Female Bodybuilding | Best Diet Supplements | Ultimate Guide 2021

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Female Bodybuilding

Female Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has always been categorized as a man-only sport, the thing is, Female bodybuilding is not only a sport it’s a lifestyle, there is no other discipline out there that provides the results that bodybuilding does in a male or female physique.

The benefits that weight training provides along with proper nutrition and supplementation speak for themselves.

Women need to move out of their comfort zone and be encouraged to weight train and eat accordingly.

Hopefully, this article will shed some light on the popular misconceptions surrounding the subject and will motivate you to take that extra step in changing your body and health.

Benefits Of Weight Training


Weight training technically speaking works every single part of the body inside and out, lifting weights activates the body’s muscles increasing the cardiovascular rate.

Therefore the blood flow, and weight lifting, in particular, allow the athlete to tear the muscles so they can regenerate and become bigger and stronger.

As the muscle fibers become stronger bone density increases, and the body starts to function better overall, this means improved sleep, energy increase, faster hormone reproduction, higher sex drive, and so on.

Female Bodybuilders Training


Training is the main thing that keeps women from venturing into the female bodybuilding lifestyle, the misconception that training with weights will make them look buff and vascular-like men are totally incorrect.

Genetically speaking women can’t be built like male bodybuilders because they don’t have the hormone levels that men do, the effects of weight training in women are different, and the results obtained from it are toned and shaped bodies.

Training heavy with compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses shouldn’t be avoided, women shouldn’t be afraid to venture into the free weight area, women pound for pound are equally as strong as men so why shouldn’t they give hardcore weight lifting a try?

Most Important Nutritions


It’s true that women, in general, tend to gain weight easier than men but that’s not always the case, weight increase (muscle or fat) is determined by the genetic structure that the individual has, and genetics determine the individual’s body type and their metabolic rate, some women naturally have more athletic physiques than others, that said, a body’s shape can be modified and improved, through proper training and nutrition.

Keep your diet simple and easy, eat a lot of protein from natural sources such as beef, chicken, and fish, eat good kinds of carbohydrates such as rice, sweet potato, and oatmeal, and keep your fats regulated and your sugars low.

A lot of women eat insane amounts of food while maintaining a six-pack; it’s not impossible. If you constantly weight train, do your cardio, and have correct supplementation you should be able to eat more than someone who doesn’t train, the more muscle a body has the more calorie it burns, a few dirty meals here and there are necessary and won’t ruin your progress.



Supplements can be a pretty tricky subject, a lot of women out there tend to use different kinds of products by different types of companies but they don’t see any results, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the product doesn’t work, it means that the user didn’t know how to use it.

Bodybuilding Supplements are an important part of any female bodybuilder out there, there is only so much food you can eat on a tight time schedule, some supplements are meant to provide the same nutrients as food but in a simple and easy way, others can make gaining or losing weight a lot easier.

Supplements do work but only under the correct circumstances, a fat burner, for example, will only work if the individual using the product has a healthy and constant nutrition plan along with a proper training regime.

Female Bodybuilding Supplements

The market is packed with hundreds of different supplement companies that sell an insane amount of products, some work some don’t. 

Crazy Bulk has been proven to work by a great number of athletes, the supplements this company offers produce steroid-like results but without any negative side effects, making them unique in the entire supplement world.

Crazy Bulk recently released three products created especially for female bodybuilders and athletes: Anvarol is a cutting and lean muscle gainer, Clenbutrol is an ephedrine fat burner and Winsol is a lean mass and strength gainer, any of these supplements can be used individually or stacked with the other three.


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