How Women Get Ripped and Shredded

How Women Get Ripped and Shredded

In this article, I will discuss the secret of how women get ripped and shredded.

There is no doubt that female fitness and bodybuilding competitions have gained in popularity over the years, every day we are bombarded by gorgeous women showing off their perfect abs and glutes on social media sites.

Without a doubt, it can have an unfortunate emotional impact on those women who would like to have the perfect body.

What most women do not realize are the extremes women go through to get that perfect ripped and shredded body.

The reality is that it takes more than dieting and exercise to get a lean body, unfortunately, most women will not tell you their secret.

Genetics Play A Role To Some Degree


There are many women who are genetically gifted, but those women are few and far between.

Most women do not have perfect genetics and struggle when trying to lose weight, burn fat, and firm up their muscles.

In order to get a ripped and shredded most women will not tell you that besides diet and exercise, they use a variety of performance enhancement drugs (steroids).

Steroids are derivatives of the male hormone testosterone, the moment women begin taking steroids they are essentially in the gradual process of transforming their body into a male body.

One of the steroids that help female bodybuilders gain muscle mass is testosterone,  a male hormone.

Some of the side effects of testosterone, when taken by women, include hair loss, excess facial hair, a deepening voice, enlarged clitoris and it gives women a more vascular look.

While some women would like to increase muscle mass, most just want to improve the aesthetics of their body, this includes having visible abdominal muscles, shapely glutes, and well-defined legs.

So How Do Women Get Ripped And Shredded?


Exercise is a must in order to transform your body, women with hard bodies usually perform some sort of cardio 30-45 minutes every day, followed by 45 minutes to an hour of strength training, most female fitness models train 5-6 days a week.

Nutrition is probably one of the most important things you need to follow in order to maintain a toned and sculpted body.  

This requires eating several small meals throughout the day and sticking to lean meats, plenty of vegetables and quality carbohydrates.

Most female fitness models and bodybuilders avoid sugars and junk foods at all costs.

Anabolic steroids are commonly used by fitness models, yes the ugly truth is, women tend to carry around more body fat than men, in order for women to stimulate their metabolism and burn fat there are 3 steroids women will take to help burn fat and maintain a lean body.

Common Anabolic Steroids Women Take To Get Ripped And Shredded

Clenbuterol (Clen) is a close cousin to “ephedrine” it has been used by movie stars and famous athletes for decades, it acts a powerful fat burner.

Clenbuterol allows you to burn stored body fat as energy before burning up other fuel sources preventing muscle loss.

Winstrol is a common steroid that is used by women, Winstrol is available in oral tablets or water or oil-based injectable.

Winstrol promotes lean muscle mass and prevents water retention, the end result is more visible muscle definition and striation.

Anavar is commonly used among female bodybuilders and fitness models, it is milder than other anabolic steroids.

Anavar is often used (stacked) along with Winstrol.

Men often use Anavar, but one thing that is interesting about Anavar is that it is much more effective when used by women than it is for men, making it the official steroid for women.

Unlike most anabolic steroids that can destroy a woman’s physique, Anavar does not.

Female fitness models use Anavar because when dieting you tend to lose muscle, Anavar helps prevent muscle tissue loss and stimulates your bodies metabolism.

Anavar is perfect for maintaining lean muscle while burning unwanted fat, especially when reducing your daily calorie intake, the end result is a ripped and sculpted body.


Steroid Alternatives With Similar Effects

Most women are not going to compete in a fitness or bodybuilding competition.

However, many want to have a great looking body, taking steroids do have side effects, however, there are safe steroid alternatives that can offer similar benefits. 

Legal steroids offer the same benefits by mimicking the effects of anabolic steroids.


Now that you have a basic idea of how women get ripped and shredded, you should ask yourself, are willing to take steroids?  

If you are, you should know that you may suffer some of the possible side effects that come with them.

The other alternative is to take a legal steroid that will give you similar benefits without harming your body.


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