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Is Drake On Steroids Or Natural

Drake Steroids Workout

Here we will take a look at drake’s steroids case and will find out did drake used steroids or if he is natural.

Anyone who’s been a hip-hop fan for the past 5 years should have noticed by now that Drake’s gained a lot of size (mostly muscle) over the past 12 to 24 months.

Many are speculating that this massive increase in muscle mass is due to the use of anabolic steroids.

Hmm, makes you wonder, could it be true? Then again, does it even matter? Anyway here are the pics below of Drake’s Before and Drake Now.

So, from the above pics what do you think? Steroids or Hard Work + Perfect dieting. Actually, it can be a combination of both.

Contrary to what some may believe steroids are not all that bad but like any other thing it’s the abuse and uneducated use of steroids that usually reap bad, unwanted results and side effects.

For the most part, bulking steroids are mostly harmless when used correctly.

If indeed Drake’s been on a steroid cycle then these would be the phases he went through:

Is Drake Natural Or Not

Is Drake On Steroids

Stage 1: Gaining Weight

drake gaining weight

This is most times the first stage in a bulking cycle. Because Bulking cycles are focused on increasing muscle mass, most athletes usually start off by putting on as much overall weight as possible.

If they are on a steroid cycle then they could be using a form of injectable Testosterone like Cypionate, enanthate, or Sustanon, or an oral like Dianabol or Anadrol, or even a combination of both injectable and oral.

All of these bulking agents also open one’s appetite and therefore influence one to eat a lot more, hence the rapid weight gaining.

Stage 2: Bulking Up

Drake Steroids

After he’s put on a good bit of body fat he then focused on increasing muscle mass.

On a bulking cycle, steroids used not only influence you to eat more but also give you an increase in strength leading you to lift more and hence do heavier sets than usual.

This causes the new muscle to be created thus making the existing muscle bigger.

Most steroids also cause the body to absorb protein much better and faster and hence promoting faster recovery for the muscles after a heavy workout session.

Stage 3: Shredding Fats / Getting Ripped

Drake Cutting Cycle

As with most muscle-gaining/steroid cycles, the last stage involves basically burning the extra body fat so that the gained muscle can become more visible, this is most times referred to as a cutting cycle.

Some of the popular steroids used on a cutting cycle include Stanozolol (Winstrol), Anavar, trenbolone acetate, or another steroid that’s great at burning fat and produces minimum fat and water retention.

Products like Winstrol or any of the others mentioned above will assist the body in quickly burning all the extra body fat surrounding the muscles leaving mostly just the muscles on display.

Stage 4: PCT ( Post Cycle Therapy )

Drake Steroids And Pct

This is the phase where an athlete takes different products like Tamoxifen or Proviron in order to encourage his body to resume its natural level of testosterone production.

Because this will usually stop if one has been using an external version of testosterone.

PCT is also good to make sure no side effects like man boobs do not occur.

So there you have it. Those are the basic stages involved in a bulking cycle.

Based on what the goal is some people may or may not do a cutting cycle at the end of their cycle as Drake did.

But it’s always rewarding to be able to actually see the muscles you’ve to build rather than just knowing that they are there somewhere under the fat.

Also for the record if it is indeed steroids that are to be credited for drake’s results it must be noted that steroids alone are not going to accomplish the results you see.

One still needs to invest in hard work and good dieting especially when on the cutting cycle.

So instead of being a hater, you should simply embrace “The Boy” for doing what it takes to be in a better place physically and obviously health-wise.

And last but not least if it’s a case of pointing a finger at someone for using steroids then you need to also point your finger at some of the best movie stars, gold medal athletes, and even other fellow rappers like Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, 50Cent, LL Cool J just to name a few.

Don’t Hate, Congratulate.


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