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Phil Heath Steroids


Does Phil Heath use steroids for bigger, better, faster results? We think that these are the anabolics behind his exceptional physique.

For those not familiar with the world of competitive bodybuilding, Phil Heath is a six-time Mr Olympia winner. This is not a small number, mind you. As a matter of fact, if Phil Heath keeps up his appearances over the next few years, he will officially hold the most Mr. Olympia titles in history, even more than the legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman.

The Olympia is a competition for the elite. That said, it’s obvious that people competing there are absolute beasts. Yet, Phil blows them all out of the water. Not only is he massive, but the definition and fullness of his muscles are truly a sight to behold. It gives you the impression that you’re watching a 3D projection instead of a man on a stage! This effect is particularly noticeable when it comes to his dominant muscle groups – his delts and traps.

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Phil Heath’s stats (1):

  • Height: 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75m)
  • Competition weight: 240lbs (109kg)
  • Offseason weight: 275lbs (125kg)
  • Competition body fat: 3% approx

Measurements (2):

  • Arms – 22 inches
  • Legs – 32 inches
  • Calves – 20 inches
  • Neck 18.5 inches
  • Waist – 29 inches

Phil Heath is a person that you either love or hate. There is no middle ground. While he has over 3 million fans on his official Facebook account, he has a lot of haters, too. This dislike for the reigning Mr. Olympia champion stems mostly from the documentary Generation Iron. This is a modern-day recreation of the classic Pumping Iron, which starred the Austrian Oak himself. Here, Phil is portrayed as quite arrogant, and even narcissistic. As a result, many people favored the more amiable and down-to-earth Kai Greene.

Phil Heath Is on Steroids – Proof


Steroid use in the professional bodybuilding world is something of a public secret. Essentially, everyone knows that every professional bodybuilder is juicing, but they pretend it is not the case because of politics. This is something that even bodybuilders forget.

A while back, Phil Heath basically admitted to using steroids in front of a camera. He was asked why he used steroids, and actually started to offer a legitimate answer before one of his bodyguards interrupted him. You can see the video in question below.

Phil Heath in His Younger Days


Even back in 2003 when he was 23 years old, Phil Heath looked like he was juicing. So, how do we know that he was not doing it even that far back? Simply because he weighed only 192 (3) pounds at the time, and has gained about 50 pounds of lean muscle since that time. If he was using steroids back then, there would be very little room for growth today, and it would be far from 50 pounds. However, this does prove that Phil is indeed a genetic freak, and why he has received his unique nickname: “The Gift”.

Which Steroids Is Phil Heath Taking?

It is likely that he is using the following:


There is a good chance that Phil is using Trenbolone, or at least has in the past. This steroid greatly contributes to muscle gain, especially so in areas with higher androgen receptor concentration. That is to say, shoulders and traps – Phil’s dominant muscle groups. Moreover, Tren also contributes to that “shredded” look and helps striations to form.


HGH and Insulin

It is also very likely that Phil has used human growth hormone and insulin as well. This is evident from the so-called “steroid gut” which can be seen on many professional bodybuilders today.

The gut has nothing to do with steroids, however, and it is the result of bodybuilders combining HGH and insulin. So, why do they do it if it results in that “pregnant” look? Simply because insulin is highly anabolic and it leads to more nutrients going specifically into the muscle. This is similar to why regular gym-goers add dextrose to their post-workout shakes. It simply creates a more anabolic environment.



Anadrol is known as one of the best and most potent bulking steroids in existence. It also counts among the harshest ones for the body.

It leads to an enormous increase in muscle mass and strength, but what points to Phil using exactly Anadrol as his bulking steroid? You simply need to cast a glance at his off-season look. Put simply, he looks bloated, borderline overweight, all the while maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage. How so? Well, one of the most regularly occurring side-effects of Anadrol is high water retention. This is exactly what leads to that “bloated” look, and it is exactly what Phil looks like off-season.



Yet somehow, when Olympia comes around and Phil steps on the stage, he’s as cut and dry as they get.

This is mostly thanks to Phil’s coach, Hany Rambod. Hany takes meticulous care of Phil’s competition prep and pays extra attention to his water/sodium intake in order to get rid of as much of that extra water as possible. That way, Phil can achieve the greatest possible muscle definition and thinner skin.

But he would be at a disadvantage if he were to do this the natural way. Rather, he is certainly taking something that helps dry him out further. More specifically, a cutting steroid, and there are two that excel at just that: Anavar and Winstrol.

Now, it’s unlikely that Phil uses Winstrol since it is known to make muscles appear quite flat. If you look at him once, you can see that he is anything but that. Because of that, it is far more likely that he uses Anavar since it can reduce water retention just as well as Winstrol, but without the detrimental effect on the muscle’s visual appearance.

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