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Cypionax Review

Cypionax is a type of anabolic-androgenic steroid manufactured by underground labs for sale without a prescription.

The product was designed to mimic testosterone cypionate.

How does it work? Does it work? And if so, what kind of results does it produce?

Information about Cypionax is a bit tricky to find because the product is not widely available.

It can be defined as a derivative of testosterone (testosterone 17?-cypionate) but it mainly originated from underground lab and steroid producers in Thailand.

Cypionax Bodybuilding

bulking ans cutting steroids

Is Cypionax a true anabolic androgenic steroid?

Yes, it’s testosterone cypionate, but sold by underground labs under the name “Cypionax”.

In the past, it was manufactured by Body Research and available in packages containing 10 vials – each of those containing 200 mg of testosterone cypionate.

The product is no longer available in many countries, and verifiable information about the compound is not found in any medical or scientific research journal articles.

Plenty of information is available regarding testosterone cypionate, but finding information regarding the sale of the Cypionax product is challenging.

Cypionax Price

One website (last updated in 2000) was selling the product for approximately $45 (10 vials/200 mg).

At the time, the product had the reputation for providing a number of benefits, although plenty of side effects were also associated with the drug.

One of the main benefits was the long-acting cypionate ester, which reduced the need for frequent injections of the testosterone steroid, with peaks achieved within 24 hours.

The effects of the drug in the system lasted approximately 12 days. Even after that, however, the drug could be detected in the bloodstream for as long as three weeks following the injection.

Cypionax was not known as a “gentle” anabolic androgenic steroid.

It was difficult to balance hormone levels with its use, even with the incorporation of aromatase inhibitors and anti-estrogen drugs as well as liver protectants in cycled use.

Cypionax cycle and dosage recommendation ranged from 500 mg to 1000 mg weekly.

About Body Research Cypionax


Body Research labs have a relatively positive reputation in Thailand, but it is still not considered a legitimate or government condoned and regulated provider in many countries around the world.

Anabolic androgenic steroids are prescription-only drugs, and in many countries around the world are classified as controlled substances.

Information about Body Research pharmaceutical labs in Thailand is also challenging to find.

Many of the links found online today either result in a message stating site information is no longer available or 404 error messages.

Looking at steroid shop offerings today of products manufactured by Body Research are not showing any Cypionax.

Although they are still producing underground synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids that can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Can You Buy Cypionax Online?

Underground labs and black-market resources have grown very adept at producing counterfeit steroids, labels, and packaging systems.

Many steroid shops in foreign countries also manufacture holograms on their labels to ensure their customers that their products are legitimate and not fake.

However, many of the links to verify barcodes, holograms, or labels are directly or indirectly linked back to the seller.

Purchasing older versions of synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids like Cypionax is risky.

Even if the image is legitimate and boxes are completely sealed, it does not guarantee that the product you’re getting is what you paid for.

Some bodybuilders who have purchased Cypionax ampoules have commented on the unpleasant chemical smell, which some describe as quite foul. The product you receive should not be:

  • Cloudy
  • Smelly (foul) – some odors can be the result of solvents used
  • Clumpy to the point where gently swirling or shaking does not dislodge those clumps

Cypionate as manufactured and marketed today is relatively cheap, so counterfeiting is not particularly beneficial, but it does happen.

When purchasing cypionate or any anabolic androgenic steroid from Thailand, other Asian resources, or black-market resources, use it with caution.

Cypionax Side Effects

Bulking Cycle

Detailed and reliable information regarding side effects associated with the product Cypionax are lacking, but the same is not true of testosterone cypionate, which this product is marketed to replicate.

As an injectable form of testosterone, some side effects can be equated to other synthetic forms of testosterone.

The cypionate ester only modifies the absorption rate and half-life of the testosterone-based drug.

Common side effects of testosterone injections can include but are not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular damage and potential cognitive impairment [1]
  • Reproductive function – it can take months (and may even have extensive and prolonged effects on fertility) – to recover “normal” endogenous testosterone levels after discontinuation of synthetic steroid usage. [2]
  • Liver toxicity [3]

Because every person’s body may react differently to steroids, it is impossible to anticipate particular side effects, which may also be related to age, gender, overall health and wellness, and the presence of diagnosed or undiagnosed pre-existing conditions.

As such, Cypionax (testosterone cypionate) should always be used with caution, with bodybuilders or athletes starting at the lowest dosage possible for benefits.


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