Tren Cough | 6 Common Tren a Side Effects | How To Avoid It

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What Is Tren Cough

Trenbolone is a versatile steroid used for bulking, cutting, strength and conditioning. It promotes muscle growth by increasing nitrogen retention and red blood cell production. Learn more.

Various symptoms and side effects are prevalent with steroid or supplement use.

In the case of injecting trenbolone acetate, Tren cough is one of the more common experiences.

What Causes The Cough?

In order to understand why the cough is a common side effect, it is important to know more about the supplement and how it works.

Trenbolone acetate – or tren for short – is one of the more powerful steroids available.

It is often used with a number of other steroids, including:

  • Drostanolone
  • Methenolone
  • Oxandrolone

This anabolic steroid was first created in the 1960s and classified as a veterinarian-level anabolic androgenic steroid. Click here to visit our recommended supplier.

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‘Tren cough’ is unusual, but a widely experienced side effect of using trenbolone acetate.

It happens in a small number of injection users and the reasons for occurring in only one percent of users is unknown.

While uncomfortable and distressing in some instances, the hacking Tren cough lasts one or two minutes.

One theory about the origination of Tren cough is that it is an irritant effect caused by the injection.

The solution enters the bloodstream through a cut blood vessel from the injection site and creates a reaction in the lungs, forcing them with the urge to cough.

Most users experience a strong, hacking cough that goes away within a few minutes.

The risk of Tren cough seems to also relate to higher doses – the more of the steroid injected, the higher the risk for experiencing the side effect.

There are also common side effects found in trenbolone acetate, which are also found in other anabolic steroids including:

  • Insomnia
  • Night sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Coughing

As with any steroid use, the risk of side effects is rather high.

Trenbolone Acetate Benefits

Tren A Results

So, what’s the perceived benefit of taking trenbolone acetate?

Different supplements and steroids provide different effects, such as body fat loss or muscle mass increase. In the case of trenbolone acetate, it is thought to:

  • Increase muscle gain
  • Enhance strength

The ability to stack this steroid with other supplements also makes it appealing to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Users that stack steroids with trenbolone acetate find that it increases results over just using steroids individually.

It is recommended that you obtain a physical exam by a doctor before taking supplements of any kind to reduce the risk of severe side effects.

Dosage Information for Trenbolone Acetate

Though using steroids or supplements always come with some element of risk, many of the severe side effects come with users injecting too much of the supplements and not providing the body with ample cycles on and off.

The standard dose of trenbolone acetate is as follows:

  • Low – 35 to 150 mg daily
  • Standard – 50 to 100 mg daily

Those who are sensitive or new to steroids are best advised to start with a lower dose and increase slowly as needed.

How To Avoid Tren Cough

How To Avoid Tren Cough

Lower doses also reduce the risk of side effects, including Tren cough.

For those who want to see results with lower doses, stacking the trenbolone acetate with another anabolic supplement is recommended.

The average user injects between 50 to 75 mg of trenbolone acetate daily – this is fairly low in comparison with other anabolic steroid injections, partly because trenbolone acetate is one of the stronger supplements on the market.

Trenbolone acetate should be injected daily, as the half-life is one day. For those who want to inject a steroid less frequently, trenbolone enanthate is available but has a much lower active steroid at only 20 percent.

Due to the fact that trenbolone acetate is a veterinarian-grade steroid, human studies are limited. As with any steroid use, cycling on and off is important in order to give the body time to rest.

Extended steroid use past the recommended cycle times of six to eight weeks does not provide additional benefits, and in fact, can drastically increase the risk of side effects.

Those who are not in bodybuilding competitions could try a three-day injection schedule, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; however, by not using it over the weekend, blood levels could experience a slight dip between Friday and Monday.

User caution is required when determining the best steroid cycle for your personal or professional needs.

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