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Side Effects Of Diet Pills

Here in this article, we will discuss “side effects of diet pills”, Despite the “side effect free!” banner most diet pill manufacturers raise above their products,

It’s actually not uncommon to experience some type of brief reaction to your diet pill–especially if this is your first go-‘round.

Don’t worry though, these side effects of diet pills are typically short-lived and only occur as your body gets used to the intense formula you’re ingesting daily.

As you read this article, know that you’re not alone in your irritated discomfort while taking a new diet pill and just as a 90’s boy band, this too will pass.

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Most Common Side Effects Of Diet Pills


It’s common to experience a slight headache as your body adjusts to the ingredients within your diet pill.

This is especially common if you’re taking a thermogenic or “metabolism booster” that is designed to raise your body temperature in order to burn more calories or a diuretic that’s supposed to get rid of “bloat” water weight.

In both instances, your body can become dehydrated and it’s vital that you drink plenty of water to avoid this side effect of diet pills.

A good rule of thumb for those who aren’t taking a diet pill is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. This is about 3-4 medium-sized water bottles.

So if you’re taking a diet pill, you should be drinking at LEAST this much plus 1-2 additional bottles of water.

You’ll be making more trips to the restroom but the headache you’ll be avoiding will be worth it.

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This is probably the most common side effect of diet pills that individuals experience when using diet pills for the first time or even if you’re simply revisiting them.

Although each ingredient in the diet pill you purchase has probably been deemed “safe,”

When they’re mixed they can definitely upset your stomach until you become used to the formula and the way it reacts with your body.

Nausea is nearly an inevitable part of taking diet pills (at least for the first 1-3 days), but the symptoms can be lessened if you take the pill with food.

Many diet pills recommend that you actually take them 30 minutes prior to eating so the formula has enough time to kick in and suppress yours.

But we recommend taking the pills with food for the first 3 days to lessen the effects of nausea.

Also, some diet pills are starting to incorporate ginger into their formulas to help battle this sense of nausea.

Ginger is a stomach-settling agent that soothes nausea and calms your system.

If you notice your nausea continuing after 3 days, we recommend discontinuing the product.

Heart-burn or Acid Reflux

Fat burners that contain capsaicin or cayenne or any form of spicy red pepper are famous for causing heartburn or acid reflux.

 Although these diet pills contain their ingredients within a capsule, the capsule often begins dissolving on the way down your throat and can lead to an uncomfortable burning sensation.

Avoiding this side effect is pretty simple however and involves taking the pill with plenty of water.

Most diet pills are directed to be taken with 8-16 oz. of water but we suggest drinking at least a full glass, if not more, to help the pill go down fast and dissolve in your stomach where it’s no danger.

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Don’t Be Deterred

Although these mild side effects of diet pills are common when taking any new compound.

They typically only occur in supplements that contain high amounts of powerful ingredients.

In fact, you should probably second-guess your diet pill if you don’t experience any of these side effects within the first few days.

However, it’s important that if these side effects of diet pills (or any others) persist longer than 3 days that you discontinue the use of the diet pill and consult your health care provider.

It’s especially important that you contact your doctor if you are currently taking any other supplements or medications.

Because it’s possible that the different pills you’re taking can interact negatively with each other and be causing a problem that’s much worse than headache, nausea, or heartburn.

If you’re in it for the long haul, don’t let these side effects of diet pills stop you from using your supplement until it’s finished.

The above-mentioned side effects of diet pills are temporary and are usually worth the weight loss you’ll experience if you stick it out past the first few days.

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