Are Anavar Capsules Safe and Legal to Buy Online?

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Anavar Capsules

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Anavar Capsules are effective during cutting cycles to achieve a ripped, toned physique. It can help you increase your athletic performance and improve muscle hardness and vascularity while trying to burn excess body fat. Learn more.

Anavar is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid; a laboratory created a variation of the male hormone testosterone.

It’s available in a variety of milligram strength options and is commonly known in bodybuilding circles and medical environments as oxandrolone.

It’s no secret that medical communities and the World Anti-Doping Agency discourage the use of steroids for muscular or physical performance enhancement.

Before considering the use of Anavar capsules (which are actually tablets but shaped like a capsule by many manufacturers), know what they do, “safe” dosages, and potential side effects. Click here to visit our recommended supplier.

Anavar Capsules Overview


Anavar is a drug more commonly known as oxandrolone or by the brand name Oxandrin depending on drug manufacturer and country of origin.

Anavar is available in tablet form with the molecular structure of C19H30O3, which can help differentiate it from other anabolic-androgenic steroids using a variety of chemical names and synonyms.

Anavar is similar to testosterone and is often used as a form of testosterone replacement therapy in men diagnosed with hypogonadism.

It’s also been used to improve retention of nitrogen in the muscles, encourage lean muscle mass, and reduce HIV-related wasting syndrome.

It has also been used to offset the catabolism of proteins often associated with prolonged use of corticosteroids.

Anavar Capsules Dosage

Anavar Capsules-Result

Anavar capsules are available in 2.5 mg and 10 mg oblong oval or football-shaped tablets that are often erroneously defined as capsules due to their shape and coating that makes them easy to swallow.

Anavar is a controlled substance (Schedule III) and requires a prescription for legal use. It is not recommended for non-medical use.

In medical treatment scenarios, the average adult dose to promote weight gain ranges between 2.5 mg to 10 mg two to four times daily, although dosage ranges could increase to 20 mg daily.

It may be prescribed at this dosage after a chronic infection, an extended surgical procedure, trauma, or for individuals with failure to thrive or maintain and gain normal weight.

In some locations, and depending on whether the drug is created by a legitimate pharmaceutical company or an underground lab marketing itself as a drug manufacturer, 5 mg tablets may also be found.

Bodybuilders take higher doses for faster results: the average guidelines for dosage of Anavar capsules found on several bodybuilding websites averages 15 mg to 25 mg daily for no more than eight weeks.

The drug is often combined with other steroids for faster and more impressive results.

A common stack with Anavar might contain testosterone with a specific ester (testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate) averaging anywhere between 200 mg and 400 mg on a weekly basis.

It should be noted that much of the weight gain associated with such a combination is likely due to water retention caused by the androgenic effects of testosterone.

Women considering Anavar capsules/tablets should know that a dosage of 5 mg to 10 mg may prove beneficial and at this dosage masculinizing side effects are minimal.

Nevertheless, every person reacts to anabolic steroids differently when it comes to muscle mass gains, side effects, and virilization (masculinization) effects.

Oxandrolone is no longer manufactured in the US by a number of pharmaceutical companies and is labeled as a discontinued drug product by some drug manufacturers in the FDA Orange Book.

Anavar Capsules Side Effects

Anavar Capsules Before And After
Anavar Capsules Before And After

Anavar side effects differ depending on dosage and frequency of dosage.

Side effects for men may include priapism or frequent and often persistent and uncomfortable erections, and development or worsening acne on the face, the chest, and the back.

Women may experience irregular menstrual periods and excessive growth of facial hair (hirsutism) – which may be irreversible and a deeper or hoarse voice.

Men and women may experience nausea, changes in the skin texture and color, edema, or water retention, mainly noted in the lower extremities.

Other side effects are possible depending on various factors including age, weight, and contributing health conditions.

While oxandrolone has been and continues to undergo studies in regard to benefits of use not only in the treatment of burn victims but in potentially offering other benefits.

It has been researched for mechanisms including weight gain for those diagnosed with certain syndromes or conditions, and in critical care scenarios, side effects associated with Anavar can also prove detrimental.

Pre-existing conditions including those affecting the endocrine or metabolic system can also contribute to adverse reactions.

Finding Legitimate Anavar Capsules

Anavar is a prescription-only drug more commonly found in the US, but some European countries and a few in Asia also sell the drug.

When it comes to buying Anavar capsules, most bodybuilders and athletes turn to underground labs or black-market resources.

Always be aware that the drug you think you’re buying may not be what you actually get.

When purchasing Anavar capsules without a prescription, you are taking a chance on receiving a product that is not effective.

Pills purchased online could be contaminated, counterfeit, or contain a number of questionable fillers and ingredients that can also contribute to unexpected side effects and/or adverse reactions.



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