Kali Muscle Steroids | Is Kali Muscle On Steroids Or Natural?

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Kali Muscle Steroids | Kali Muscle Cycle

Kali Muscle Steroid Cycle
Kali Muscle Lost His Size And Mass ( Possible Reason Of Quitting Steroids)

Kali Muscle is an actor and bodybuilder who has stated that he does not use steroids.

He had a rough childhood growing up in Oakland, California.

He was able to get a football scholarship as a running back at Fresno State, but his good fortune soon took a bad turn.

His brother died after “messing around with a gun”. Kali had bad financial problems and turned to robbery as a solution.

He was soon arrested, sentenced, and sent to San Quentin, where he was to stay for 11 years.

Fast-forward to today and he’s now a successful bodybuilding champ and Hollywood Star.

In today’s society, we’re all very skeptical and often wonder whether successful athletes and bodybuilders are using steroids.

Did Kali Muscle use steroids?

He claims he didn’t, but let’s first take a closer look at his background and try to understand more about him.

The Bodybuilding Begins

Once put in prison, Kali started to work out incessantly. He found great relief and distraction in bodybuilding.

Setback struck once again when it was decided that prisoners would no longer be allowed to use weights.

Kali showed his ingenuity by working out using water bottles, garbage bags, and even other men’s bodies. He was preparing himself for the future.

Real Life Begins After Prison

Within two weeks of his release, Kali got a role in a music video, and that launched his career.

He appeared in many commercials, which were stepping stones for a successful entry into film and television.

His bodybuilding career took off as well. He won many first-place titles and was also Mr. California 2012.

In addition, he found a willing audience for his stories and life experience and became a motivational speaker.

How To Tell If Kali Muscle Did Steroids


A good way to be able to spot a steroid user is to compare pictures of them at different times of their lives, to see if there are any dramatic changes in body size.

Still, this is in no way proof that someone used steroids.

Comparing videos that Kali has on YouTube show a giant increase in body size between 2009 and 2015.

2009 videos are very natural. He has small traps (Trapezius muscles), no vascularity (having a lot of prominent, highly visible superficial veins), and a small waist.

In videos from 2015, Kali’s had an incredible increase in vascularity, a bigger and more bloated waist, and giant size gains in both traps and shoulders.

What Steroids Could Kali Muscle Have Used?

The best guess is that Kali used insulin and HGH.

HGH builds muscle and burns fat, although it isn’t as effective at building strength as bulking steroids like Trenbolone, Anadrol, Deca Durabolin, or Dianabol.

Performance-enhancing drugs could be responsible for changing Kali’s tight, small waist into his current distended gut.

Many people don’t realize that insulin is a powerful hormone that has a huge effect on bodybuilding. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to convert all that protein into muscle.

Although it is used primarily by people with diabetes, it is also used by performance athletes when they are trying to grow lean tissue. This is very dangerous and has the potential to be fatal if used incorrectly.

Some athletes have discovered that the use of insulin together with anabolic steroids and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) will work together to control body fat and build great quantities of lean muscle mass in a very short period of time.

Increased insulin levels will make blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow and the number of nutrients entering your muscles, causing enhanced vascularity.

You have to be very careful if you decide to do this. It’s not recommended due to the extreme amount of side effects you could face.

It’s better to stay natural and take legal bodybuilding supplements like HGH-X2 instead.

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Non-Drug Tested NPC Bodybuilding Shows

Kali has competed in the National Physique Committee’s bodybuilding shows, which are strictly for amateurs. There’s no information about any drug testing in this competition.

If Kali Muscle was really 100% natty, he might compete in the strictest, natural bodybuilding shows available (BNBF/INBA), For those shows, you need to pass blood tests, urine tests, and lie detectors, and you are subject to random drug testing throughout the year.

Fans Defend Kali Muscle

Although most experts agree that Kali Muscle could have used steroids, because of its illegality Kali will never admit to using them.

Fans have defended him, even though Kali has made up some ridiculous claims that he bulked up by using a mixture of Pepsi and instant coffee.

Despite his possible use of steroids, he is a very successful businessman, a YouTube sensation, and a dynamic motivational speaker.

He gives uplifting speeches filled with hope to young people and should be given credit for this.

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