Trenbolone Only Cycle | Uses, Facts, Dosage, And Side Effects

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Trenbolone Only Cycle

Trenbolone is a versatile steroid used for bulking, cutting, strength and conditioning. It promotes muscle growth by increasing nitrogen retention and red blood cell production. Learn more.

Bodybuilders new to any use of Trenbolone, including a Trenbolone only cycle, should be aware that despite the words “only”, such use often refers to combinations of drugs for accelerated results.

Trenbolone is known, and respected, as one of the most potent anabolic androgenic steroids used by bodybuilders and athletes.

You can’t even get a prescription for it because it’s not meant for use on humans.

Trenbolone was used for medical purposes very briefly decades ago, but because of its potency, side effects often more than outweighed the benefits of use.

Before incorporating a Trenbolone only cycle into your physical enhancement efforts, know where it comes from, how it causes changes in the body, and how to use it as safely as possible.

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Trenbolone Only Cycle Recommendations

A Trenbolone only cycle doesn’t necessarily mean the Trenbolone is used all by itself.

It can be, but most often it’s combined with other drugs that either enhance benefits or potentially reduce unwanted side effects.

The term “trenbolone only” merely means that in many cases, it’s the only form of testosterone included in a stack – but not always.

A Trenbolone only cycle is commonly used for cutting phases, but again, expectations and goals are different among users. Some bodybuilders incorporate it into bulking phases as well.



When using Trenbolone alone, a common recommended dose is 50 mg a day. The cycle may last eight to 10 weeks.

Advanced users often use as high as 100 mg a day. This is not recommended due to the increased risk of side effects.

Some users prefer to take 100 mg every other day.

Some users, mainly advanced, combine other forms of testosterone to reduce estrogen-like side effects. Two of the most common are testosterone propionate or Dianabol.

The combination and the length of the cycle can determine when various substances are added to the cycle.

When combined with other forms of testosterone, a Trenbolone only cycle can last up to 20 weeks with the Trenbolone only added at about the midway point.

Potential users of Trenbolone can find a number of Trenbolone only cycle suggestions, stacks, and charts, which provide more detailed information on numerous bodybuilding websites and even Google image searches.

Trenbolone Facts

Tren Only Cycle

Trenbolone comes in a variety of forms including oral and injectable. Different esters attached to the synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid can affect potency as well as half-life.

Trenbolone in any form is rated as 500/500 by bodybuilders in regard to its anabolic and androgenic properties compared to testosterone, which is rated 100/100.

Two of the most popular forms of Trenbolone are:

  • Trenbolone acetate – more potent than Trenbolone enanthate, but has a shorter half-life
  • Trenbolone enanthate – not quite as potent as Trenbolone acetate, but has a longer half-life

Trenbolone acetate is most commonly found in a veterinary drug named Finaplix (as well as other brand names).


What is Finaplix?

Bodybuilder On Trenbolone

Finaplix is an implantable pellet that is inserted into a steer or heifer’s ear approximately 6 weeks prior to slaughter. The steroid promotes bulk and lean muscle mass in large animals.

For human use, the Trenbolone acetate pellets are ground down into a powdered form and combined with other solutions and formed into tablets or injectable products and then sold on the black market.

Trenbolone resists conversion from testosterone into estrogen (aromatization) but because of its potent androgenic properties, it still can affect not only hormone levels, but metabolic functions.

Trenbolone Only Cycle Side Effects

Trenbolone Only Cycle Results

Whether Trenbolone is used all by itself or combined with other drugs, which is common in a Trenbolone only cycle despite its name, a number of side effects are possible.

Trenbolone is an extremely potent steroid and can contribute to a number of serious side effects such as testicular atrophy.

The term ‘atrophy’ is commonly related to declining muscle mass and strength due to lack of exercise. The same applies to the testicles. Testosterone is manufactured in the Leydig cells inside the testicles.

When endogenous or body-produced testosterone is suppressed due to exogenous (outside of the body) testosterone applications, functions will slow down and eventually cease.

This can have an in influence on:

  • testosterone production
  • manufacture of sperm
  • sperm quality/motility
  • libido
  • fertility
  • sexual performance

Anabolic-androgenic steroids like Trenbolone can also impact other hormone levels including cholesterol.

One of the biggest dangers is increased levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and decreasing levels of the good cholesterol – high-density lipoprotein/HDL.

This imbalance with higher levels of the low-density lipoprotein contributes to plaque buildup inside the arteries, which can lead to an increased risk for blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.

Use can even contribute to neurodegeneration.

Before a Trenbolone only cycle, be prepared for side effects. While some side effects are temporary, others are chronic and can permanently damage organ and organ functions in the body.



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