7 Best Oral Steroids For Strength, Cutting, And Bulking

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Oral Steroids

Bodybuilders look for the best oral steroids in hopes of getting amazing results.

Whether your goal is to put on muscle, cut fat, increase strength, or lose weight – you may have considered steroids.

Here we’re going to review the best oral steroid cycles for each of these goals.

However, before we get started, it’s important that you understand that taking these drugs is inherently risky.

There are numerous side effects that negatively affect your health, including liver damage, heart health, and hormones.

Wanting to get ripped is a goal many have, but you have to ask yourself if using steroids is worth the risk to your health.

We think it’s not worth it, especially when there are dietary supplements that can be taken to help you get results without resorting to steroids.

Some bodybuilders still opt for orals like Dianabol, Anadrol, Winstrol, or Anavar because they like the idea of using tablets instead of giving themselves injections.

However, oral steroids come with a higher risk of liver damage and other related adverse effects to consider.

7 Best Oral Steroids

bulking ans cutting steroids

Which are the most effective oral steroids?

The answer is, it depends.

It depends on your sex, your body type, and your ultimate fitness goals.

It also depends on who you ask.

That being said, most people you ask will include some of the steroids in the following list.

Bodybuilders consider the following to be the 7 best oral steroids:

First, to pick which one you need to carefully assess your fitness as it currently stands.

It does not matter if you are new to training or if you are a seasoned gym rat, you need to know exactly what you want to improve.

This is important because the best oral steroid for cutting and the best oral steroid for bulking is not the same steroid. There are hundreds of Oral steroids.

Not all of them serve the same purpose.

If you’re a newbie in the gym, you have a lot of work to do before you can get started with steroids. You need to be honest with yourself about where you’re at physically and mentally in terms of your health.

Although steroids are taken by bodybuilders to help gain muscle, the risks are not worth it for most people who simply want better results in the gym.

3 Oral Steroids Cycle

Due to the hepatotoxicity issue and negative cholesterol changes caused by oral steroids, performance users generally use them for 4-8 week cycles.

Exceeding this range is understood to be quite dangerous. These short cycle lengths are designed to allow the liver to recover after the cycle.

Oral steroids that have been recognized to exhibit severe hepatotoxic effects on the liver are usually used for 4-6 weeks. Other oral steroids that are held to be milder in terms of liver toxicity are cycled for 6-8 weeks, with some being used for 10 weeks max.

Bodybuilder discussions online stress the importance of due diligence when taking oral anabolic steroids.

The risk of hepatotoxicity is one reason behind the use of oral steroids like Dianabol to kick-start steroid cycles. After Dbol kickstarts the cycle and 4 weeks of Dianabol are complete, use of oral steroids ceases and a less liver-toxic steroid takes the cycle to the 8-week mark.

C17-aa steroids are often relegated to a supportive or supplementary position in relation to injectable compounds.

Cycles that use oral steroids as a supplementary steroids include:

Weeks 1-4

  • Dianabol at 25mg per day

Weeks 1-12

  • Testosterone Enanthate (300-500mg per week)
  • Nandrolone Decanoate (400mg per week)

Weeks 1-6

  • Anadrol (50mg per day)

Weeks 1-12

  • Testosterone Enanthate (100mg per week)
  • Nandrolone Decanoate (400mg per week)

Weeks 1-4

  • Testosterone Prop (150mg daily or 1050mg per week)
  • Trenbolone Acetate (150mg daily or 1050mg per week)
  • Anavar (100mg per day)

How To Take Anadrol Cycles

Regardless of the dosage amount, bodybuilders typically avoid using Anadrol for more than eight weeks.

The best results are seen with those who consume the same exact dosage for six consecutive weeks, with changes occurring within the first four weeks, even at low doses.

Male bodybuilders specifically have noticed that they get the best results when doing cycles for four weeks.

Anadrol 50 mg Side Effects

Anadrol is considered one of the strongest oral steroids and is not without certain health risks.

One of the potential side effects associated with the use of this steroid is liver toxicity, that’s why it’s important to know how to take Anadrol properly. Bodybuilders are known to take it for short periods of time and don’t exceed 100mg per day.

People who take Super Anadrol suggest that users drink plenty of water throughout the day and protect their liver naturally with supplements such as milk thistle supplements).

Potential side effects of Anadrol

  • Increased blood pressure and red blood cell count
  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • Virilization
  • Loss of appetite
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Inhibited natural testosterone production

Side effects are manifested differently in every user.

On matters of how to use Anadrol – in order to lessen or avoid side effects, bodybuilders follow cycles that were recommended by other bodybuilders. These doses are often way beyond what’s medically recommended and are inherently unsafe.

If the side effects are too strong some turn to Dianabol (D-bol), which supposedly has fewer side effects. However Dianabol is still a very harsh steroid, all steroids are dangerous for your health unless used for medical purposes.

Anadrol was first used for medical purposes, but bodybuilders began using it because of its ability to help with red blood cell production, protein synthesis, and muscle gains.

For muscle-building benefits like Anadrol, but without the side effects, those looking to bulk up can explore natural dietary supplements.

Although you won’t get the same degree of results, you can get some results in a much safer manner.

Crazy Bulk Anadrole is rated highly for bulking.

One question bodybuilders ask is, where can you find Anadrol pills for sale? Anadrol 50 cannot be purchased from health food stores or pharmacies.

Anadrol is sold online by various retailers, but it is almost impossible to be certain that you’re getting the real thing if you’re a bodybuilder who doesn’t have a prescription for it.

Be sure to do your research before purchasing from an online retailer to ensure you do not get scammed.

The Anadrol 50mg price in India is a lot cheaper than in North America or Europe, but be careful purchasing from abroad and make sure you know what you’re getting. Unless you have a lab to test the product in, it’s impossible to know what you’re getting.

How much does Anadrol cost?
As a comparatively more powerful drug, Anadrol is high-priced, ranging from $150 to $200 per 100mg tablet.

Anadrol1 50

Anadrol is considered one of the most powerful strength-building steroids on the market today. It is commonly used among weightlifters, powerlifters, and other strength-oriented athletes, although it is highly recommended that you avoid using it for performance enhancement due to its side effects.

It is considered a foundational power drug and has earned the nickname “A-Bombs.” It is an oral steroid dispensed as 50mg tablets and remains a controlled substance in most countries.

This synthetic hormone, known under the chemical name Oxymetholone, was developed during the 1960s and released with the therapeutic aim of treating ailments such as osteoporosis, anemia, and gastrointestinal disease.

Most of those uses have fallen away and it has come under regulatory scrutiny as an athletic enhancer. However, it is now used to treat HIV/AIDS patients and anemia because it helps maintain muscle tissue and produce red blood cells.

Since its development, some bodybuilders and powerlifters have incorporated Anadrol into their mass-building cycles, and as an aid in strength and muscle building.

The size and strength gains associated with A-Bombs are reported to be rapid and significant. Tacking on 20-30 pounds in six weeks has been reported by some. However, the potent steroid does come with considerable water retention if not controlled.

Anadrol has a high anabolic rate that is considered at least three times stronger than testosterone.

Although it has a relatively low androgenic rating, users should not be misled. Once digested, the synthetic hormone is metabolized as methyl-dihydrotestosterone and demonstrates tremendous androgenic tendencies.

There are a few challenges to using Anadrol. It has a half-life of only 8.5 hours and many users tend to build a tolerance to it rather quickly.

Even though it can be fast-acting, it also has a reputation for putting stress on the liver.


Bodybuilders report the effects of Anadrol on the body to be significant and to take hold quickly. People have reported being able to add 20 to 30 pounds during a single cycle of 4-6 weeks.

One of the issues with Anadrol is that it tends to cause heavy water retention unless properly controlled. Athletes using synthetic hormones generally avoid high-sodium foods.

Avoiding high water weight is generally important for competitive athletes using the steroid for three reasons.

First, excessive water can lead to unhealthy spikes in blood pressure. Two, water-saturated muscles tend to lose strength once athletes cycle off the drug. Three, bodybuilders in particular are interested in lean, muscular physiques.

For the purpose of “bulking up“, bodybuilders sometimes incorporate Anadrol into their cycles. It facilitates increased body weight and muscle tissue. It can be introduced at any time during a cycle to jump-start gains.

It has a very short kick-in time, with some bodybuilders noticing results in the first 24 hours.

Seasoned bodybuilders take a few approaches to Anadrol before competitions. They sometimes use it to kick off their first month of competition training.

Those with intimate knowledge about how it affects their physique may bring it into the final month. This helps them retain muscle mass while in the throes of extremely low-calorie dieting.

To accomplish this, a bodybuilder would need a masterful understanding of how to control water retention. Most bodybuilders stop Anadrol at least a few weeks before competition to shed unwanted water weight.

The effects of Anadrol are powerful. With such a short half-life of only 8.5 hours, it needs to be taken orally on a daily basis.

How fast does Anadrol work? Many users report feeling the full effects in less than one week of a 4 to 6-week cycle. Developing a tolerance to the 50mg tablets is possible. Some have taken up to 100mg per day, but with higher doses comes a much higher risk of side effects.

How To Use Safely

Since Anadrol is a potent and fast-acting steroid, increased strength and mass gains may be noticeable in less than one week. That being said, it also lasts in the body for a relatively short period of time, which is why bodybuilders usually take this steroid daily.

Athletes use Anadrol for 4-6 weeks at a dosage of 50mg to 100mg daily. That’s one or two tablets taken orally.

If “stacked” with other synthetic hormones during the cycle, bodybuilders have the option to discontinue its use. With other medications in place, there’s little risk of a crash from a lack of hormones.

For those who are working with an Anadrol only cycle, tapering off may be wise. Anadrol by itself can shut the body’s hormone production down and ending a cycle suddenly can leave you void of hormones.

This can result in unhealthy withdrawal symptoms until your body can restart natural hormone production. Tapering to half a tablet during the last week or beginning a post-cycle therapy may be helpful.

How To Use Anadrol Effectively

Anadrol 50 is considered by athletes and bodybuilders to be a powerful strength-building steroid.

New users tend to ask, what is the best way to take Anadrol? Due to the androgenic effects, some bodybuilders use Anadrol as a compliment to others such as Anavar and Winstrol.

Anadrol is typically used for 4-6 week periods. Not sure when to take Anadrol? Because it has a half-life of only 8.5 hours, bodybuilders typically take it daily.

Most Anadrol users start with one, 50mg tablet and increase the dosage to two after a few weeks. They monitor their bodies to see if they’re developing a tolerance.

People using Anadrol should maintain a low-sodium diet. The synthetic hormone is well known for causing water retention. This can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, and excessive bloating.

Bodybuilders take Anadrol in the morning with food. It can upset some people’s stomachs, preventing a full impact on the bloodstream during weight training.

Can Women Use Anadrol?

Hormones are a natural part of the human anatomy. Men and women both produce estrogen and testosterone at differing levels.

It is generally not recommended for women to take Anadrol. Female bodybuilders have used Anavar and Winstrol instead.

The side effects of Anadrol on women are too severe and can be very unpleasant. Particularly the virilization that occurs.

Synthetic forms of testosterone carry with them side effects that enhance male characteristics. Basically, the higher the androgenic qualities of a drug, the greater the risk of male-oriented side effects. This goes for both men and women.

These effects include a deepening of the voice, facial and body hair growth, and baldness. In women, they also include the enlargement of the clitoris.

Female athletes who use steroids tend to stick with highly anabolic or “tissue-building” drugs. They generally avoid androgens that cause increased virilization.

Women should not take Anadrol’s high anabolic rating at face value. Once ingested, Anadrol can have a very strong impact on the body.

Anadrol is an intense steroid that is recommended to be taken daily and for only 4-6 week cycles. Women are likely to experience the same weight gain, strength, and prominent male enhancements.

Do You Need a PCT?

Many steroid users have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan in place to ease off a cycle.

Products such as Anadrol 50 are powerful synthetic hormones that cause the body to suppress or stop producing its own testosterone. PCT treatments signal the body to start producing testosterone again.

Common PCT medications include Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomiphene (Clomid), which are Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs).

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is often added as well. Those who use short-term drugs such as Testosterone Propionate begin the PCT a few days after their last dosage.

If they are using long-acting drugs such as Testosterone Cypionate, then they may wait two weeks to begin. The therapy cycle should last 4-6 weeks for Anadrol, or as long as your steroid cycle lasted.

The goal of a PCT program is to protect the gains that you’ve made while on steroids and avoid the crash that occurs from abruptly ending a cycle. However, some bodybuilders and weightlifters do go the opposite route.

There are withdrawal symptoms caused by abruptly ending a steroid cycle. These include weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, nausea, and joint and muscle aches, among others.

Some athletes choose to push through this post-cycle crash. The theory is that the body will realize it has almost no testosterone and overcompensate.

Old school weightlifters called this “rebound aggression” and claimed the massive production of natural hormones was as good as a steroid cycle.

It does require toughing out a few weeks of slow recuperation time and a lot of aches and pains. Once the benefits of overproduced natural hormones had been reaped, athletes would cycle back onto steroids.

Seasoned bodybuilders consider PCT among the best practices regarding how to use Anadrol 50, especially for those who plan to take extended time off steroids and who want to protect and maintain gains.

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