Jeff Seid Steroids | Is There Any Truth Behind Jeff Seid Using Steroids?

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Jeff Seid Steroids

Jeff Seid

When it comes to his bodybuilding physique, many have accused Jeff Seid of using steroids.

But the 22-year-old has come out openly time and again to assure his fans that his classic physique is natural.

In that, there has been no contradictory evidence that would tarnish the name of the young man in his sporting career as an All-American wrestling champion as well as a high profile team player in his high school’s football team.

The only explanation for Jeff’s body shape is that some people have unique genetics that brings out impressive muscles naturally.  Buy legal steroids online here.

Jeff Seid Steroids Use

This article gives some clarity about Jeff Seid Steroids rumors.

It explains the secret behind Jeff’s success as a bodybuilder and the hurdles he has had to overcome in his career.

Jeff was born on July 12, 1994, in Renton, Washington in the United States, and has always been an athletic kid.

It is not surprising, therefore, that he has grown to have excellently proportional muscles.

At the age of 11, he had started lifting weights and upon joining high school, many schools were ready to offer him football scholarships.

He was ranked as a top wrestler in his county and in the track, he had set several records.

Everything seemed to be headed in the right direction until during his senior year when he suffered a dream-shattering injury while playing for his team.

Jeff had broken his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which he took a long to recover from and this drowned his psyche and motivation.

Jeff Seid Bodybuilding


It was during Seid’s recovery time that he discovered bodybuilding.

He was able to pick up from depression but unfortunately suffered another setback by damaging his ACL again, only 3 months after his first surgery. However, the boy never gave up.

He had a great desire that drove him to his IFBB Pro Card and consequently became the youngest professional competitive bodybuilder to ever participate in the IFBB league.

It was only two months after his IFBB debut, which he won, that Jeff qualified for his first-ever Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Showdown.

This marked a new milestone in his career as he started receiving invitations for numerous expos and appearances all over the world.

Recently, Jeff competed in Mr. Olympia for a second time and even founded his own clothing company, SeidWear.

There is no proof that Jeff Seid used steroids.

Jeff Seid Workout

Jeff Seid Workout

In the training ground, Jeff Seid is a hard worker. Whenever he does cardio, it is in form of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

To burn fat, he does a ten-minute workout preferably on the bike, maintaining his RPM over 120 for half a minute on level 15 followed by a diminuendo to level 5 for 30 seconds and a rest period.

From there, he then does building where he uses a lot of volume and supersets, which is efficient in maintaining maximum growth as well as symmetry. Jeff’s workout plan varies from day today.

On Mondays, training is focused on building his chest, calves, and HIIT, which happens by doing sets on an inclined bench, inclined fly, cable cross overs, flat bench, and a bench machine.

Additionally, he does pushups, pullovers, seated calf raises, donkey calf raises, and dips. On Tuesdays, he works to maintain his abs and back. To achieve this, he does deadlifts, chainsaws, wide grip lat pulldowns, and other exercises.

Wednesdays are all about his legs, calves, and cardio, which means he has to do different sets of squats and calf raises.

On Thursdays, he performs shrugs, dumbbell shoulder presses, and other sets to work on his shoulders and abs.

Fridays are about improving his arms and calves while on weekends he takes time to rest.



For all the energy he uses during training, Jeff requires a diet rich in proteins, heavy carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

He kicks off the day with a heavy breakfast: 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg, a banana, and half a cup of oatmeal at 9 AM.

At 11 AM, he takes an apple and protein shake followed by a meal at 1 PM that includes chicken breast, sweet potato, and salad.

At 3.30 PM, he eats a ham sandwich and grapes, then has a protein shake at 6 PM.

The next meal is at 7.30, which consists of sweet potato, steak, salad, and broccoli.

The next meals are quite light at 10 and 11.30 and consist of peanut butter, 2 glasses of milk and jelly sandwich, then half cup of Greek yogurt and blueberries.

The way Jeff Seid has overcome roadblocks, injuries and maintained a strong belief throughout his career is through strong self-drive and motivation, tireless training, and good nutrition and not through taking steroids as claimed by others.

He is now a personal trainer and a fitness model weighing 99 kg and 6 feet in height.

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