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Anadrol is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid used primarily in the production of red blood cells for individuals who suffer from a low red blood cell count. It is this production though that helps with bodybuilding and increasing the size of muscles and the ability to gain strength quickly. For anyone who is interested in using Anadrol, it is necessary to follow through with some specific Anadrol cycle tips on how to use it. Buy Anadrol online here.

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Anadrol Cycle

First, an Anadrol cycle is not the recommended way to take Anadrol. While the steroid is powerful, it is not flexible at all, which means it needs very specific assistance in order to not only boost muscle size but to perform desirably at all. Due to this, it usually should be taken with a testosterone booster. For those who are just looking to take Anadrol, they are not going to receive the same desirable results, although it is possible.

For an Anadrol cycle, consumption should never exceed six weeks straight. Anything more than six weeks is all for not as the effectiveness wears off by the time it completes the sixth week. Following the six-week cycle, the user needs to take several months off Super Anadrol in order to clear the system. This is why it is a solid off-season workout product in order to gain size and strength quickly.


How Should Beginners Take an Anadrol Cycle?

Anadrol Cycle Results

For a beginner taking and following an Anadrol cycle, they should start out with 25 mg a day and then increase the amount to 50 mg a day as they build up consumption around the third week of the cycle. This way, for the final three weeks of the cycle, they are taking the full 50 mg (which is usually one pill).

After this first cycle, a person knows how their body is going to react, which means they can try out the intermediate cycle. This starts out at 50 mg every day and it remains this amount for the entire six-week period. There is no warm-up time frame or anything else of this nature, so the person can hit the ground running. The main reason someone should look at starting at the lower end with the first cycle is to simply see how their body might react. Some people are allergic to the steroid, which can close off their throat and lungs, causing serious medical problems and the need for immediate medical attention.

The highest level dosage for the Anadrol cycle is consuming 100 mg of the supplement every day for six weeks. Again, someone should never exceed the six-week threshold, but they can hit the 100 mg point. Anything higher than this a day and they risk medical side effects that range from the development of breasts (as a man) to serious health problems that might put them in the hospital. The 100 mg amount should only be taken by those who have used the product and gone through many different steroid cycles before, perhaps having used other steroids like Dianabol before. Check out the best bulking cycles here.

Anadrol Cycle Stacking With Testosterone


The Anadrol stack cycle is similar to the consumption of Anadrol on its own, but as stated earlier, the steroid is an extremely stubborn steroid and should be taken with the addition of testosterone to truly see the effect of the product.

When going on a stack cycle, it is important to log all consumption. This way, a person can monitor when they take the product, how much of it they are taking, and how long they have been taking it. This allows the person to stay on track for the best possible practice. By monitoring the pct and all other elements of consumption, an individual can look back after their cycle has finished and determine what needs to be changed or altered, should they decide to go on another cycle in the future. Typically it is used with Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone Finaplix.

There is the intro Anadrol 50 cycle. This is a 12-week Anadrol cycle and during the first six weeks, they should start out with 25 mg of Anadrol a day, moving up to 50 around the midpoint of the cycle, although if the user starts to feel odd or experience major side effects, cutting back down to 25 is a good idea. For the entire 12-week cycle though, the individual should take 300 to 500 mg of Testosterone Enanthate throughout the course of the week. Anadrol is still only taken for the first six weeks though.

The middle strength cycle consists of the person taking 50 mg of Anadrol every single day. For the entire 12-week time frame, consuming 100 mg of Testosterone Enanthate and 400 mg a week of Nandrolone Decanoate a week can all aid in the increase of strength and muscle size. This is one of the more beneficial cycles available.

Anadrol Cycle Tips for Experienced Users

For someone who has used the Anadrol cycle multiple times, it may be time to move up to the advanced user level. This is an eight-week cycle unlike the others, which are 12. For the entire duration, the person needs to take 100 mg a day of the Anadrol steroid. Many people think this is seriously pushing the limits of the Anadrol cycle and do not recommend going that long on it no matter how experienced you are.


While the effectiveness of Anadrol does start to wear off at the six-week mark, the increased consumption of up to 100 allows for some additional gains in the final two weeks, although improvements in size and strength are tapered during these last two weeks. Additionally, a person needs to stack with 100 mg a week of Testosterone Propionate and 400 mg a week of Trenbolone Acetate/Finaplix.

There are many different ways someone can take Anadrol. It really just comes to testing out the product to see how it reacts with the body. Once someone knows their body is not going to react in an extremely negative way, they can start up on one of the entry-level cycles, and then, after the completion of it and a few months off, they can go and move up the ladder to different cycles. They just need to make sure they find Anadrol for sale through a reputable and responsible seller in order to make sure of the quality and safety of the steroid before they start a new Anadrol cycle.

Oral Anadrol Cycle


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