The Truth About Steroids In Bodybuilding | All You Need To Know

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Truth About Steroids In Bodybuilding

So What Is the Truth about Steroids in Bodybuilding?

The truth about steroids in bodybuilding is something that has been debated for many years. 

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast, you may be amongst the school of- thought that thinks maximum gains are impossible to achieve without their use.  

On the other hand, you may agree with the people that think that the side-effects and not worth the unarguable gains.

If you are serious about understanding the truth about steroids in bodybuilding, it is evident that they are becoming increasingly popular because users, particularly athletes and bodybuilders are able to train for much longer, using much more intensity.

Furthermore, these substances allow for much quicker recovery times in between workouts, therefore helping you avoid fatigue that eventually sets in after prolonged training sessions. 

The truth about steroids in bodybuilding is that they can be taken orally, can be applied topically via dermal patches and gels, can be inhaled through the nose using nasal sprays, and more dangerously, can be injected directly into the body.  

The majority of users will agree that they take steroids so they can gain a competitive edge over the competition in their respective sport.

Due to the dangers and the unfair advantage that steroids offer athletes, many have been stripped of their awards and even fined heavily, because they chose to this regard the rules, as most, if not all sporting professional bodies strictly forbid their use.

As stated earlier, the truth about steroids in bodybuilding requires “facing up to the facts” of their ill effects.  

The use of steroids, without proper medical supervision, normally results in “overuse”, which has in instances led to liver failure, and in more severe cases, liver tumors. 

These are only some of the side-effects amongst the dozens of others.  As a result, this has led to a big question mark on their use/abuse.

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The Truth about Steroids in Bodybuilding, Especially the Evil Side


Let’s face it… most of us know that when steroids are abused (which is in most cases when it involves novices) and in a few cases even when they are not, are prone to causing a wide variety of negative effects, especially hormonal imbalance.  

A simplified way of looking at it is that steroids will cause your body to “short-circuit” the hormonal system, which in turn will make your hormones “go nuts”, leaving you potentially infertile.  

Remember this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Bearing in mind that your hormones are responsible for governing most of your bodily functions, I can’t even begin to illustrate all of the potential consequences.

When a man reaches the age of puberty, the reaction of the hormones helps to “trigger” and “conclude” the growth “spurt”.  

It also helps to develop the formation of the sexual characteristics including dropping the voice, pubic hair, the enlargement of the testicles and breasts as well as contributing to the type of skin a person will develop.

What steroids do promotes muscle growth, but that is not the end of it.  

Other visible changes that could occur include the enlargement of breasts, accelerated loss of hair, the shrinkage of testicles, and the development of skin cysts as well as pimples.  

Women, on the other hand, are not exempt from the damage that steroids can do.  

Certain women have experienced developing deep voices, as well as the formation of masculine features such as stronger facial hair and body structures.  

A smaller number of women have complained about the growth of facial hair which can be incredibly embarrassing.

The truth about steroids in bodybuilding, particularly during the teen years is that they can hinder a person’s growth.  

Steroids drastically increase the number of sex hormones within the body, and it is these very hormones that “govern” the “start” and the “end” of the “growth phase” and steroid use could lead to a premature stoppage of this phase.

The truth amount steroids in bodybuilding include more dangerous effects, including harming the cardiovascular system.  

Steroids have been associated with the enlargement of the heart which could lead to cardiovascular disease, cerebral hemorrhage as well as developing blood clots.

This is exactly why if you happen to be prone to heart disease, you should avoid using steroids at all costs.  

In regards to the liver, it can develop potentially dangerous tumors which may result in excessive bleeding.  

Furthermore, the overuse of steroids has led to jaundice and permanent damage to the liver in a growing number of cases.  

The mood is not spared either.  Steroid use will affect your temperament and overall mood leading to irritability and hypertension. And this includes people that are normally of a “calm” nature.

What about Proper Use?


Despite taking into account all of the negative effects that the use of steroids brings with it, there would always be people that will propagate the positive elements when it comes to improving performance.  

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether you are prepared to use these harmful substances.  

It is our job, at Supplementoo, to make you aware of the harmful effects that your body will experience if you decide on using steroids.

However, if you are still committed to embarking on this dangerous journey, and you decide that you know enough about the risks involved, please try to ensure that you use them properly, and not misuse them if you want to avoid any of the long-term ill effects that I have mentioned above.

A much safer, and equally effective alternative to steroid use is a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

There will provide you with the same level of muscle mass development and increased power as steroids, but minus the dangerous side effects.

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So there you have it… now you know the truth about steroids in bodybuilding and the associated risks involved.

If you have used steroids in the past, and you would like to share your experiences, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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