V-Tight Gel Review – My Own Personal Opinion On Vagina Tightening Gel

V-Tight Gel Review- Best Vagina Tightening Gel

Hello, my name is Lisa Rey and this is my review of the V-Tight Gel that I’ve been using for a few months now.

For those of you who don’t know, V-Tight Gel is a cream that makes the vaginal walls tighter which leads to a better sexual experience.

This is my review of the product, for the official website, click here.

If you’ve had kids, your vagina isn’t what it used to be. Sadly it’s a common issue once you have kids.

It happens to all of us, childbirth and hormonal changes change the condition of your vagina.

Vagina Tightening Gel produces less natural lubrication and the vaginal walls become loose which makes the sexual experience “not as good as before”.

It simply doesn’t feel same anymore.

What Does V-Tight Gel Do?


The V-Tight Gel is designed to lubricate and tighten your vaginal walls.

It improves the elasticity of the inside walls of the vagina. This means more fun in the bed.

Since good sexual life is important for any relationship this product can be great.

By rejuvenating the vagina your sexual life will improve and when you have fun in the sack it shows in your self-confidence and the intimacy of your relationship.

Well, this is what happened in my case.

I was very self-conscious knowing I couldn’t perform in bed like I used to.

My husband didn’t openly complain about it, but I just knew he was a bit disappointed.

I tried different over the counter products, but none seemed to help like I wanted to.

Heck, I even considered getting surgery but never telling anyone.

Thankfully V-Tight Gel works like a charm for me.

How Do You Know V-Tight Gel Actually Works?


From my experience and weekly use of 4 months, it has helped me regain every single time I remember.

I simply apply it about 20-15 minutes before going to bed and it hasn’t let me down since.

You get a slight tingly sensation down there, which I guess means it’s working.

After a few minutes, you should be able to feel the difference with your fingers, that’s basically it.

It’s very simple to use, though the effect wears off after a few hours.

Now I enjoy making love more and, not to mention, my husband is also very happy about the change.

It is pretty cheap compared to other solutions you get in a store or online. doesn’t leave any bad odor.

I recommend it to all women with the same problem.

That’s about it really.

What Do You Think Are The Pros & Cons?


  • Effective for most women, though some report minimal changes (talked with some friends of mine)
  • Cheap compared to other alternative solutions
  • Very simple to use just like any other topical gel
  • Safe & natural ingredients make it a low risk for allergies
  • No bad odor or scent


  • Not suitable for treating extreme cases
  • The price might be a bit too high for some people (you get what you pay for, they say)
  • The effects are temporary

Price & Ingredients

The price of one container is $39, but there are many packages where you can pay less if you buy more.

With the right bulk package, you can get a bottle for less than $20 which makes it quite affordable compared to similar gel products.

Additionally, with the gel, you receive a simple guide with Kegel exercises which complement the effects of the V-Tight Gel.

The exact ingredients are Water, (manjakani) fruit extract, arginine, leaf extract, sodium benzoate, sodium PCA and citric acid. None seem to be dangerous.


Are There Any Dangers Of Using V-Tight Gel?

In case you are allergic to any of the ingredients above there are no other risks of using this product.

It produces no odor or leaves any coloring.

From thorough research and usage of thousands of women, no side effects have been found.

How To Use Vagina Tightening Gel?

Since this is a topical gel you simply apply it with your fingers in the vaginal region and wait for it to start working.

Usually, it needs a few minutes to start working which then lasts for hours.

This way you have some maneuvering space of when you have intercourse.

Where To Buy Vagina Tightening Gel

The best offers are usually available at the official website where you can choose from different packages depending on your needs.


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