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Clen (Clenbuterol) is one of the most effective fitness supplements on the market today. It is used by professional athletes, bodybuilders, models, and actors all over the world. There is some controversy surrounding Clenbuterol because it is frequently miscategorized as a steroid. This is understandable because there is simply nothing in the world that can help you to develop muscle definition as rapidly and safely as Clenbuterol. Buy Clenbuterol online here.

What is Clen?


Among fitness professionals and competitive bodybuilders, Clenbuterol is more commonly known as ‘Clen.‘ It is considered a close cousin to Ephedrine because it is similar to Ephedrine in that it stimulates beta2 receptors. It is used primarily as a fat loss and fitness aid supplement. Because it has such powerful effects on the metabolism, its use is usually limited to cutting cycles. But it is not a steroid.

It does not alter hormone production – which is dangerous. It simply puts your metabolic system on overdrive, to make your workouts more effective and to burn energy stored as fat at an accelerated pace.

How Does Clen Work?

Clenbuterol works by stimulating the Central Nervous System in a similar way to caffeine, but it is more powerful and longer lasting. However, it does much more than just give the user a surplus of energy. It also boosts the mitochondria of the cells so that they produce more energy and more heat. Users feel warm and energized. It draws on the body’s fat reserves in a process called lipolysis where the energy stored in fatty tissue is broken down for use by the muscles.


Finally, as per its original medical use as a bronchodilator, Clenbuterol relaxes the smooth/involuntary muscles of the body. In so doing, it opens up the bronchial tubes allowing air to pass more easily in and out of the lungs.

What are the Benefits?

How To Take Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol cuts fat in four ways; first, by actively breaking up stored fat in the body, second by feeding those released calories to the muscles for use during workouts, third by causing cellular mitochondria to ramp up body heat, and fourth by suppressing appetite.

Clenbuterol boosts the user’s cardiovascular capacity by admitting more oxygen into the system and providing more fuel to the voluntary muscles. Users report enhanced endurance during their cutting cycles. This effect enables users to burn more calories during their workouts than they would be able to otherwise.

Possibly the most outstanding effect of this fitness aid is that it protects your muscle mass from breakdown while simultaneously eliminating fat. It does this by literally feeding your fat reserves to your nutrient-hungry muscle tissue so that the body does not go into its natural famine mode and start sacrificing muscle.

When you combine a full exercise regimen with Clenbuterol, you get the muscle-building effect of your workouts combined with the fat-shedding effect of the appetite suppressant without the normal muscle growth inhibitors. This is why people who use Clenbuterol see dramatic changes in their physique literally overnight. Check out the best Clen cutting cycles here.

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack

The fact is, there simply is nothing else that can be said to aid in weight loss and sports training in as many ways as Clenbuterol. There are many supplements with similar energy-boosting effects. But there are none to speak of that do it in more than one or two ways. There’s nothing that does more for your fitness than Clenbuterol. Outside of common sense diet and exercise, there simply isn’t much in the way of a better investment that you can make in your fitness regimen than to buy Clenbuterol.

Clen Precautions

It is important to understand the side effects of any non-food substance. But before we can discuss them we first have to cover a few things about the appropriate precautions. First, leading professionals advise using Clenbuterol for no more than 16 weeks out of the year. Beginners should use half the recommended dose (20-40mcg to begin and 160-180mcg at the peak) in case of special intolerance. Persons with heart conditions should refrain from using any stimulants, including Clen. Users should always dose conservatively, especially at the beginning.

Always be sure you have done your research before you buy Clenbuterol online. Reputable online store reviews will tell you about all the side effects and possible risk factors before you ever see an ‘add to cart button. Keep this in mind when looking for the best place to buy Clenbuterol. A reputable vendor will know of or be able to point you to possible risk factors.

Side Effects

Clenbuterol Gel Side Effects

Because Clenbuterol is such a powerful substance, there are some side effects that can result from careless use. When used improperly, there are both long and short-term side effects. Short-term effects may result regardless of how you use it and may or may not be a sign of danger. Short-term effects may include:

  • Nervousness/ restlessness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Palpitations
  • Tremors (shakiness in hands)
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Sweating

Short-term effects will generally vanish once the Clen has been eliminated from your system, and do not lead to permanent harm.

Long-term effects can result from overdosing, lack of rest, or prolonged use – all of which are to be avoided. Long-term effects may include:

  • Enlarged heart
  • Heart degeneration
  • Increased risk of bone fractures


Like any stimulant, long-term use and excessive doses of Clenbuterol can be damaging to your heart. This is why it is recommended to dose conservatively and to not exceed 8 two-week Clenbuterol Cycles per year.

Celebrities and Athletes who Have Used Clen

Zac Efron Transformation

While Clenbuterol is most commonly used among high-level competitive body-building circles, it has been called a trade secret among Hollywood celebrities, pop stars, top models, and anyone who understands the need to trim down quickly for a critical event such as an audition, competition, or premier. Some celebrities who have been known to use Clenbuterol are; Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, and Britney Spears. Some of the best-known athletes who have benefitted from Clen include; Mick Rogers, Lainer Bueno, Guillermo Mota, Jessica Hardy, and Katrin Krabbe.

There are really too many celebrities Clen users to mention here, and many more prefer to keep their supplement use privately. But there’s little doubt that such a high-profile list of Clen users indicates that when you buy Clenbuterol you can expect to see a real difference in your physique, fast results, and a trim look that will last.



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