Are Anavar 10mg Tablets Worth your Money… Or Not?

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Anavar 10mg Tablets

Anavar is effective during cutting cycles to achieve a ripped, toned physique. It can help you increase your athletic performance and improve muscle hardness and vascularity while trying to burn excess body fat. Learn more.

Anavar 10mg tablets can be used in cutting cycle stacks to help bodybuilders keep their lean muscle while stripping fat.

Anavar is also considered an ideal steroid for female bodybuilders due to its mild nature and ability to promote muscle growth in women.

Taking a single 10 mg Anavar pill may not provide significant results, which is why most male bodybuilders will use between 6 – 10 of these pills a day during a cycle.

This makes it less cost effective than other anabolic steroids like Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin, but it does have advantages that need to be considered.

Anavar-only cycles with 10 mg tablets are more commonly used by women who will take between 1 – 4 pills a day. Click here to visit our recommended supplier.

Use of Anavar 10mg Tablets

Anavar 10mg Uses

Medical and non-medical use of Anavar is drastically different.

When using any anabolic androgenic steroid, even one at low dosage like the Anavar 10mg tablet, it pays to be careful.

What can a 10 mg tablet do? Think of it this way: if 10 mg was absolutely useless, why manufacture in the first place? In fact, Anavar is also manufactured in a 2.5 mg dosage.

Anavar is also known as oxandrolone. It, like other anabolic androgenic steroids, is synthetically created in a lab to mimic the effects of the male hormone testosterone.

In medical environments, Anavar/oxandrolone was commonly recommended to increase a person’s potential to gain weight.

This is especially beneficial for those recovering from a drawn-out surgical or trauma recovery, for someone dealing with a chronic illness such as HIV/AIDS, or other disease processes that contribute to muscle wasting.

Anavar is/was also used as a treatment for hypogonadism or low testosterone levels.

Oxandrolone/Anavar 10mg tablets are effective in reducing protein catabolism.

The main function of Anavar at any dosage is to encourage the production of testosterone.

Testosterone, as a primary male hormone is responsible for the manufacture, development, and maintenance of testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is responsible for promoting a number of body functions and male sex attributes including:

  • body frame
  • musculoskeletal growth
  • development of larger muscles
  • libido
  • fertility

In regard to non-medical use by bodybuilders and athletes desiring accelerated muscle mass gains, weight gain, strength, or endurance, many of the same benefits can be achieved.

Anavar is a prescription-only drug classified as a Schedule III controlled substance. A person who wants to use it without a prescription has to find it from non-approved sources including underground labs or black market transactions.

How effective is 10 mg Anavar for bodybuilders?

Depending on the person’s height and weight, body composition, and other factors, Anavar 10mg tablets can provide a number of benefits. It can also cause side effects.

Bodybuilders rarely take medically recommended doses of any anabolic androgenic steroid and Anavar is no different. Watch for side effects.

Anavar Dosage For Bodybuilding

Anavar 10mg Results Men

Anavar is available as an oral tablet. The tablet itself can take on a variety of shapes and colors depending on the manufacturer.

In medical situations, the average dosage of Anavar ranged from 2.5 mg to 10 mg twice to four times daily. The dosage could be increased to 20 mg a day but was generally not necessary to achieve results.

Anavar was taken by bodybuilders often exceeds 15 mg to 20 mg a day. It’s not uncommon to find a bodybuilder taking 10 mg Anavar in the morning and again in the afternoon, depending on the workout schedule and desired results.

Anavar 10mg tablets are often combined with other anabolic androgenic steroids for even faster results. Anavar is commonly stacked with various forms of testosterone:

Dosages of a testosterone range from 200 mg to 400 mg injected weekly. Some bodybuilders use less, some use more.

It’s a matter of personal preference based on expectations and goals. However, women should employ caution when using any steroids, including Anavar 10mg strength.

Women considering the use of Anavar should be aware that masculinization (virilization) is more than possible due to the androgenic effects of the steroid, even at a relatively low dose.

Women are recommended not to exceed 10 mg Anavar tablets on a daily basis to achieve results while at the same time reducing the risk for side effects.

Anavar 10mg Side Effects

Anavar 10mg Before After Results Women

Even a low-dose drug such as Anavar 10mg tablets can contribute to side effects. Length of use can also influence how the drug reacts in the body.

As mentioned, women are cautioned about the use of any anabolic androgenic steroid that has moderate to high androgenic properties. Some of the side effects associated with virilization include:

  • Hirsutism (growth of hair on the face and body)
  • Clitoromegaly (enlarged clitoris)
  • Deeper voice
  • Smaller breasts
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Amenorrhea

Some of these side effects are irreversible. Men may experience:

  • Testicular atrophy – shrinkage of testicles is caused by the lack of body-produced (endogenous) production of testosterone. This leads to shrinking testicles, reduction of sperm production and may also affect sex drive, performance, or contribute to impotence.
  • Priapism – frequent, long-lasting, and often painful erections.
  • Gynecomastia – development of male breast tissues.

Even at low doses, anabolic androgenic steroids are powerful and can disrupt hormonal balances, metabolic functions, and organ activities.

Before considering Anavar 10mg for your cycle or stacking purposes, always carefully weigh the benefits against the potential side effects.


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