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Prohormones are the most powerful supplements you can take if you’re looking to boost muscle mass and increase testosterone levels.

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When And By Whom?


First introduced by renowned chemist, Patrick (Pat) Arnold in 1996, prohormones became one of the most used muscle-building supplements among athletes and serious bodybuilders. Besides prohormones, Pat introduced androstenediol to the supplement industry. It was one of the most effective compounds in the world at that time.

In most countries, prohormones are illegal. If your goal is to become so strong that you can crush the law with your fist and want to look incredibly pumped and sexy while doing it, pay attention to this post!

Are you so full of energy right now the atmosphere is bursting? Yeah, who doesn’t want to be 260 pounds of muscle with 4% body fat, right?

Well, there is no magic cure and no easy way out, no “shortcut home”, but certainly if you adapt your lifestyle, consume your food in the right proportions and measurements with training and muscle building supplement intake, there are aids for you to gain muscle mass, power and results much faster and easier.

One of these aids is called prohormones. Why would you want to use prohormones? If you want more power on the field or in the gym, faster recovery, and greater lean body mass while stimulating fat loss at the same time.


Dividing Prohormones By Effect


There are four categories of Prohormones:

  1. Lean muscle gainers
  2. Prohormones for excellent pump
  3. Estrogen blockers
  4. Aromatase inhibitor

Probably the first and second groups are more or less obvious to everyone, but when it comes to estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors, here is a simple explanation.

All men have some degree of natural regulation as far as estrogen goes. If you are involved in hard-core training, your body will naturally produce more testosterone and of course, sometimes, some of that synthetic testosterone will convert into estrogen.

The most common compounds in the sport and bodybuilding industry for suppressing the process of testosterone transforming to estrogen, are called aromatase inhibitors and estrogen suppressors. These compounds are commonly known as SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) and estrogen blockers.

Cycling of prohormones (or simply put, when to use which type of prohormone and how to combine them)

When it comes to methodology and cycling, in terms of what goes first and how to combine all these types of compounds, everyone has their own favorite method and a different route. For example, some people are using SERMs during a cycle and during their PCT (post cycling therapy). Others will use only during a cycle, and some will use during PCT.

Some “unimportant” chemistry lessons!

This part is really relevant to the fact that not all that is sold as a prohormone actually is a prohormone (they’re most likely legal steroids). Furthermore, all talk about how prohormones are the evil sinister brother of anabolic steroids is not the real deal. Designer steroids are more effective and less dangerous than “pros” is also not a true story.

What Are These Nasty Little Buggers Named Prohormones?

what is prohormone

Prohormones are a precursor of hormones. They don’t have or have a very small, hormonal effect on the body. It’s circulating through the bloodstream as an inactive hormone ready to be activated.

Polypeptide prohormones transform into hormones when they go through something called “post-translational modification”. This process, in most cases, happens after prohormone export to the endoplasmic reticulum and usually needs multiple processing enzymes.

And now the important part for bodybuilders.

Androgenic Prohormones Or Pro-Androgen


These are a product of anabolic-androgen steroids known as *AAS*. Contained, in this category of prohormones are all those important parts of body chemistry that are vital and essential in building muscle mass. They can be testosterone prohormones, or prohormones of synthetic AAS like DHEA, DHEA-S, or Nandrolone. All of these prohormones are very important for building and enhancing muscle fiber.

There are many supplements out there that actually are not prohormones or performance-enhancing drugs, but sellers refer to them that way. It is not easy to make good and real prohormones, so there are many placebos also. Now here is the list of some more prohormones that are important for building pure muscle mass:

4-Androstenediol, 5-Androstenediol (Hydroxyandrostenedione), 4-Androstenedione, 4-Dehydroepiandrosterone (4-DHEA), Adrenosterone, Atamestane, Boldenone (1,4-androstenedione), Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA, 5-DHEA), Dehydroepiandrosterone enanthate (DHEA-E), Exemestane (6-methylidene), etc …

In this next part, we will focus on some essential prohormones then we will go through the *things to do before and after* usage of these powerful substances. First and foremost, commonly known in the bodybuilding industry is 4-DHEA.



4-DHEA (4-Andro or 4-AD) is a potent prohormone that allows users to benefit from DHEA without the negative effect of estrogenic overload. In the body, DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands (positioned on top of your kidneys).

4-Andro is usually a two-step precursor that will in its final stage convert into testosterone. Testosterone is anabolic and androgenic at the same time and we all know how that reflects on building muscle. The anabolic part is all about serious muscle building attributes, while the androgenic part will help to increase many of the male sexual features and characteristics.

So, the conclusion is obvious…

You can expect a serious amount of muscle and strength build-up with 4-DHEA.

This compound is commonly used among serious athletes and bodybuilders, who want to pack and gain a large amount of lean muscle mass in a short period of time.

DHEA has been around in the supplement industry for many years, but it has never been so commonly used and popular in the muscle building industry like it is today. This is due to the fact that it is not an expensive solution like testosterone and is almost as effective but not so dangerous as testo itself.

Today, advancements in the supplement industry have come a long way since prohormones were banned in 2005. In essence, technology today allows us to have really powerful supplements with little to no side effects if they are properly used.

Some supplement creators offer 4-DHEA of 99% bioavailability during the two-step process, while it converts to testosterone.

Benefits And Results Of 4-AD

  • Building of lean muscle mass very fast
  • Conversion to estrogen very low in some cases almost nonexistent
  • Stronger and thicker muscle density
  • You will gain more than a fair level of aggression while pumping the iron
  • Boosts of energy level
  • Boosts of sexual power
  • Lowers the muscle recovery time a lot
  • Boosts self-esteem and good mood

Attention and caution of common sense.

Never use this product if you don’t know how to use it and what to take in the preparation cycle. You will have to do all necessary preparations for the safe usage of 4-DHEA.

The support cycle is the time while taking 4-AD and post cycle therapy is the time after usage. When excellently prepared and with fully executed post-therapy cycling, there will be no side effects to your health, for that reason, we will not talk about side effects here. I will just mention that if not prepared before and cooled off properly, this can result in serious damage to your health.

The recommendation is to buy the complete stack that will give you prep cycle, support cycle supplementation, and post-cycling therapy, this way you are safe. It is also viable for you to create your own before and after cycles if you know what and how to do so of course.

Most professional supplement creators will offer full support with the supplements you need (complete stacks) and most people in the building and sports industry think this is the best way because every manufacturer knows his supplement chemicals best.

The best way to use your prohormones is LDS (no it is not the wrong spelling of LSD), which stands for Liposomal Drug Delivery System. Liposomal technology is an old pharmaceutical company that recently made its way into nutritional supplements. Because 4-DHEA is hydrophobic, which means it is solvable with fats, it is difficult to get it into blood hydrophilic (soluble in water). LDS’s arrival on the scene solves this problem and effectively delivers 4-AD to the system.

DHEA 1-Androsterone


Ok, buckle your seatbelt Dorothy because Kansas is going bye-bye!

This is the most powerful protandrous, which is a precursor for 1-testosterone. Research shows that this compound can have two times stronger potency than anabolic steroid testosterone itself. This is one of the most prominent compounds in terms of leanest muscle mass that you can possibly imagine. Side effects include water retention and a bloated prostate. However, if used properly, you are likely to avoid these side effects. 1-androsterone converts in two steps into 1-testosterone. This compound is highly effective in bodybuilding.

  • Gives you fire and power in the gym
  • Provides full power effect
  • Lean muscle mass to its core
  • Affects strength and endurance in a short period
  • Increase in vascularity and hardening fiber effect
  • Long-lasting effect on strength even after cycling is finished
  • Converts in the liver (some to no effects on kidneys)
  • Best to use through LDS
  • Side effects include bloated prostate, loss of water, and others.

These side effects occur only if not used properly.



Methandienone or Dianabol is a very popular prohormone. With its usage, you will see an almost instant anabolic effect. Dianabol is excellent in speeding up the metabolism rate and powerfully helps in protein synthesis. The usual dose is 4-6 pills a day. It also provides a positive nitrogen balance. This helps with muscle gain and overall better performance and recovery time.

Dianabol has been used for medical purposes, prescribed as a cure for hypogonadism (this condition was commonly referred to as “interrupted stage 1 puberty”). But it has been withdrawn from medical use in almost all countries. The most famous user ambassador of Dianabol is Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Gyno From Steroids

Again one of the best sellers ever, CDMA has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect. This prohormone will not aromatize, so it’s free of side effects such as Gynecomastia. This was an all-time hormonal “over the counter” (without prescription) bestseller.

Introduced in 1996 by Patrick Arnold, the compound Androstenedione was one of the best supplements that took sportsmen and builders to new levels. Androstenedione was followed by a number of other prohormones like androstenediol and nor androstenediol, which by themselves are some of the most effective prohormones today.


The perfect one?

This component is featured in the best prohormones. Its conversion rate is 15.76%, which is even 4 times more than its predecessor, androstenedione. The effects of this compound are the rapid and large increase of rapid muscle mass gains and strength and power increase. Today, perfected androstenediol formulas solve many of its basic bad sides, making it one of the most efficient power supplements in the industry.

This compound translates directly to higher testosterone levels, giving grand results on the field or in the gym. Androstenediol can aromatize so using an inhibitor or estrogen blocker is a good thing. Also, if combined properly with 4-AD, it makes an excellent stackable combo with other prohormones for even bigger gains in strength and power or sculpting muscle shape.

Best Prohormones On The Market For Sale In 2021 For Mass And Cutting?


There are, as you obviously can see, many supplements out there. Are prohormones effective? Yes, they are. Do they give fast results? Yes, they do.

Which ones are the best is up to you to choose. The most important thing is to not see them as a “magic wand” because there is no fast solution. The decision of whether you truly need depends on your training experience. What do you expect to gain with the usage of prohormones? That is the real question!

Prohormones are not a shortcut. Be aware of the negative side effects. It takes devotion and knowing what you want and proper knowledge of how to take prohormones is imperative. If you truly want to do it with the help of prohormones and you are not exactly sure how then learn what you need or find someone with experience to lead the way.


In the beginning, a low dosage of prohormones will do fine and novices will have serious gains. A healthy diet is a must. Also, your supplementation needs to be good so that your body is functioning in a manner that is suitable for prohormonal cycling. So the preparation period counts in a big way.

Research shows that prohormones have the best effect on people who are already in their natural peak condition. This is the level where those people are pushing the boundaries of their power, strength, overall readiness, condition, etc. Make sure to give yourself space and train for at least a month or so before jumping into the fire with prohormonal usage. With better measurement and proportion of training, food, and supplementation, you will have better and longer lasting results.

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Usage of estrogen blockers is very important for those who are concerned about their estrogen levels and should take it during cycling and after the end of cycling. It is very important, maybe even more than preparing yourself for cycling is good support cycling and post-cycling therapy.

While cycling, your training should concentrate on repetitions and limit yourself objectively with the weights because after the cycling is done you don’t want to have burnout of your results through catabolism. It is also important not to avoid cardio no matter how challenging it becomes, especially if you can do your cardio out in nature. This is extremely beneficial because the more oxygen you feed into your body the more effective prohormones become and the more easily your body releases toxins, making room for new and healthy tissue, which leads to even better recovery.

While cycling, your training should concentrate on repetitions and limit yourself objectively with the weights because after the cycling is done you don’t want to have burnout of your results through catabolism. It is also important not to avoid cardio no matter how challenging it becomes, especially if you can do your cardio out in nature. This is extremely beneficial because the more oxygen you feed into your body the more effective prohormones become and the more easily your body releases toxins, making room for new and healthy tissue, which leads to even better recovery.

Words Of Wisdom For The End

Prohormones demand dedication and devotion, firm discipline, and hard work (basically all the cool stuff). Prohormones will give you, the athlete, results faster, better, and stronger than you could achieve without them.

If you are serious about your life health you will wisely consider, are prohormones the path you will take. Because that is your decision alone to make. If you are into muscle gaining or achieving peak limits in your training, prohormones can help you. Be fully aware of both risks and benefits.

Do your due diligence first, then dream big and chase your goals. Because for us humans nothing is impossible.

I bid you amazing workouts, big muscle growth, a great physique, and powerful life.


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ChEBI ID. CHEBI:71212: Prohormones generally help in amplifying the effect of existing hormones.

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