Over The Counter Steroids (Ultimate Guide 2022)

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If you have been using sports nutrition supplements for any amount of time, then you are probably aware of their limitations. They cannot work miracles. Although many of them are billeted as being the next new wonder pill, they usually provide very little in the way of sterling results. Over the counter steroids, however, will almost certainly give you fast results.

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That is only if you’re able to get a hold of some, however. These days lots of fitness buffs are going into GNC, Walmart, and the Vitamin Shoppe and asking the help if there are any over the counter steroids that are legal. Buy steroids online here.

OTC Steroids For Bodybuilding

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After a casual survey of a number of these places, we found that when asked about legal over the counter steroids, most of the employees would just plainly state that they haven’t got anything of the kind. Those who were unsure said they would have to check with a manager.

After this, a careful walk-through around these stores made it pretty clear that, unless they were hiding illegal steroids in the back room, these places weren’t selling any.

Why Don’t Stores like GNC sell OTC Steroids?

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The answer is simple. Stores like GNC do not sell steroids because steroids cannot be sold legally without a prescription from a doctor- and GNC is not a pharmacy. Plus, even if they were a sort of pharmacy, stores like GNC would not be able to sell anabolic steroids because these drugs have been banned in the US since 2001.

As you might suspect, there are a large number of products available which are marketed as over the counter steroid alternatives. To be clear, these are not steroids. Should it turn out that any of them actually have steroid content they will almost certainly be pulled off the shelves the moment the FDA discovers that something has slipped by their radar. Most of these supplements are only simple mass gainers, protein shakes, and amino acids.

Many of the companies that produce these products do a good job of marketing them as legal anabolic steroids. The following are examples of some that GNC calls the closest thing to legal over the counter steroids.

GNC’s Professional Performance: AMP Amplified Mass XXX

This product is little more than a powder containing an enormous amount of protein- about 50 grams in each serving. It’s also jam-packed with other standard muscle gain supplements such as creatine, L-arginine, Beta Anhydrous, L-Methionine, and L-Glycine. Representatives of the brand claim that the overwhelming majority of people who use this product achieve terrific results with it.

User reviews of over the counter steroids on forums and blogs from people who actually consume AMP themselves say that they are happy with the results. They claim the supplement helps with recovery times, faster gain, and better energy levels. A few complained about acne, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and difficulty swallowing this very unpleasant-tasting stuff. It was also pretty expensive. A 6-pound drum costs just shy of 80%. Although there are a number of discounts on offer for this stuff, it’s still pretty pricey.
Our next example of an over the counter steroid alternative is;

Optimum Nutrition: Pro Complex Gainer

This “alternative steroid” has been aggressively marketed as a weight gainer and mass gainer. Unlike AMP, it contains many different ingredients, so many in fact that they cannot be listed here without reserving a second domain name. The massive list of ingredients is meant to provide essential nutrients, carbohydrates, and amino acids with the idea that this will give users a huge burst of energy before and after workouts.

Most of the reviews on this product were positive. It should be noted, however, that Pro Complex Gainer would not help those who take it to trim down. It is strictly a mass and muscle gainer. It’s priced at Just under $140 for the 10-pound bag. Ouch!

Legal Over The Counter Steroids

That being the case, there are still a number of sites that state pretty confidently that there are, in fact, several legal over the counter steroids that anyone can get their hands on. Most steroids have approved medical uses, (a few do not), and if sought by the right type of person for the right reason- can be had more or less legally over the counter.

Some examples include steroids for inflammation, asthma, back pain, hives, (and other skin conditions), and occasionally medically necessary steroids for weight gain. If you’re looking to use these for bodybuilding, you might have a hard time doing so as these steroids are embedded within other substrates such as a pill (that is mostly not steroids) or in the form of an asthma inhaler. These will not take you very far on your journey to the Mr. Universe competition.

These legal over the counter steroids contain far too few anabolic steroids in them to be useful for performance enhancement purposes.

Bulking Cycle

Anabolic Steroids vs Prohormones

The fitness supplement industry defines prohormone as a substance that converts into a steroid by the time it has entered the bloodstream. Traditional steroids are steroids in their original form. So the question is, “What’s the difference”. To begin, the medical community has a different definition of prohormones. They say there is no difference between a steroid and a prohormone. This is because both are anabolic in the body.

This confusion has led many consumers to believe that prohormones are not steroids at all. It has led others still to believe that they are legal steroids. The ongoing arms race between the medical community and the rhetoric of fitness supplement merchants has led people to be exposed to a lot of conflicting information, some good- some bad, and still wondering What is the difference between legal and illegal steroids?


So whether you’re buying over the counter steroids or prohormones, the fact remains that no matter what your vendor is telling you, there is a good chance that you are in possession of an illegal controlled substance.


Are There Legal Steroids?

If you’re looking to use over the counter steroids for muscle gain or performance enhancement, the answer is no. There are no legal avenues to use over the counter steroids to help you to win bodybuilding competitions. The truth about legal steroids is that they only exist for medical uses and in doses that would not satisfy a bodybuilder. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you’re in the market for an anabolic steroid, we’re not here to tell you whether that’s right or wrong. What we are saying is that you should realize that you are taking a risk.

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