Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Use Steroids? Ultimate Steroid Cycle Exposed

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Arnold Schwarzenegger And Steroids


Arnold Schwarzenegger happens to be the most well-known bodybuilder ever, and there’s never been another bodybuilder that comes close to him. However, since he’s such a big bodybuilding icon and known for winning many titles, many people have wondered, did Arnold Schwarzenegger use steroids?

When someone is as big as Arnold, it’s normal to wonder if he was using steroids, along with a vigorous exercise routine and a strict diet, to achieve all his gains. Here’s a closer look at his career, his records, his steroid use, and his exercise routine. Buy steroids online here

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Use Steroids?

Often called “The King” of bodybuilding, Arnold has been a celebrated bodybuilder for many years and continues to work out and train. In 1965, he won one of his first competitions, the Junior Mr. Europe contest, and the next year, he was only 19 when he won Mr. Europe.

Just a few of the bodybuilding victories he accumulated through the years include seven wins at Mr. Olympia and five Mr. Universe victories. He also won titles in the German Powerlifting Championships, the International Powerlifting Championships, German Austrian Weightlifting Championships, Graz-Paradise Keller Powerlifting Championships, and the Styrian Junior Weightlifting Championships.

Of course, it’s important to note that when Arnold first began competing, steroids were still legal. For those wondering did Arnold Schwarzenegger take steroids, he did admit that he used steroids when they were legal.

Profile of Arnold Schwarzenegger


It’s common for people to wonder, how much did Arnold Schwarzenegger weigh and how big was Arnold Schwarzenegger. When it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s height, he is a tall 6 ft. 2 in. tall. How heavy was Arnold Schwarzenegger? His weight depended on whether it was on-season or off-season. His competition weight was generally 235 pounds while his off-season weight was usually around 250-255 pounds. Arnold reportedly weighs in at around 250 pounds today.

Some of the Arnold Schwarzenegger records are quite impressive. Because he was using steroids, specifically early in his career, Arnold set quite a few personal records. In fact, for his weight, most bodybuilders have never come close to setting records like his. For example, his bench press record is 520 pounds, his squat record is 545 pounds, and his clean and press record is 264 pounds. Even more impressive, Arnold’s deadlift record is an incredible 710 pounds, something that few other bodybuilders can claim to top.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steroids

bulking ans cutting steroids

Many bodybuilders today wish they could look like Arnold. In his prime, he had a wide chest, huge arms, big shoulders, and a small waist. While Arnold admitted that he did use steroids, some bodybuilders have asked, did Arnold Schwarzenegger do steroids aggressively?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Steroids list

Actually, it’s believed that Arnold was actually a very moderate steroid user. In fact, compared to today’s standards, he was practically a newbie user. He only used steroids moderately, and instead of using them to bulk up, he usually use steroids for cutting purposes. Some of the steroids he was thought to have used include:

Serious bodybuilders have to wait until the last minute to begin cutting fat to be ready for competition, which means they have to use extreme dieting techniques that have the potential to result in loss of muscle mass. To make sure they don’t lose muscle mass while preparing for a new contest, many old-school bodybuilders, such as Arnold, would use small amounts of steroids to help maintain muscle mass while cutting down for competition. However, it’s important to note that the small amounts of steroids used by Arnold are far from the huge amounts of growth hormones and steroids that bodybuilders are using today to see freakish gains. Check out the best bulking cycles here.


Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Do Cardio?

Everyone knows that Arnold spent plenty of time training with weights to achieve his physique and strength. However, many people also have asked, did Arnold Schwarzenegger do cardio? According to Arnold, in the early days, he really didn’t think about doing cardio, and he wishes he had spent more time doing cardio. He realizes how important it is for the heart and the waistline.

Arnold didn’t begin to really embrace doing cardio until he was working in Hollywood. He didn’t have as much time to train anymore, so he needed to find ways to burn more calories while working out the heart in more efficient, shorter workouts.


Arnold’s Workout

Today, he says that he combines weight training and cardio into one training session. Since he doesn’t want to hurt his knees, he does his cardio on an elliptical or an exercise bike. Once he warms up for five minutes, he then goes as fast as possible for 30 seconds, going back to an easy pace for another 30 seconds. He continues doing these intervals for 10 minutes. Once he is done with the cardio intervals, he starts to work with the weights.

Arnold feels that this type of cardio helps him get warmed up while ensuring he gets some cardio in. After he lifts, he thinks that he may just be tempted to forget about the cardio, which is why he always does the cardio as the very first part of his workout routine. He also often bikes or goes hiking whenever he has the time. However, the important thing is that he makes sure that he gets at least some cardio in his life each day.

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger On Steroids?

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger use steroids? Yes, he did use steroids and he freely admits that he used them. However, while he notes that they were used to help him avoid losing too much muscle when cutting, he also states that he doesn’t sanction the use of steroids today since he is a role model to many young teens. Although he did use steroids, most of the gains he saw were due to a lot of hard work, which is why he’s still considered “The King” of the bodybuilding world today.

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