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Leg Training

If you are already working out and bodybuilding on a regular basis, you probably have an ideal body in mind. However, obtaining the body of your dreams is not easy.

You will need to focus on each and every part of your body, including your arms, chest, biceps, legs, and more. Much of this must be done separately because different exercises help muscles of different areas.

Some people make the grave mistake of only focusing on their upper body and neglecting their lower body. However, there are crucial steps you can take so that your legs can get what they deserve as well.

Get Most Out Of Your Leg Training

Leg Training

Follow these steps and get the legs of your dreams!

  • Work Your Legs Out At Least Twice a Week

Leg training is not easy, especially since we depend on our legs so much for our daily lives. We cannot work out our legs excessively. Otherwise, we would have sore legs for the next few days.

That would make work extremely unpleasant.

What you can do to avoid excessive soreness? Try out the Smolov squat routine, which is brought up by many professionals.

For this workout, you will need at least 3 leg workouts each and every week. This can be carried out by working out on your quads in one workout and your hamstrings in another, or a combination of the two.

  • Make Sure that Your Hamstrings and Your Quads Have the Same Number of Workouts Each

Even though the quads are technically large in size compared to your hamstrings, you must train them equally.

They are often seen as opposite to each other. Without enough strength in your hamstrings, you will not be able to complete most quad workouts, including leg presses and squats.

The hamstrings help make sure that you are able to extend your hip completely. Furthermore, your hamstrings also carry out the important task of protecting your knee while you exercise your quads.

  • Ensure That You Are Using a Full Range of Motion

If you ever ask yourself how far you should be going when you squat, you should be going as far as possible. Focus on improving your flexibility. Look at the mobility of your ankles and your hips.

In order to make sure that you do this, you will want to perform full reps. Start out with lighter weights, and follow it up with deep squats.

Never squat past parallel, or you will risk an excessive amount of stress on your joints.

  • Check If You Even Need to Perform Squats At All

Squats are actually not completely necessary. This heavily depends on your goals and what you want to achieve when it comes to your body. You can exercise your legs without having to complete squats at all.

However, if you are hoping to develop your body with a high emphasis on your legs, you might want to look into the free-weight squat.

The free weight squat is often viewed as better than the Smith machine. It allows you to perform squats deeply and safely. The same cannot be said for the Smith Machine.

Consider what you want to accomplish so that you can establish the right type of leg exercises for yourself.

  • Monitor Your Workout Volume

What do you need, several sets of various exercises? Or do you need several sets of the same, single exercise over and over?

The answer to this is that you should not be carrying out more than 3 – 4 exercises when it comes to your quads.

As for your hamstrings, keep it limited to 2 – 3 exercises. Your repetition ranges should go from 4 – 20, for every single exercise that you have included inside your routine.

Never, ever neglect warm-up sets. Do as many as possible because these are incredibly important. This might even help you save energy for your main workout.

When you properly warm up, you will be less exposed to injuries during workouts. To circulation using warm-ups, trying out a 5-minute cardio exercise is not a bad idea.

You can also be considering using the leg extension machine. This will help the quads as well as your teardrop muscle.

  • Do Not Forget Your Calves

Calf training is rather similar to thigh training. Include 2 – 3 calf exercises during each and every workout session. Focus on mid-range, contracted, and stretch positions.

Make sure that you have at least 2 workouts per week.

  • Start Training Your Legs This Week!

Start focusing on your legs as well, giving them the proper attention they deserve. The sooner you start, the better!

Good luck!

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