How To Deadlift | What Muscle Groups Do Deadlift Work?

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A deadlift is one of the workout routines for men that offer compound positive effects to the muscles in the body.

Deadlift Muscles

The exercise targets important parts of the body such as the lower back, forearms, hamstrings, traps, quads, and gluteal muscles among others.

In most cases, It can be done at home as long as proper equipment is used or at the gym depending on a person’s interest.

Nevertheless, a lot of care is to be taken when doing this particular exercise so that one does not suffer injuries like herniated discs among other injuries that may affect the regular functioning of the body.

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How To Deadlift

Since it is crucial to do the deadlift exercise routine in a proper way, it is important to know the basic steps involved in a conventional one.

In most cases, these steps can be done regardless of the variations available for this particular type of exercise and they include:

  1. Hold the barbell while ensuring that the arms are straight while the knees remain a little bent. Apart from using barbells to perform the deadlift, one can also use dumbbells that are held at the side for similar effects.
  2. Ensure that the back remains straight as you bend the hip joint slowly while lowering the weights as well. The shoulders should remain done, with the spine in a neutral position to avoid any injuries. Keeping a straight back is one of the most important workout tips for Deadlift of any variation.
  3. While using the barbell, make sure that your legs are as close to it as possible. Pull back up while squeezing your glutes so that your pace can be much quicker than when you were bending down.
  4. Finally, the weights used should allow you to do repetitions of between twelve to fifteen in three sets before feeling tires. Ensure that your choice of weights will not hinder your moves until the final rep is completed.

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Precautions To Be Taken While Performing Deadlift

Even though Deadlift is quite popular as part of the workout routines for men, it should always be done with a lot of precaution to avoid injuries.

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Some of the things to avoid when doing a Deadlift is bending of the back as it can cause stress to one’s spinal discs which can lead to many other harmful health conditions.

Dropping the barbell should also be avoided as it can crush your shins if it rolls towards them as a result of the sudden drop. 

In addition, the weight chosen to perform this exercise should be appropriate for your body as one that is too heavy can result in an injury that is quite serious.

In most cases, the tendons, as well as ligaments, may end up being overstretched making them painful thus hindering the progress of your deadlift workout.

All in all, a Deadlift can be of great assistance in building muscle mass especially when the basic workout tips are adhered to.

The tips are usually provided to ensure that the exercise is effective yet safe for the person performing it.


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