How To Get Ripped | Top 5 Cutting Tips When Trying to Get Shredded

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Written By Jonathan Deventer

How To Get Ripped | Top 5 Cutting Tips

Here you will get to know How To Get Ripped with my top 5 cutting tips when trying to get shredded.

It’s one thing to be lean and it’s another to be shredded to the bone…

Lean = “well-done bro, you’re in good shape.”.

Shredded = “Holy shit, have you seen that guys abs?!” I.e. people referring to you, the talk of the town.

There’s a lot of lean, athletic guys around but there are not many who are completely shredded.

This is why so many gym rats across the world worship guys like Jeff Seid and Josef Rakich on social media. These guys literally have millions of fans and are famous for simply being aesthetic.

Not a bad life, eh?

5 Tips For How To Get Ripped And Shredded

1) Drink Water…Lots!

Your muscles are 70% water, so H2O is crucial in keeping your muscles healthy. Not to mention that drinking lots of water actually helps your body flush out more fluid.

You’d have thought it would be the other way round, but this is your body’s defense mechanism working.

And if you stop drinking water you actually retain more water (resulting in that bloated, smooth look). So you can look more shredded just from upping your water intake.

Aim for 3-4 liters a day. But anything more than what you currently drink is a good start.

Drinking water also fills you up.

Sometimes when I gulp down a liter of water, it actually satisfies me more than a solid meal!

And with water being 0 calories, that’ll help you hit lower total calories throughout the day and burn even more fat.

Tip: Drink bottled water for optimal testosterone levels. Tap water has proven to lower testosterone levels due it being contaminated with chemicals such as xenoestrogens, a toxin which increases estrogen and lowers T.

2) Intermittent Fasting

There is a lot of hype around intermittent fasting (known as IF) recently and for good reason too. IF is one of the best ways to torch fat due to its ability to significantly increase HGH (human growth hormone) levels.

In fact, studies have shown that fasting can spike HGH levels by as much as 2,000%. And in the same study women also experienced an impressive +1,300% rise.

Fasting And HGH To Get Ripped

With HGH being a powerful anabolic and fat-burning hormone, incorporating regular intermittent fasting into your daily routine is a cool trick when your goal is to burn fat/get ripped.

This means eating in a short window and only drinking water for the rest of the day.

It’s common to fast for 18 hours, cramming your food/calories in a 6-hour window. Thus if you went to sleep at 11 pm, you’d be allowed to eat your first meal at 5 pm and you’d finish eating at 11 pm the same night.

Intermittent fasting doesn’t just work from spiking HGH levels but also increases the chances of you eating in a calorie deficit. This is because when you don’t eat for long periods of time, your metabolism slows down…and so when you do eventually eat a meal, it won’t take much before you feel full.

Thus you won’t be able to eat as much food as you normally would.

3) Be Busy = Think Less About Food

A lot of people who break their diets do so because they have too much time on their hands. They have been disciplined Monday-Friday following their diets to a T, and then the weekend comes.

Suddenly they have more free time and…BOOM!

They’re eating out of boredom.

They’re thinking about food more, so their cravings become a lot stronger.

The key to this is to keep your mind constantly occupied. Make plans so your busy, instead of sitting on your sofa not doing anything besides wondering how good those chili heatwaves Dorito’s would taste in the cupboard.

I remember when I was doing 5 hours in the gym a day, plus working on the laptop when I got home. My diet was as good as it’d ever been.

Then all of a sudden I went to Scotland on a relaxing family holiday and I found myself eating 24/7. I had 10x more free time and didn’t know what to do other than…EAT!


Go out and be busy, but don’t overdo it so you’re burned out and constantly tired from all the plans you’re making. Your mind/body does need some time to relax.

4) Don’t Fill the Cupboards

When you go shopping, buy the absolute necessities. This is what you NEED, not what you want.

…this means saying no to half-price pop tarts.

This trick is awesome for when you’ve been dieting hard and you get that crazy urge to go on a 4,000 calorie binge. You’ll run to the kitchen like a demon on a mission and will be disappointed…Oh dear, no choice but to stick to your diet and burn more fat :).

The key to this is being shrewd when you go shopping and not being led into temptation!

5) Reduce your sugar intake

Everybody thinks sugar is the devil…it’s not.

People forget that sugar IS natural and only contains 4 calories per gram – making it the lowest calorie macronutrient.

However going on sugar binges CAN cause you to overeat, because when your blood sugar levels come crashing after a binge this signals to your brain that you’re hungry when you’re actually not.

So the goal here is to cut down on sugary foods/drinks. And this doesn’t always mean eliminating them from your diet. For example, if you like Coca-Cola, you could choose Coca-Cola Life instead (the green one, it’s decent!).

Coca-Cola Life contains 60% fewer calories than standard Coke due to less sugar content. The Life version uses a natural/healthy sweetener called stevia. This creates a sweet taste without sugar being present.


It’s good to try and cut down on sugar when dieting, but I don’t recommend consuming artificial sweeteners as a substitute which many people do. The 2 main artificial ‘baddys’ are sucralose and aspartame, which can damage your health. #Avoid.

Cutting Stack To Get Ripped and Shredded


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