How To Make Your Dick BIGGER

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Most Common Question asked is how to make your dick bigger, Having a big dick is in demand because the level at which women get satisfied has increased than before.

If you are a male who really wants to make his dick bigger, there are some techniques by which you can enlarge your penis size.

They are not medically related but purely some exercise and diets which you can do with your extra time.

When you apply these techniques daily, within a month you will notice the size of your dick increasing, as well as the tendency of sexual intercourse, will be drastically enhanced.

Don’t be alarmed, let’s get your dick stronger and bigger.

How to make your dick bigger?

How To Make Your Dick Bigger


Exercises are an effective way to enhance the size of your penis.

It will not only bring positive change in your dick appearance but also your overall body.

The level of self-esteem gets tremendously increased and when you feel good, sex time will also be elongated.

Some exercises are very much important for your dick size which are


This exercise is simple, you need to make your dick erect in any way it is comfortable.

Simply hold a towel over its head and enhance it for 3-5 seconds.

Do these steps 4-5 times and if you can bear the resistance of the towel, the next phase will be a wet one. This procedure solely depends on the strength your penis tip could take.

The size of your tip will increase remarkably and you will notice an excess of stamina while performing sexual intercourse.

You can warm yourself up by a warm cloth and massage it all over your dick.


Lubrication considers as the most common exercise to enlarge a small dick in a natural way.

There are so many penis enlarging lubricants that are available in the market, but men prefer water-based lubricants since they do not form an extra sticky texture.

VigRX oil can also be used to the deep penetration in penile tissues, giving you rapid results.

Applying oily lubricants can cause problems at the time of the workout, therefore water-based lubricants are most preferable as they dry out quite fast.

Stretching Exercise

You are only required to hold your dick and think only about making it bigger in size.

You have to simply hold the head of your penis and by the other hand hold the first hand, now stretch and rotate it about 30 times to the left.

Rest for sometimes now hold it the same way, stretch and rotate (this time to the right) for 30 times. This exercise will increase the size of your dick without any problems.

If you feel pain with this exercise you might be doing it too hard, try gently.

On a daily basis, a lot of men have found this stretching technique very useful.

Herbal Medications

Apart from oil massage and other therapies, there are some remarkable products featuring on the internet which claim to be an efficient tool to How To make your dick bigger.

Before some years, people tried to market the scam products in order to earn money illegally, but as soon as people have seen so many scams they can now differentiate between the useful and the useless ones.

Male Extra Pills is the best innovation when it comes to the health of your reproductive organ.

It is by far the best penis enlargement pills available in the market and you know why?

Because we have seen the remarks and reviews from its users and none of them have complained about any sort of side effects neither any claims can prove it a futile product.

Manufactured from all the herbal ingredients, Male Extra gives you the last chance to see your dick getting bigger, especially if you had tried every option and find no progress.

Diet Plan For Bigger Dick

Bigger Dick

To this day, there isn’t any special sort of diet that can directly affect the size of your penis.

However, there are some diets that can only facilitate the exercises you are doing for it.

Try to take those food items which have vasodilation property which is an increase of blood supply due to the opening of the blood vessels in the penile region.

Some of these foods are tuna fish, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, milk, liver, and carrots.

Although they cannot help you gain an extra size, they can surely improve the health of your penis which also affects the performance.

Some of these edible items you should enlist in your diet plan

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate not only improves your sexual life, but it also increases the blood flow around your dick area.

The energy supply from dark chocolates is incredible, it has also come antioxidants which makes it perfect to improve sexual health.

Pumpkin Seeds

Rich source of Vitamin E considers enhancing the size of your penis by allowing excessive blood flow to the penis.

Sea Food

Fishes like Tuna, Salmon, and others are the best choice, however, in excessive consumption people have reported extra urge for sex.

To enhance the sexual urge, tuna fish has been used for centuries and also to improve sexual health.


Buy Male Extra The information provided above about How to make your dick bigger applies to every individual who has extra small dicks.

With a small dick the sexual life becomes dim, also requires extra inches for your girl to get wet.

The exercising techniques can be beneficial for an individual, but if you see from the angle of the most voted option.

The Herbal medications a.k.a Male Extra Pills at number first because it worked for thousands of people and now they are having a good time with it.

In order to how to make your dick bigger, you shouldn’t wait for the right time because the right time might never come.

It’s time you act before you lose your age!


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