Testosterone Injections

Testosterone Injections | The Risk To Reward Ratio Explained

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections use is on the rise.  Testosterone is the primary male hormone that is responsible for a lot more than just a healthy sex drive in men.  This hormone affects a number of other factors within the male body including general health, body fat, muscle mass, bone density, cell, and red blood count as well as the overall mood.

The Endocrine Society believes that the so-called “normal” testosterone levels are between 301-1,000NG/DL.   If your blood test shows that your testosterone levels are below the “normal” levels, then your doctor might recommend the use of testosterone injections, which are a form of testosterone replacement therapy.

Typical Low Testosterone Symptoms

Typical Low Testosterone Symptoms

Often, low testosterone is caused by a medical condition called androgen deficiency.  According to the world-leading Mayo Clinic, men start to lose about 1% of testosterone per annum by the time they reach their 30s.  This rapid decline in testosterone production could sometimes indicate more serious health problems.

The most common symptoms of low testosterone include changes in the sex drive, impotence, decreased sperm count, depression as well as anxiety, excessive weight gain, and hot flashes.  Some men may notice shrinkages in their penis and testicles.  On rare occasions, men have experienced swelling of the breasts.

Benefits of Testosterone Injections

Benefits of Testosterone Injections

The idea behind testosterone injections is to help and regulate male hormone levels.  This may even include problems related to AD.  After undergoing testosterone injections, you may well experience and improved vitality.  For those men that suffer from more severe problems, testosterone injections will help to improve your general health.  Amongst the many potential benefits of using testosterone injections include an increased sexual desire, improved symptoms of ED, and increased sperm count as well as experiencing more energy throughout the day.

What about the “Anti Ageing” Claims?


A common mistake that many offers make when we self-diagnose a lot of the low testosterone symptoms is that we confuse them with being “a part of aging”.  A proper blood test carried out by a physician is the only accurate way in establishing whether your testosterone levels are where they should be.  In most cases, if your doctor establishes that you are indeed suffering from low testosterone, then he or she, more often than not, will recommend a dose of testosterone injections.

Testosterone Injections For Bodybuilding

Testosterone Injections For Bodybuilding

As a general rule of thumb, men tend to have less body fat than their female counterparts.   This is mostly attributed to testosterone, which dictates the fat distribution and muscle maintenance in the male body.  The moment your testosterone levels drop, you will instantly notice an increase in body fat, especially around the stomach area.  Furthermore, normal hormonal levels assist in regulating muscle growth.  In a lot of cases, testosterone injections can help to regulate the distribution of body fat, and it suffices to say you should not expect miraculous weight loss from testosterone therapy alone.  According to the Mayo Clinic, testosterone injections can increase muscle mass to a certain degree, but will not help to increase strength.

If fat is a major concern on top of wishing to increase your strength and testosterone levels, then it is recommended that you consider using a natural testosterone booster. To learn more about natural testosterone boosters, please click here

Changes to the Sperm Count


One of the most overlooked symptoms of low testosterone is a continually diminishing sperm count.  With the absence of “normal” testosterone production, sperm mobility can often slow down to a standstill.  This will no doubt cause you problems if you are trying to conceive.  If you are convinced that low testosterone is the most probable cause of your lack of ability to conceive, then instead of considering testosterone injections, natural testosterone boosters can help.  These supplements can assist couples trying to conceive because they will increase the sperm count, as well as the quality of the sperm.

Testosterone Injections Cost

One of the big “put off” factors of testosterone injections is the fairly hefty price tag which can vary from $150 all the way up to $400 per month! Usually, this price tagged will also include any monitoring that may be required by your doctor.  Your doctor will make sure that the testosterone injections are working as they should be.  Furthermore, any potential side-effects are usually picked up at this stage.

Our argument is…why should you undergo such an expensive treatment to help and increase your testosterone levels, where natural testosterone boosters can do exactly the same job and more… for a fraction of the price?

TestoGen Price

Testosterone Injections Side Effects

Testosterone Injections Side Effects

It is becoming a common occurrence that testosterone injections are being increasingly advertised to be the best solution for most age-related health problems in men.  However, it is important to take any risks involved into consideration when you are contemplating using testosterone injections.

It is not advisable to use testosterone injections if you have any of the following: heart disease, breast cancer, sleep apnea, prostate cancer, and a high red blood cell count which is a major contributor to heart problems.  According to the National Institute of Ageing, long-term exposure to testosterone therapy, in particular, testosterone injections can increase the risk of metastasis of any pre-existing tumors in the prostate area.

Testosterone Injections Dosage


The best way to find out if testosterone injections are suitable for you is for your doctor to undertake a thorough health examination, as well as a physical exam.  The lab tests will be specific in terms of being focused on measuring your testosterone. The Endocrine Society recommends that you undergo blood tests in the morning because that is when testosterone levels are likely to be at their most accurate.  You will also need to undergo tests to measure your red blood cells. This is done as a precautionary measure to ensure that you are not exposed to the dangers of increasing numbers of cells to dangerous levels.

However, these dangers are associated specifically with testosterone therapies, usually prescribed by your doctor.  But if you choose to use a natural testosterone booster, you will not be exposed to your T-levels rising to dangerous heights.

Conclution On Testosterone Injections

Yes, testosterone injections can be beneficial, but only in circumstances where you suffer a recognized medical condition that is restricting your testosterone production.  Despite the increasing number of clinics “popping up” everywhere, that go to great lengths to tell men to take testosterone injections to help improve all aspects of their lives, PLEASE do not fall for this “SCAM”.  The reason being that a lot of these clinics are unbelievably expensive and in a lot of cases, taking in extra artificial doses of testosterone may not actually help the situation if you are not actually suffering from this condition.

It is always better to focus on your nutrition, adopt an exercise routine, stop smoking and you will be sure that you will feel better, no matter what your age.  But if you are adamant that your testosterone levels are low, and you are not contemplating seeing your doctor about this problem, for whatever reason, then the best thing you could do is try out one of the many natural testosterone boosters available today.  These supplements will help to relieve your low libido, low energy, low drive, low motivation, excessive belly fat as well as your lack of ability to maintain concentration, which in some cases; can have devastating effects on successful careers.


Have you ever used a testosterone injection? If so, please share your experience with us by leaving your comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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