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When taking Winstrol pills side effects include liver damage, which is not something that you will get with injections.

However, injections are a lot more of a pain in the butt (no pun intended) than pill capsules.

There’s sterilization, safe disposal of used needles, and of course, the injection itself. 

With Winstrol pills dosage is easy, and the liver damage tends to go away after you finish your cycle.

When using oral Winstrol capsules or tablets it’s worth bearing in mind that results are not going to be that impressive if you do not plan on really putting your all into every workout.

You need to be very serious about adding mass. Steroids are a booster, not a magic remedy.

You will want to be eating anywhere from 3000-4000 calories a day, depending on your fitness goals, and doing a lot of lifting. Buy Winstrol online here.

Winstrol Alternative

Winstrol Pills

Of course, with Winstrol caps, if you are looking for massive gains, you will want to add another steroid to your workout routine. 

Winstrol itself helps protein and anabolic synthesis, but it does not lead to massive gains on its own.

Think of it like cardio: It’s not what you use to build muscle, but if you do it, then you will have an easier time building muscle.

One of the upsides that you will read about in many Winstrol pills reviews: it’s one of the best steroids for women to take.

The Winstrol side effects that are most common include acne and liver damage, but these side effects, as well as the masculinizing features seen in some women who use steroids, are generally minimal compared to many other types of steroids if used appropriately and monitored closely.

Winstrol Pills Results

Winstrol Pills Results

In fact, “mild effects” is a pretty good couple of words to keep in mind when it comes to the kind of Winstrol results you can expect.

That is if you are using an oral Winstrol cycle without taking any other steroids to go along with it.

The great thing about Winstrol capsules is the steroid’s flexibility.

You can use it for packing on major mass by doubling it up with Dianabol pills, or you can use it to develop lean strength by using it solo.


If you want to use steroids but would rather avoid some of the more notable side effects that come with many of the most popular steroids, then Winstrol may just be the perfect alternative. 

Although a Winstrol-only cycle does not create the same bulk as something like Dianabol, it will help you gain mass without having as extreme an effect on your body.

Steroid for Beginners & Experts

In other words, Winstrol is actually a great beginner’s steroid, and a popular steroid for advanced users.

If you’re new to steroids, you can try a cycle with Winstrol tablets to get familiar with how steroids affect the body, and once you’ve gained some experience, you can start using it in conjunction with more potent forms of steroids.

Whatever your goals, Winstrol pills may have a place in your workout routine.

For someone who is into, say, martial arts, running, swimming, or cycling, Winstrol allows you to develop strength without packing on a whole ton of extra weight that you will have to carry around on the racetrack or the Kumite mat. 

Using Winstrol by itself makes it easy to develop lean, strong muscle without packing on more mass than you’d like. Check out the best cutting cycles here.

End of Cycle Use

Winstrol Pills Couple Results

Many bodybuilders will actually use Winstrol at the end of a cycle.

This is because Winstrol does not create the water retention that you see from many other steroids like Anadrol.

When you use Winstrol caps, the only weight you gain is muscle.

This means that you can end a cycle and immediately take your “after” pictures, without waiting for your body to shed all that water weight.

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

Taking Winstrol can also be helpful at the end of a cycle because it can help you to retain muscle.

Although you don’t really want to use steroids all year round unless you are an advanced athlete, you can use Winstrol in the off-season to help keep the mass that you developed in the on-season.

This can be helpful if you want to keep everything you’ve worked for, but without a full steroid cycle.

When looking for Winstrol pills for sale, if buying online, it is a good idea to take the time to consider what you can afford to lose. It happens: Packages get lost in the mail.

Legal steroids are mistaken for something else. So don’t order a lifetime’s supply all in one go, order just enough, and wait for it to arrive before ordering more.

Unless you have some kind of sponsorship deal to cover it, that is.

How to Get Winstrol Results

Winstrol Pills Result

To get the best possible results from your Winstrol pills, take a trial run with Winstrol first.

See how it affects you. Make notes on which side effects, if any, you are experiencing.

Chart your progress, measure your arms and legs and chest, map out your mood.

If you like how you feel and the results you get after a couple of weeks on 10 mg every other day, up to your dosage.


Another way to make sure that you get the best results from your steroids is to hook up with somebody who can be your steroid coach.

It’s difficult to know exactly what you should be doing with Winstrol capsules based only on the information you get online or from bodybuilding books and magazines, but an experienced steroid user can help you to get where you’re going safely and quickly.

Although steroids get a bad reputation based on users who abuse the Winstrol pills and injections, the fact is that it’s totally possible to use steroids safely and effectively. 

The side effects can be managed, and in some cases, nearly eliminated.

The muscle growth can be gradual and safe.

The important thing is to set realistic goals and to put in the work.

Do your research, work hard, play it safe, and play it smart.

Winstrol Alternative

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