Super Anadrol Results VS Dianabol – Side Effects & Gains

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For individuals looking to put on serious muscle, Super Anadrol is an available supplement that should be considered. It does fall under the anabolic steroid category, which means it should be consumed carefully and not abused, otherwise, potential side effects can cause health problems.

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The drug itself is designed to treat aplastic anemia, although it has been found to stimulate muscle growth. The medication is also used in the veterinary world where vets may give it to smaller, older animals in order to boost appetite and improve strength and energy. For someone who wants to gain muscle, understanding more about Super Anadrol from reviews is a good start. Buy Anadrol online here.

How Super Anadrol Boosts Gains


Super Anadrol functions by improving metabolites and estrogen metabolites inside of the body when taken orally or via injection. It also takes advantage of a direct testosterone-binding aspect that grabs hold of fat and brain cells, reproductive tissues, and the skeleton mass of the individual using the drug.

With the combination of an increase in nitrogen inside of the body, it is able to boost the muscle protein status of the body. By doing this, the body is going to increase the amount of muscle tissue it generates after repairing torn and damaged muscle tissue following a weight workout.

A boost in nitrogen inside of the body allows for greater oxygen flow. This boost improves blood flow through the body while helping the body recover faster after a workout or following an athletic competition. Super Anadrol, also known as Androlic, also has a direct impact on the increase in bone minerals that can help avoid the breakdown of corticosteroids. In order to sustain this improvement to the muscle and skeleton building blocks, the person’s appetite is going to increase.


Super Anadrol in Sports


Due to the ease of use and the ability to boost recovery following a sporting event, Super Anadrol has become an extremely popular steroid used throughout the sporting world.

In fact, several surveys have been conducted regarding the steroid and it has been found to be one of the most popular steroids used throughout the sporting world. However, Anadrol is also on almost all of the major sporting communities’ banned substance list. Due to this, anyone who tests positive for the drug is stripped of their title/medals and is also disqualified from further competitions.

For someone who is interested in taking advantage of the Anadrol gains, it is important to look into any sort of guidelines put in place by a competition organization or committee in order to determine whether or not the substance is banned or if there is nothing listed about Anadrol.

Super Anadrol For Muscle Gains

Due to the boost in appetite and the overall complexion of the steroid, Super Anadrol is used specifically for boosting strength and improving muscle growth. It is not and should not be used by someone looking to obtain a lean look. Often times it is confusing to have the same medical benefits as DHT, but this is not the case at all. It is also important to not combine Anadrol with DHT, as the two can prevent one another from properly providing the desired benefits, which means a person may experience the negative side effects but not the positive attributes of Anadrol. Check out the best bulking cycles here.

Super Anadrol vs Dianabol


There is a common comparison made between Anadrol and Dianabol. Each is able to provide different benefits but it really just comes down to what someone is looking for and what sort of gains they are wanting. The majority of Anadrol users are heavy lifters and are looking to boost their strength and power with few side effects. Anadrol is a far more powerful steroid than Dianabol. The minimum amount of an Anadrol dose provides about double the power of Dianabol.

Super Anadrol provides a more massive build that is puffier than the leaner, cut look of Dianabol. Anadrol is all about size and performance and not necessarily the aesthetic look of the muscles. Dianabol provides fewer bloating side effects but doesn’t provide the same kind of size gains. All of this should be considered when determining whether or not to obtain Anadrol or Dianabol.

Super Anadrol Side Effects

The side effects of Super Anadrol are minimal in general when compared to other steroids on the market today like Deca Durabolin. The most common side effects include headaches, lower back cramps, acne, a bloated face, hypertension (blood pressure issues), and possibly liver problems after extensive use. Either way, it is important to cycle with Anadrol This way, a user can obtain the desired physical results and improve power for a given event or time of year, but they can also detox from the product after an extensive amount of time.


Taking Super Anadrol

As most reviews are going to point out, Super Anadrol is generally only taken in pill form. Now, there are some injection options out there, although these are not the typical preparation of the drug. As Anadrol is available for both human and veterinary reasons, the oral form is much easier to obtain.


For a man, they are usually going to have a dosage of around 50 to 100 milligrams per day, although it is also often combined with other kinds of bulking steroids at the same time. The additional steroids used with Anadrol are typically a testosterone booster or Deca Durabolin. For a woman, the amount is going to vary based on their weight and size desires, although it is a good idea to start out with a 10 MG dose per day and slowly build up from there in order to help the body adjust to having it in the system.

Anadrol should be taken twice a day with the daily dosage split up. This is because the half-life is nine hours. This way, it is possible to make sure the body continually has it in the system while staying on a cycle.

For someone shopping for Super Anadrol, it does go by other names. Some of these other names include A50, Anadrolic, Hemogenin, Oxymetholone, Oxyanabolic, and Anadroll, just to name a few.

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