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Crazy Bulk Anvarol Review — The Legal Alternative to Anavar



Crazy Bulk Anvarol is one the most powerful legal alternatives to the anabolic steroid Anavar.

You probably put in hundreds of hours each year in the gym.

The process of reaching your goals can be slow and often forces you to count calories, and carbs and have you considering steroids.

People who have logged those tough workouts year after year have probably heard the stories about how anabolic steroids can make your physique ripped.

You may have also heard or read horror stories about the numerous and dangerous side effects.

That’s exactly why Crazy Bulk designed a series of supplements to mirror some of the positive effects of steroids without the risky side effects.

The company’s alternative supplement, Crazy Bulk Anvarol, has been strategically formulated to try to emulate one of the most highly sought-after anabolic steroids (Anavar) without putting consumers at risk.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol Reviews


Veteran bodybuilders know there are no miracle pills, but Crazy Bulk Anvarol can help you get the safe edge you’re looking for.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol is a safe, side-effect-free steroid alternative that mimics the widely popular steroid Anavar.

Although Anavar is illegal in most countries without a prescription, both men and women choose to buy it on the underground steroid market and assume the potential criminal and health risks.

As little sense as that makes when someone’s goal is improved health and fitness, Black Market steroids are still big business.

The quick results of illegal steroids appear enticing on the surface, but are they worth it?

If you put the usage in the context of achieving long-term goals, the quick but often temporary results and long-term downsides may seem more counter-productive to developing a healthy body than you might think.

Fortunately, Crazy Bulk products promise to help achieve similar goals of shredded muscularity, 6-pack abs, and increased muscular endurance without committing a crime or taking a potentially tainted drug.

Anvarol Benefits For Bodybuilding

Here’s a list of promoted Crazy Bulk Anvarol bodybuilding benefits:

  • Get a super lean and cut look
  • Explosive power
  • Pure, lean muscle
  • Improved strength and energy
  • Get rid of fat while retaining lean muscle
  • Increases ATP, helping you work out longer and harder
  • Safe for men and women to use
  • Prescription not required
  • See RAPID results within 30 days

The practical benefits of using this steroid alternative can be broken down into four basic categories.

Shortens Muscle Recuperation Times: Anvarol has been formulated in an attempt to recreate some of the positive steroid-like effects of Anavar.

Although results will not be as good as if you were taking the actual steroid, it can help give you a boost without the dangerous side effects.

Anvarol includes 75mg of BCAA’s that are known to be important for shortening muscular recuperation times.

This is observed to help reduce unwelcome fat and to burn calories at a higher rate.

Strength Increases: Crazy Bulk products are used to help speed muscle recovery times so that physique builders can train harder each time they hit the gym.

Being at full strength provides an opportunity to achieve maximum performance and build strength. Athletic gains are cumulative and adding five pounds to your bench press or curl adds up pretty quickly.

Cutting Up: Like its illegal counterpart, Anvarol claims to make the body more efficient at burning calories and achieving a lean physique. An energized metabolism functions at a higher level inside and outside of the gym.

No-Risk: Crazy Bulk Anvarol, like all Crazy Bulk products, is regulated and carries no harmful or dangerous side effects.

They are legal over-the-counter steroid alternatives that do not require a prescription and can be shipped to your home or place of business. Crazy Bulk facilities are inspected, unlike underground steroid labs.

In terms of a supplement that makes long-term sense in your health and fitness portfolio, Crazy Bulk Anvarol is reported to provide many of the positives of an illegal synthetic hormone without taking all those unnecessary risks.

How Does Crazy Bulk Anvarol Work?

Understandably, not everyone takes the time to research what makes the human anatomy function at the cellular level.

The basic item that fuels physical movement and, therefore, muscular contractions is called Adenosine Triphosphate, or “ATP” for short. When you power through that last rep in a set, that’s ATP giving your muscles the boost they need.

The problem serious gym goers face is that after a 90-minute or longer training session, the body’s natural ATP levels are pretty much depleted.

In practical terms, your muscles are out of gas and can’t get another rep or run another half-mile on the treadmill. You need more ATP.

One of the upsides to Anvarol is that it supplements the body’s naturally occurring ATP levels and that can mean getting that last rep or hanging in there on the treadmill.

Of course, more physical exertion leads to faster muscle building and burning up greater amounts of calories.

If your body produced endless supplies of necessary things such as ATP, the sky would be the fitness limit. But it doesn’t. According to Crazy Bulk, that’s where Anvarol steps in.

The truly bad news for those putting in rigorous workouts is that your body uses up many of its natural energy-boosting supplies within the first half-hour. That’s why introducing a steroid alternative such as Anvarol makes sense.

Expanded reserves of ATP and other muscle-enhancing elements can help you power through training sessions and build a better you.


Crazy Bulk Anvarol Results for Lean Muscle Building

CrazyBulk’s website is filled with positive results from bodybuilders who have used their products.

To see for yourself, visit the Crazy Bulk Anvarol reviews page where you can see testimonials of real users who have seen a difference from taking the product.

It’s important for anyone interested in putting on muscle mass and becoming physically fit to understand that you have to put in the work.

People who have been exercising regularly understand the sometimes Herculean effort it takes to make progress.

For newcomers, rigorous workouts and a healthy diet are foundations for gaining optimal fitness.

That being said, steroid alternatives such as Crazy Bulk Anvarol can help improve muscular development and fitness in several ways, without resorting to dangerous and illegal anabolic steroids.

“My bench and squat increased by 10lbs… Also I lost 2% body fat!” – Matthew R.

Perhaps the best way to truly gauge the muscle-building gains of Anvarol before purchasing is to talk to a fellow gym-goer who has tried it and gauge their results.

Anecdotal evidence such as that or prominent supplement message boards may be excellent sources of real-life information. Nothing spells out the Crazy Bulk Anvarol pros and cons like experience.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol For Women Results


Online testimonials that are available include stories by women who are lifting heavier in the gym than they have in years.

Unlike risky steroids, Crazy Bulk Anvarol is safe for women to use and several reports point to them enjoying quick fat loss on their waist, more definition in their abs and even going down a size or two.

“Dropped 4% of fat in time I was using product without drastic measures & was still able to eat carbs and good size portions.” – Sheena.

These women express increased energy in their daily routines even though they are exercising at a higher level and longer.

Anavar Fat Loss Results

Male users also note reductions in unwelcome fat weight. Some note a 21 percent fat reduction in less than four weeks when following a healthy diet and regular training regimen.

The energy boost appears to provide greater muscular endurance and less fatigue during and after workouts. That equates to more energy and calories being expelled.

“Reduced body fat from 21% to 15% in 3 weeks, less fatigue between reps so can do 6 sets than the 3 before. Gained 8 lbs in 6 weeks so far.” – Tom.

The final results discussed in reviews talk about lifting heavier weights, lasting longer, and moving their physique in the right direction.

Such personal success stories point to good reasons why the natural workout enhancer Anvarol outpaces the need for taking risky and illegal drugs.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol VS Anavar

To make an informed decision about whether to use the anabolic steroid Anavar or Crazy Bulk’s natural alternative Anvarol, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

Anavar has emerged as one of the most popular tissue-building drugs in the bodybuilding subculture.

Its active chemical ingredient, oxandrolone, helps men and women recuperate from workouts and augment the testosterone levels in their bodies. Steroids like Anavar can push synthetic hormonal levels far beyond the body’s normal output.

Developed during the 1960s, this drug does not produce the massive gains associated with powerful androgenic and has been used primarily to stave off muscle-wasting when bodybuilders drastically reduce calorie intake before a competition.

In other words, Anavar won’t make you huge. It’s mainly used for cutting up.

It comes in a variety of forms, but typically as oral 10mg tablets. It can also be sold as a liquid or as a powder.

The most common Anavar brands include:

  • Oxavet
  • Xtendrol
  • British Dragon Oxanabol
  • Provitar
  • Oxandro Tabs
  • Vasorome
  • Planet Pharmacy
  • Bonavar
  • Protivar
  • Oxandrin
  • Ultra Var
  • Lonavar
  • Denkall Oxandrovet
  • Oxandrolone
  • Hubei Labs
  • Xenion Pharma Oxanol
  • LA Pharma
  • SPA Oxandrolone
  • Oxafort 5mg tablets

The problem with buying steroids from underground labs is that they’re commonly faked. The black market is flooded with fakes (some studies show more than 50% are fake).

Oxandrolone is one of the most expensive steroids on the market, giving companies an extra incentive to put less of the active ingredient in and replace it with some kind of filler.

One of the best parts about buying steroid alternatives is that you know what you’re getting. When you buy directly from CrazyBulk’s website, you know you won’t be buying fake Anvarol and that it isn’t a scam.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol was created to mimic many of the lean bodybuilding effects of Anavar but without maxing out the human anatomy’s natural abilities.

The ingredients in Crazy Bulk Anvarol are known to jump-start testosterone levels that help grow muscle tissue and lose weight.

Rather than target muscle retention during calorie depletion, Anvarol is recommended by natural bodybuilders to help amplify the fat-burning systems that lead to a trimmer appearance.

In other words, when comparing the illegal steroid to the approved supplement, you’re often looking at a usage geared toward very different lifestyle needs. It’s apples and oranges.

For the regular guy who is serious about the gym but doesn’t want to sacrifice their health, legal steroid alternatives that work are a much better option.

Anvarol Best Deal

Anavar Side Effects

Although Anavar is widely considered low in negative side effects, all steroid use comes with some degree of risk.

Anavar’s most concerning side effect involves uneven cholesterol levels. It may suppress the body’s production of “good” cholesterol and increase the bad.

That can prove harmful to the overall cardiovascular system and place those with heart problems at risk.

Like most oral steroidsAnavar passes through the liver, and users may suffer hepatotoxicity. This can be particularly hazardous if taking more than one steroid or other medication.

Anvarol Side Effects

Crazy Bulk Anvarol may make far greater sense for people not engaging in extreme lifestyles and diets.

Unlike steroids, it helps trigger natural hormones and deliver muscle-building ingredients where they are needed. Instead of starving yourself to drop fat weight, it increases energy that can be positively channeled into exercise.

Other upsides to the Crazy Bulk steroid alternative are that there are no side effects and you don’t have to deal with the Black Market to get it.

In terms of a healthy lifestyle choice, why take something illegal that may harm your body when you can have Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol shipped to your home?

About Crazy Bulk

There are many companies that market so-called steroid or steroid-like products. Unfortunately, some do not deliver on their marketing materials.

That’s why the average consumer should consider the source of any steroid alternative product closely before swiping a credit card or introducing a new substance into your body.

Some of the other brands include:

  • A-Var by Anabolic Nutrition 449 Rand
  • Anacut Lean by Stacklabs $60
  • D-Anaoxn by Crazymass $66.99
  • Var 10 by Anabolic Research $100
  • Ana-GH by $60

Unlike some other companies, Crazy Bulk is not a newcomer to the game. The company has made a significant investment into developing safe, legal steroid alternatives that can positively affect a fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle.

In addition to Anvarol, Crazy Bulk produces a wide range of strength and fitness supplements that include:

  • Anadrole (for bulking)
  • D-Bal (for bulking)
  • Trenorol (for cutting cycles or bulking)
  • Winsol (used for strength and performance) – used to be called Winidrol
  • DecaDuro (used for massive strength, endurance, and joint pain relief)
  • Clenbutrol (used for weight loss and cutting cycles)
  • Testo-Max (helps naturally boost testosterone levels)
  • HGH-X2 (known to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to release more growth hormone)
  • Gynectrol (used for gynecomastia/man boob fat reduction)

The growing product line is a result of the sustained success the organization has earned by delivering trusted products to over 500,000 customers in multiple countries.

Operated by Wolfson Berg Limited, a subsidiary of BUYYO LTD, the company has warehouses in the United States and the U.K. to ensure faster shipping times for more customers.

In terms of consumer confidence, Crazy Bulk is part of a vast network of manufacturers and distributors doing business on a global scale.

All of the ingredients are approved by the MHRA (the UK’s regulatory agency) and facilities are inspected regularly and meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

bulking ans cutting steroids

Anvarol Ingredients

A look at the ingredients in Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol may shine some light on its practical fitness applications.

ATP: This Crazy Bulk steroid alternative includes 40mg per tablet of Adenosine Triphosphate.

Some users strategically time their daily serving to coincide with the energy booster hitting the system.

Longer, stronger contractions and muscular endurance may provide a huge effect when training hard.

Wild Yam Root: Delivering 50mg per tablet, Wild Yam is widely popular for its testosterone booster potential. Weightlifters and bodybuilders often take large doses of synthetic hormones to increase levels beyond normal output.

This natural ingredient is said to help stimulate the natural functions of the body to automatically amp up testosterone levels. Some users claim that the ingredient is a significant libido enhancer.

Experts agree that high testosterone levels also place your physiology in a better position to burn off unwelcome fat weight. When T levels are extremely high, the ability to maintain muscle mass and shed fat increases.

Those are obvious reasons why testosterone-boosting ingredients are held to be particularly helpful.

BCAAs: When it comes to stimulating muscle growth, branch-chain amino Acids (BCAAs) are purported to be quite important. They are recommended for enhancing nitrogen retention and shortening recuperation times.

This product delivers 75mg per pill and is promoted to have a remarkable influence on your muscle recovery ability and power. Simply put, BCAA is a necessary element for powerful muscular contractions, repair, and overall growth.

Whey Protein Concentrate: Crazy Bulk supplements tend to be infused with protein concentrates for good reason.

Protein forms one of the very basic building blocks needed for all tissue growth, muscles included. Anvarol delivers 150mg per tablet and that provides depleted muscles with a readily available source of protein for fast recovery and growth.

Soy Protein Isolates: In conjunction with Whey, Soy Protein is another asset that starving muscles can utilize.

Each type of protein brings a slightly different type of resource to the muscular growth table, and Soy tends to deliver important amino acids not found in others.

The known effectiveness of Anvarol is based on its strategic formula and ingredients.

This blend is widely considered to effectively help enhance muscular endurance, increase strength, stimulate naturally occurring hormone production, and quickly deliver vital nutritional elements for fast recuperation and sustained physical development.

Anvarol promises to help you put on lean muscle and lose fat if you make a concerted effort.

How To Take Anvarol

The recommended daily dosage for Crazy Bulk Anvarol is 3 capsules with water to be taken about 15 minutes after each intense training session.

Recommended cycles generally run for at least 8-9 weeks with a 10-day rest period in between. The off-time is intended to help reduce the possibility of the body developing a tolerance to the supplement.

For the best Crazy Bulk Anvarol before and after results, it is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and reasonable exercise.

Anvarol has no known side effects and is not considered toxic to the liver or kidneys when taken orally. However, consumers should always consult with a physician about starting an exercise and diet program as well as potential allergies to new products.

Diet & Exercise Regimen

To maximize the use of a steroid alternative supplement, a healthy diet and reasonable exercise routine should always be based on your experience, abilities, and long-term goals.

Incorporating Crazy Bulk Anvarol into an existing diet and routine can give you a noticeable uptick.

Such positive shifts may prompt users to extend training sessions and alter aspects of their diet.

However, it’s important to temper any new-found exuberance with reasonable exertion and limits.

For beginners, the body is like a blank canvas and any increased activity will likely lead to muscle growth. Crazy Bulk Anvarol claims to deliver an energy boost, so it’s important for people new to working out to keep an eye on calorie and fat intake.

Exercise makes you hungry and over-eating could limit the potential weight loss effects many Anvarol users enjoy.

Beginners must consult with an experienced trainer about toning and proper cardio exercise in conjunction with weights. A smart routine balances fitness, diet, muscular development, and supplements.

Veterans in the gym may find that Anvarol can help them power through tough sets late in workouts or last another mile on the treadmill. It’s all about pushing through perceived barriers for gym rats that want to turn 4-pack abs into 6-packs, so to speak.

The key for people trying a product such as Anvarol is to keep in mind that steroid alternatives can help you gain an edge. However, you still need to put in due diligence and follow a nutritious diet to maximize any benefits.

Anvarol Best Deal

Crazy Bulk Anvarol Stacks

One of the primary strategies that competitive weightlifters and bodybuilders employ is to take advantage of mixing and matching steroids and other drugs to maximize their benefits.

Since the late 1970s, this subculture called “stacking.” The simple idea behind combining different drugs is that the sum can be greater than all of the parts. In other words, 3+3=7 or more.

Since Crazy Bulk produces brands designed to emulate the effects of steroids, stacking was a natural evolution.

The steroid alternative company has taken the idea a step further and created bulk order stacks that are pre-designed to help users attain specific results. The stacks that utilize Anvarol include the following.

Cutting Stack

The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack utilizes Anvarol in harmony with three steroid alternatives that are all geared toward lean tissue building and fat reduction.

They include:

Testo Max: Created as a synthetic testosterone alternative, it purports to utilize steroidal saponins to augment the body’s natural hormone output.

Its steroid counterparts include popular muscle-builders such as testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate.

Clenbutrol: This supplement is blended to be a safe alternative to the weight-loss drug Clenbuterol that many competitive bodybuilders use in the final stages before the competition. It is known to help shed water and make you look ripped.

Winsol: Created as an alternative to the bodybuilding and livestock drug Winstrol, the Crazy Bulk product is designed to target the development of a chiseled physique free of water retention and risky side effects.

The Cutting Stacks brings together trusted lean tissue builders that may be successfully utilized for people interested in getting ripped. The group may also help offset muscle wasting when engaged in a low-calorie diet.

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

Crazy Bulk’s Strength Stack

This group of four products is designed to target raw muscle growth and power. The grouping tends to utilize steroid alternatives that are reputed to enhance lean tissue, except D-Bal.

This Strength Stack can potentially open the door for fitness buffs to streamline their diets while upping the weights in the gym. It includes Anvarol, Testo Max, and the following:

D-Bal: Created to help get massive gains at a safe natural pace, this Crazy Bulk alternative is identified by fans of Crazy Bulk to be a powerful mass-building agent. It is an alternative to the risky strength steroid Dianabol.

Trenorol: Instead of taking the steroid Trenbolone, bodybuilders cycle these pills to help augment the vital nitrogen retention needed for quick recuperation and mass-building.

The recommended Strength Stack cycle duration is 8 weeks.

Crazy Bulk’s Ultimate Stack

Perhaps the powerhouse of the Crazy Bulk’s Stack series, this literal six-pack of steroid-like supplements uses a buckshot approach meant to do it all.

Some products are geared toward cranking up workout energy, others target shortened recuperation times, and some just help pack on muscle. The stack includes DecaDuro, D-Bal, Clenbutrol, Trenorol, Testo-Max, and Anadrole.

DecaDuro: Developed with the anabolic injectable steroid Deca Durabolin in mind, this oral form is aimed at delivering nitrogen into the muscles, staving off joint pain, and truncating recovery times.

Anadrole: Anadrol ranks among the most powerful steroids and most dangerous. Crazy Bulk’s alternative has a reputation for delivering oxygen into the tissue while training without the risky side effects of Anadrol.

Once your muscles are enjoying a steady stream of oxygen, they can contract harder and last longer without feeling fatigued.

The Ultimate Stack is regarded as a do-it-all grouping brought together to increase size and strength while also shedding unsightly fat weight.

A recommended cycle runs for 8 weeks. Crazy Bulk generally offers a discount when purchasing this 6-supplement stack group.

Buy Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

Prices & Where To Buy Anvarol

Anvarol is only available online at the Crazy Bulk website.

A bottle of 30 tablets generally runs about $85, but the company frequently offers discounts of up to $30, lowering the per-bottle cost to about $54.99.

Whether you live in Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, India, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, or anywhere else, shipping and handling are generally free, and bulk discounts such as buy 2 and get 1 free may be available.

Multiple bottle purchases may also include value-added products as well.

You can’t buy Anvarol at GNC or eBay. Even Amazon doesn’t have it. If you search for Anavar on Amazon, you’ll get a few products such as Var-10 by Anabolic Research, Anabol-5, and Oxandrolone 2-Step Test.

Walmart has an Anavar alternative called Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Anavar. It is considered a “Controlled-Released Natural Steroidal Anabolic Agent” and comes with a price of $48.99.

Crazy Bulk generally considers “Stacks” to be bulk purchases as they include multiple bottles. The Cutting Stack runs about $214 but usually includes a $30+ discount.

The Growth Hormone Stack runs about $300 and may be discounted by $60 or more, depending on coupons and offers.

The Ultimate Stack costs about $355 but may enjoy a discount as large as $80 or more, bringing it under $300 for 6 unique steroid supplements.

Although Crazy Bulk products are legal, over-the-counter steroid alternatives, the products are currently only available online.

You can purchase with a credit card. They currently don’t accept debit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

For consumers interested in purchasing Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol, stacks, and other standalone items, you may find a variety of promotional discounts on other websites.

Running a Google search for Anvarol along with keywords such as “discount,” “coupon codes,” or “promotion” is recommended to secure money-saving offers. It may be fruitful to also search for stack and other products offered as well.


Anvarol Reviews Positively For Bodybuilding

At the end of the day, the average guy in the gym who is interested in balancing a fitness edge with a healthy lifestyle would do well to purchase Anvarol online.

Whether your goals are to get bigger, and stronger, increase endurance and stamina, or just get a great beach body, you are probably looking to get better results.

Steroids may offer seemingly quick fixes, but unnatural results tend not to last as long as natural ones. That leaves fitness enthusiasts with one question: Is Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol the best option and why?

Consider these points.


  • Non-Prescription Anavar Oxandrolone Alternative
  • 100% Legal Steroid Supplement
  • Its strategically blended formula can bring about noticeable results in 2-4 weeks.
  • No risky side effects
  • Mimics the effects of steroid counterparts
  • Is safe for men and women to use
  • Backed by consumer reviews & testimonials
  • Helps enhance endurance and energize muscle contractions
  • Includes ingredients that can stimulate natural testosterone production
  • Considerably less expensive than Black Market steroids
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Get a free bottle when you buy 2
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee


  • PayPal and Bitcoin are not accepted as payment methods
  • Can only be purchased online from the CrazyBulk website, not from GNC or Amazon
  • Gelatin capsules are not appropriate for vegans
  • Not appropriate for people with a soy allergy

Anvarol is the Best Option

Building a lean, clean muscular, and toned body requires demanding work, a strict diet, and hours of sweat. Normal healthy eating and vitamins can only take you so far.

After that, achieving physique excellence means finding an edge. Nature didn’t intend for humans to look like Greek gods, but there’s no reason you can’t get great results.

This steroid alternative is trusted to lend a powerful edge to beginners, intermediates, and serious hardcore lifters alike.

The uniquely blended formula is designed to help you get that last rep, run that next 100 feet, and strip away those troubling love handles.

Made with the cutting drug Anavar in mind, Crazy Bulk Anvarol steroid alternative claims that it can help you arrive at the next level in your fitness development.

Matthew R.





Cutting Cycle


18 – 30




Fat Loss
Muscle Definition


Anvarol (Anavar)


I planned to gain 10-15 lbs on my bench and squat.

My bench and squat increased by 10lbs each which is satisfactory!

Also, I lost 2% of body fat! I almost reached all of my goals.

Sheena H.





Cutting Cycle


31 – 45




Fat Loss
Lean Muscle
Muscle Definition


Anvarol (Anavar) for 6 weeks.


Maintained muscle mass during the cutting phase & no fluid retention.

Dropped 4% of fat in time I was using the product without drastic measures & was still able to eat carbs and good-sized portions.

No loss of strength even on reduced calories. Able to complete more reps.

I must say I was a little dubious about this product having taken the real deal however have been pleasantly surprised. I have used it during my cutting phase to prepare for a competition so no real muscular growth was noted however in saying that I have not lost any either. I have noticed how easy it has been to lean down without having to take the usual drastic measures. I am still having carbs and have not had to cut them out this time around.

So I would recommend it to anyone thinking of trying it.

Mohamad D.




Cutting Cycle


18 – 30




Fat Loss
Lean Muscle


Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol) was first followed by the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack with Anvarol (Anavar) Winsol (Winstrol), and Testo-Max.


I’ve been preparing myself to join in the UKBFF competition and took first clenbuterol and then Cutting Stack to help me get ripped and lose body fat!

David R.





Cutting Cycle


31 – 45




Fat Loss
Muscle Definition


Anvarol (Anavar) in the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack with Winsol (Winstrol), Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol), and Testo-Max for one month.


I used the cutting stack for one month. My goal was to lose some weight and get a firmer more toned body. I have lost just short of a stone in weight and 3.4% body fat!

I am looking forward to using this stack for a further cycle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription to buy Anvarol?

No, Anvarol does not require a prescription. It is a dietary supplement that is available for sale over the counter.

Is Anvarol illegal to buy in my country?

Anvarol is 100% legal. It is a safe steroid alternative by CrazyBulk. It is the closest legal dietary supplement you can buy to replicate the effects of the powerful anabolic androgenic steroid Anavar (Oxandrolone Anavar).

Does Anvarol contain Anavar?

No, Anvarol is a safe and legal alternative to Anavar. It was designed to mimic the mechanisms of action for Anavar without the risk of harmful side effects, by using powerful natural ingredients.

Will this show up on a drug test for work or sports?

No, Anvarol by CrazyBulk is a drug-free product and does not contain any ingredients that would show up in a typical drug test. This supplement does not contain any illegal steroids, synthetic compounds, or banned performance enhancers.

What are the known side effects of Anvarol?

Anvarol and all CrazyBulk steroids are made using safe, natural ingredients and do not pose a significant risk of side effects. It is designed as a safer alternative to dangerous steroids like Anavar which can have long-term adverse effects.

What should Anvarol be used for?

It is recommended to take Anvarol for explosive power and lean muscle. It is also effective for cutting cycles and lean muscle retention.

How long does it take for Anvarol to work?

Anvarol results are often visible in 30 days when used with appropriate diet and exercise programs. You should use the product for at least four weeks before measuring results.

Do I need to cycle Anvarol?

If you want the best possible Anvarol before and after results pictures, use it for a minimum of 2 months. Use a suitable diet and exercise program. Take three 3 capsules with water approximately 15 minutes after your workout.

Do I need post-cycle therapy after I stop using Anvarol?

No, Anvarol does not contain any ingredients that will cause testosterone suppression and does not require post-cycle therapy to keep your gains.

Are the results I get from Anvarol permanent?

As long as you continue to eat well and follow a regular training plan, you should be able to maintain your Anvarol results.

Is Anvarol backed by research from clinical studies?

While there have not been any clinical studies conducted specifically on the Anvarol product from CrazyBulk, there are hundreds of double-blind peer-reviewed published research trials on the ingredients used in this product.

Is Anvarol a Prohormone?

Prohormones are precursors of natural hormones in the body, such as testosterone. They are often used as safer alternatives to anabolic-androgenic steroidsAnvarol is not a prohormone, although it does have similar mechanisms of action that result in increased androgenic hormone activity in the body.

When should I take Anvarol for the best results?

According to CrazyBulk, it is recommended to take three capsules with water approximately 15 minutes after your workout. Use this product along with a suitable diet and workout program.

What should Anvarol be stacked with?

For the best results, stack this product with Testo-Max, Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol), Winsol (Winstrol), & Trenorol (Trenbolone).

How long will one bottle of Anvarol last?

Each bottle contains 60 capsules. The recommended serving size is 3 capsules per day on workout days. If you were to work out 4-5 days per week, the bottle would last for approximately 1 month.

What are the methods of payment I can use?

CrazyBulk accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX credit cards. They use a 256-bit encrypted checkout so your order is private and secure. Payment by PayPal and BitCoin is not currently available.

What are the taxes on CrazyBulk products?

There are no sales taxes charged on any of CrazyBulk’s supplements.

How much does shipping cost?

CrazyBulk Anvarol is shipped for FREE if you live in the USA or UK. CrazyBulk also offers free worldwide delivery to over 100 countries and other countries for a small flat fee.

How long does shipping take?

According to CrazyBulk, it can take 3-7 days to ship to the USA, 3-7 days within the UK, 3-10 working days in Europe, and 5-15 working days for Canada, Australia, and other countries.

What is CrazyBulk’s Refund Policy?

CrazyBulk will offer you a full refund on any unopened bottles of Anvarol within 14 days of purchasing. Contact them directly to find out more.

Can you get Crazy Bulk Anvarol for sale at GNC, Walmart, Amazon, or eBay?

No, Anvarol is only for sale on the official CrazyBulk website.

Where can I get more information and reviews?

The CrazyBulk website is filled with testimonials from real users. You may also find information on Reddit or other Anvarol forums online.

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