Anavar For Weight Loss Research Review [How It Works In 2022]

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Anavar for weight loss is effective and efficient during cutting cycles to achieve a ripped, toned physique. It can help you increase your athletic performance and improve muscle hardness and vascularity while trying to burn excess body fat. Learn more.


Can you really lose significant amounts of weight when taking Anavar and get a ripped, muscular appearance?

Anavar is an anabolic androgenic steroid that is commonly taken to cut body fat while preserving muscle tissue.

Anavar, otherwise known as oxandrolone, is often used by athletes and bodybuilders in their cutting or dieting cycles, with varying results.

Anavar is not a weight-loss drug, but an anabolic androgenic steroid that because of its mechanism of action, can influence hormonal and metabolic processes and functions.

Before considering Anavar for weight loss benefits, be aware that the Food and Drug Administration nor the medical community at large does not condone the use of Anavar for weight loss purposes.

Anavar is a Schedule III controlled substance and is only available (legally) with a prescription. Click here to visit our recommended supplier.

Anavar For Weight Loss

Anavar 10mg Results Men

Anavar happens to be one of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroids for increasing muscle mass and strength.

It promotes muscle gains without the water retention or water weight gain that’s often linked to not only testosterone but other synthetic steroids.

In addition to its effects as a lean bulking agent, it can also promote fat burning and is used by men and women for cutting cycles.

How does Oxandrolone work for weight loss? Anavar has the potential for influencing thyroid-binding globulin concentrations.

The thyroid is a gland that produces hormones associated with a metabolism that can be affected by numerous drugs including but not limited to:

  • Testosterone (endogenous or synthetic)
  • Growth hormones such as insulin-like growth factor 1

The thyroid produces a hormone known as thyroxine (T4) as well as triiodothyronine (T3) both of which increase metabolism inside body cells.

Their main function is to regulate the production of energy and heat in body tissues and maintain normal metabolic levels and processes.

The mechanism of action of Anavar has been known to decrease thyroid-binding globulin concentrations while at the same time helping to increase thyroxine-binding pre-albumen. This improves the utilization of T3, which in turn enhances metabolism.

As such, Anavar weight loss is not a myth, but it is still minimal in regard to significant results. A number of animal studies have explored this activity.


In rodents, fat (adipose tissues) can affect levels and maintenance of optimal thyroid hormone balances through the signaling of the hormone leptin.

It’s interesting to note that the bulk of scientific research associating Anavar and its ability to promote muscle gain following weight loss also involves skeletal muscle wasting or muscular atrophy situations.

In the past, and in a practice that continues in various locations around the world today, oxandrolone has been used to treat cachexia in AIDS patients.

So which is it? Is Anavar for weight loss or muscle bulking?

Oxandrolone/Anavar is quite potent in regard to its anabolic properties. In medical scenarios, the drug is still used today to enhance weight gain following weight loss due to chronic illness or infection, trauma, burn patients, and those recovering from an intensive surgical procedure.

Dosage and frequency of dosage can also have an impact on Anavar for weight loss results.

It should be noted that not even potent anabolic androgenic steroids can do all the work by themselves. Anyone using Anavar for weight loss should also be following a balanced and nutritious diet as well as appropriate exercise for weight loss.

How to Take Anavar for Fat Loss


Anavar is not available everywhere any longer due to the development of newer drugs and because of the potential for serious side effects and adverse reactions.

Original Anavar came in a milligram strength of 2.5 mg, although some forms of the steroid today can be found in 10 mg per tablet form.

Bodybuilders and athletes can find a number of recommendations for use of Anavar only or its use in cycles depending on ultimate goals. The maximum dosage for medical treatment purposes could creep up to 20 mg a day for two to four weeks.

Bodybuilders using the drug for non-medical purposes often average 25 mg a day for six to eight weeks. While this may not seem like an excessive dosage, every person can react differently to the drug.

Anavar is often stacked with a form of testosterone to enhance results.

One of the more common combinations of Anavar and testosterone (with esters such as cypionate, propionate, or enanthate) can range from 200 mg a week to 400 mg a week.

For use in dieting or cutting phases, Anavar is often combined with Deca-Durabolin in a dosage of 200 mg to 400 mg a week.

Other options including Trenbolone (at 200 mg to 300 mg a week) or another animal-grade steroid such as Equipoise are also common.

Before using Anavar for weight loss or muscle bulking, be aware of the potential for side effects.

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Anavar for Weight Loss Safety

Side effects of anabolic androgenic steroids vary depending on dosage, length of use, and dosage frequency.

Most anabolic androgenic steroids, including Anavar, can contribute to a number of detrimental side effects.

Before attempting Anavar for weight loss, muscle bulking, or other benefits, compared the risk for side effects.

While taking Anavar for weight loss has benefits, it’s more effective on individuals who already have a lean body composition than on someone who is seriously overweight.

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