

A bulking cycle is just as it sounds. It is used during the off-season or between competitive seasons to add bulk. Typically, bodybuilders add Oxymetholone when they start preparing for the next season’s competition schedule.

The fast-acting nature of the steroid kicks the body into gear to begin building lean muscle cells. The presence of this steroid in the bloodstream helps to align other androgen hormones too.

The benefit of using Anadrol for cycling is that it helps to eliminate the stagnant period at the beginning of the exercise cycle and gives more focus to the athlete’s goal.

The cutting cycle is a finishing cycle and typically applies at the end of the off-season. What happens within the cutting cycle is that the muscles are plump and that nice rounded look with crisp lines defines the muscle.

This is also a time to shed fat. The steroid is stackable and can be combined with other steroids to enhance the effects of the cutting cycle.


50mg side effects for Anadrol

The biggest side effect of Anadrol Oxymetholone is that it accentuates male pattern baldness for men and that it can make women appear more masculine.

For hereditary attributes, such as baldness, the effect is greater. There is a risk for women who take 50 mg of Anadrol in that the masculine changes may become permanent. The usual dosage for women is 25 mg of Anadrol.

The most common complaints are hair growth in areas where women normally would not grow hair and acne-like pimples.

Health side effects include increased risk for kidney health when the kidney disease is present. Patients who are at risk for cardiac issues should consult a doctor before taking this steroid.

It is known to increase bad cholesterol which can exacerbate cardiac problems. It is a significant risk to pregnant women and should be avoided by women who may become pregnant, who are pregnant, and those nursing as it can cause life-threatening conditions for mother and fetus.

These women should choose a bodybuilding supplement instead such as Dianabol Hi-Tech, but still consult with a Doctor first.

Overall, there is a low risk for health problems from Oxymetholone. That is one of the reasons that is so popular among both male and female bodybuilders.

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Oxymetholone and Hair Loss

Many steroid users are concerned about the risk of hair loss and balding while taking anabolic steroidsDoes Oxymetholone/Anadrol pose a risk of permanent hair loss in men?

Oxymetholone does not directly cause hair loss per se. Instead, it acts through a hormone called dydrogesterone (DHT)-derived from testosterone (a male hormone) via an enzyme called 5?-reductase.

DHT is known to attach to hair follicles causing them to thin and subsequently fall off. This hormone is believed to bring about such effects (especially hair loss) when present at higher than normal levels in the circulation.

Oxymetholone causes a relatively more significant degree of hair loss as compared to other steroids following its rapidity of conversion to DHT and estrogen. Estrogen is found in a higher proportion of females.

Hair loss due to oxymetholone is irreversible and as such, mechanisms are put in place to combat hair loss during the cycle. While using Anadrol, there are strategies you can take to slow the rate of this loss either by co-administration with other drugs such as finasteride.

Another alternative is stopping oxymetholone therapy altogether, especially in cases where alternative treatment forms exist.

Hair loss when on oxymetholone has been reported only among certain individuals, which suggests that particular individuals have a higher risk of developing alopecia than others using the same drug.

The category of individuals well known to have a higher risk of hair loss when on oxymetholone is those with a genetic predisposition to alopecia (male pattern baldness).

The such individual already has a high level of DHT in their circulation and, therefore, even minimal doses of the drug would facilitate a considerable degree of hair loss. There may also be differences in the receptor sites to which DHT binds on the follicle.

However, the risk of male pattern baldness does not mean one has to stop the usage of the drug necessarily. There are some ancillary drugs taken in Oxymetholone cycles to reduce the risk of hair loss.

The mechanism of action of these agents, some of which include finasteride, minoxidil, and dutasteride, is lowering the DHT levels in circulation.

Furthermore, some of these agents are least likely to cause hair loss as they are less androgenic (do not bear much resemblance to androgens, the male hormones such as testosterone) as compared to oxymetholone and other steroids.

A few steroids are thought to carry no risks of hair loss at all. Therefore, possible co-administration of such steroids with oxymetholone keeps the levels of DHT which in turn reduces the risk of hair loss.

Dosage Schedules

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The standard dose is 50 mg per day over a 4-6 week period. Some athletes increase the dose to 100 mg per day. If he does is increased it becomes important to monitor for side effects daily.

If you are stacking this steroid with another product, be sure to start at the lowest dose possible as that will help to minimize side effects. Side effects do occur with Oxymetholone.

An important note: Pay close attention to changes in your body if this is your first time taking a steroid.

Overall, most athletes find Oxymetholone a safe product to use whether it be the injectable version or the oral version. It becomes more of a burden when used at a higher dosage or when used for extended periods of time.

The benefit of Oxymetholone is that it kick-starts a bulk cycle and adds muscle definition during the cutting cycle. It is easy to stack with other products like Trenbolone or Deca Durabolin, and it is one of only a few steroids that most women find easy to tolerate.

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