Vitaly Steroids | Is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy On Steroids Or Natural?

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Vitaly Steroids

Vitaly Steroids

Is Vitaly on steroids or is he natural? Is it the most asked question these days?

Let’s find out the Vitaly steroids case, put Vitaly under the limelight, and explore is natural or on steroids.

Vitaly’s Background


This vitaly steroids article will be highlighting the current transformation of the prankster Vitaly from Vitalyyzdtv.

Vitaly is an American Russian born on (8th March 1992) and presently residing in the US.

Zdorovetskiy is famous for his youtube channel which has over 10 million fans.

He is a famous YouTube prankster and his crazy prank videos are very popular among people in a short time.

He has undergone body changes before nevertheless this time around he’s been able to draw the best nuisance.

His transformation turns all eyes on him and most people claim that this transformation can’t be achieved naturally which brings us to this Vitaly steroids article.

He claimed to be natural but this transformation has many questions on Vitaly steroids accusation, which brings us to investigate Vitaly steroids case.

People over the internet claim that “He’s basically used steroids and make people think he carried out this naturally”.

Let’s find out if is Vitaly on steroids or natural.

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Is Vitaly On Steroids Or Natural?


First look at the insane results in this before and after picture of Vitaly

The before and after results of Vitaly are completely insane.

You have to be a genetic freak to get these results naturally.

But when you look at them before the snap on Vitaly it seems to be completely normal with normal genetics just another guy in the town.

This type of transformation in a couple of years is next to impossible if not using any sort of steroids.

This brings us to claim something is fishy with this transformation, and all his claims to be natural might be false.

We personally believe there isn’t any method Vitaly is natural and it is difficult to achieve the body in a short period of time.

And his body screams Androgenic hormone or cycling clenbuterol with testosterone boosters and Dbol.

Gains Timeline


Gains timeline describes a cycle period where the person’s transformed his body.

And as we know there’s a massive difference between a natural and steroid gains timeline.

If we talk about Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, he very easily obtains close to 20Ibs muscle mass once he begins increasing weight.

Whereas it is impossible to achieve this type of massive results without using any sort of steroids.

Vitaly manages to get ripped and build pure solid muscle mass at the same time, and as a beginner, it is next to impossible.

Inherited genes perform an essential part in transformation, but they’ll stay towards the exact same dimension and barely build up some muscle through exercise and instruction.

However, Vitaly obtains a pure solid 30-50lbs muscle mass.

Vitaly quickly transformed his body regardless of the gene and body frame which also increase and became broad which is completely unnatural.

Vitaly is able to reduce body fat in an exceedingly short time period. He’d jacked in only a matter of months while getting muscle and getting bigger at the same time.

He has a typical weight in the off-season, he transformed like a beast and obtain right into an ideal form in a short period of time.

Traps n Shoulder


His traps and shoulders are big not just big it’s massive compared with other muscle gains.

This is the main muscle group to look at to find out if someone is on steroids or not.

You can see in the above-mentioned picture that his traps are pretty big and full. There is fullness in his muscle and the reason we think he is on steroids.

And his shoulder is also really big in fact his upper chest also shows some signs of steroids.

Basically, his upper body, like traps, shoulders, and upper chest is looking insane that’s why it’s possible that Vitaly is on steroids.

Training Style

If you follow his workout you will find he is not lifting heavyweight, he is just pumping and pumping his muscles and doing a lot of volume.

And we believe that to build muscle or to get ripped there is no natural way how he does these exercises.

You also need to focus on strength and it’s hard to recover from that much volume.

Whereas he does lots n lots of volume which is another thing pointing Vitaly is on steroids.


John skywalker who is also accused to be on steroids has trained vitaly.

You can find some of his videos on YouTube on his steroid cycle.

His training under the guidance of john skywalker makes his transformation questioned too and makes people believe that Vitaly is on a steroid cycle.

Flushed Skin


Also, notice the change in his skin tone, for a couple of years.

It is not that he got a little pink and it’s not a sun effect it is actually because of elevated body temperature.

In white men elevated body temperature turns their skin color pink or red.

Whereas in black men it raises skin tone a few shades darker.

Steroids tend to increase blood pressure in the body resulting in an increase in the testosterone level body.

This increase leads to elevated body temperature.

Are Steroids Used To Get Big Only

Many people believe that the use of steroids makes you only big, these people consider extreme conditions.

If you are an expert health and fitness professional you need to remain slim all through the season or vice-versa.

Or else someone with a better definition that suits the task will replace you.

This is the bigger task to change your body completely from bulk to ripped or vice versa in months.

Not all of us can get these results in a number of months.

It is only can be done if you are genetically gifted and that is why steroids were introduced.

Whereas there is a steroids family which works differently from one another, some of them help to build muscle.

Some steroids help to get ripped whereas, some promote strength and enhance the testosterone level in the human body.

Zdorovetskiy’s transformation shows he builds some muscle and cuts down body fat to its minimum level, at the same time, and manages to be beneath 200 lbs.

The truth is, lots of health and fitness professionals make use of one or more steroid cycles in their lifetime.

Simply because it’s very hard to keep the shredded entire body within months.

Final Verdicts

Based on the evidence it seems like Vitaly could be taking steroids.

Although he didn’t admit anywhere that he is on steroids or that he took once in his life to date.

But we can say he is natural either!! There is something fishy in his transformation

Vitaly’s Potential Steroid Stack?

In our opinion and the above signs of steroid use, Vitaly could’ve used Dianabol, an androgenic hormone, testosterone booster, or even Deca Durabolin with some cutting agent like clenbuterol.

Usually following operating a number of steroid cycles you will obtain close to 50lbs associated with lean muscle.

However, He just acquired 15 to 20 lbs.

Therefore, In our opinion, he just carried out a 1 or 2-cycle period, or even he utilized steroids alternative.

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