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Should I Start Cutting?

If you have to ask yourself “Should I Start Cutting” the answer’s probably yes…

This is the question I often ask myself after a long dirty bulk where I’ve gained more rolls than a bakery.

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This is when it’s time to start cutting:

  • People are commenting that you’ve gained weight (but this isn’t in an observation-kind of way, you’ll literally hear the negativity in their voice like a subtle “you’re getting fat”.
  • Summer is coming. If it’s a few weeks away, it’s not very motivating to start cutting because you won’t have enough time. However, if it’s over a month away, you can look considerably better in this time frame. If you’ve got more time, even better. Nothing’s more depressing than being on the beach after a bulk with ripped dudes left, right and center.
  • You’re starting to let yourself go (a bit). Your beards grown a bit out of hand, you’re not taking much pride in how you dress or look and your girlfriend is the first to notice. You’ll tell yourself you look rugged, but in reality, you’ve gained fat and you are off your game. You’ve got a little sloppy/complacent with looking after yourself and even shower less often…it happens to the best of us, but now it’s time to get your A-Game back bro.

How Should I Start Cutting

As a rule of thumb, as soon as I get to 15% body fat – I start cutting again. It’ll take me about 20 weeks to get back down to 7% body fat, then I’ll bulk up again.

Generally, at the end of bulk, you don’t want to cut because you enjoy eating amazing (naughty) foods on a daily basis, and equally, at the end of a cut, you don’t want to bulk because you look fuc*ing insane when you’re shredded.

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Welcome to the psychological mind-fu*ks of bodybuilding.

You’ll also create an excuse to stop yourself from starting a cut.

Ah, I’ll lose muscle!!!

My strength will go down!?!

…None of these actually happen if you do a cut properly.

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So how Should I Start Cutting without losing strength and/or muscle?

Do it slowly.

If you want to lose fat fast AND keep your hard-earned muscle, forget it.

Cutting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Muscle loss is inevitable if you have 2 weeks until your summer holiday and you want to go from chubby to ripped. Instead, give yourself a lengthy period of time to cut, assuming you need to lose a considerable amount of fat.

As a rule of thumb, for every 1% of body fat you need to lose, it’ll usually take around 2 weeks of eating in a small calorie deficit (500 less than maintenance calories).

The key to cutting is to remain disciplined and consistent over several months.

You don’t have to go on a low-calorie diet during your quest for six-pack abs. It’s often surprising seeing just how much food fitness models shovel down a few days prior to a competition, where there around 4% body fat.

For those of you who are on Facebook/Instagram and follow your favorite athletes, you’ll be aware of this.

Reasons to Start Cutting NOW…

  • You’ll look bigger. It actually doesn’t make sense when people are worried about losing size from a cut, because, in reality, you end up looking bigger (assuming you do it slowly/retain muscle). What looks better: a cut 15-inch arm with definition and veins or a 16-inch fatcep with no definition or vascularity.
  • Everyone will worship you. When an average joe who doesn’t lift sees a guy at 7% body fat and ripped abs, their jaw generally hits the floor. And generally if you’re higher than 14% body fat, they’ll associate your size with being fat – not the fact you’re actually muscly underneath it all. That really cuts deep, doesn’t it?
  • Otherwise, you’ll stay the same size. By cutting, you can bulk again. Who’s going to bulk up and put on size when they’re already 20% body fat? No one…who wants a gf. But if you get down to single digits, you then have the option to bulk again and add even more mass – boom.
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