Mike Tyson Steroids | How To Tell If Mike Tyson Used Steroids?

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How To Tell If Mike Tyson Used Steroids?

It can be tricky figuring out which athletes have used steroids and which have stayed off them. The Mike Tyson steroids story is no different, did he actually use steroids?

The stigma surrounding steroids and the penalties that professional athletes can incur for getting caught ensure that we never really get the full story unless they actually get caught and suspended.

The WWE claims that none of their performers use steroids but when you consider that Vince MacMahon went from a frail old man to a rippling beefcake in less than a year, it’s easy to ask “really”? Buy steroids online here.

Mike Tyson Steroids

Mike Tyson Steroids

Mike Tyson’s physique is unique in the boxing world. Note the six-pack abs he boasted in his prime. It’s actually quite rare to see a boxer with such a lean, toned body. These guys work out for speed and strength, not necessarily to look great. Six-pack abs look fantastic, but they offer no functional advantage to a boxer except of course the fact that lower body fat means greater agility.

It’s hard to get precise, verifiable facts on Tyson’s 80’s/90’s body fat percentage, but most would estimate somewhere between 8% and 11%. Likewise, it’s difficult to be sure what his workout routine consisted of or what types of steroids he might have used, as the information that we have to go on was released through his management, and those guys’ job is to spin a good story more than it is to help bodybuilders out there get a body like Mike.


Mike Tyson’s Daily Fitness Routine and Diet

According to the official release, however, he would wake up at 5 am for a three-mile bed, shower, and go back to sleep until 10 am, where he would have oatmeal, then at noon, he’d do ten rounds of sparring, followed by a 2 pm lunch of steak, pasta, and fruit juice. At 3 pm, more ring work, an hour on the exercise bike, then 2000 sit-ups, 500 dips, 500 push-ups, 500 shrugs with a 60lb barbell, and ten minutes of neck exercises. Was Mike Tyson using steroids each day as well?

After this, he’d have more steak and pasta at 7 pm, then 30 minutes of biking at 8 pm, and finally, watch some TV and hit the hay. His diet consisted almost entirely of carbs and protein, eating steak and pasta twice a day. It’s safe to assume that he probably had some supplements now and then, vitamins, protein shakes, etc. in addition to this simple diet.

Although this information is probably not super precise or factual, whatever he did do probably had about the same effect as this routine. His bone structure and plenty of protein allowed him to maintain a strong, heavy physique without the need for much in the way of weight training.

Did Mike Tyson Use Steroids?


The strongest evidence that Iron Mike Tyson steroids are that he used to carry a “Whizzer” with him to drug tests. Knowing that he once got fined $200,000 when he tested positive for marijuana, it’s possible that he just liked to get high, but given his determined, play-to-win mindset, it’s unlikely that he wouldn’t have, at least, experimented with steroids.

Whether or not he used them regularly, we can only speculate that, if he found them to be effective, then he probably wouldn’t have stopped using them unless the side effects became too pronounced. More recently he has been quoted as saying that if he were fighting today, he’d probably use growth hormones in order to keep pace with the other athletes out there, because his mentality is to “be the best,” no matter how. Check out the best bulking cycles here.

Which Steroids Would Tyson Have Used?

In any event, if Mike Tyson had not used steroids, he would have approached them from a very practical, results-oriented perspective. He likely would have taken AnadrolDianabol, or Trenbolone for size and strength. It’s safe to suppose that he wouldn’t have had any moral hangups about using steroids if that’s what it takes to win.

We knew less than we do now about managing the side effects of steroids, and that might have turned him off of them, but that probably would have been the only reason he might have avoided them.

Although the above-listed workout plan might have been something put together by his press team, he has gone into detail saying that he generally avoided weight training, going for floor exercises and self-resistance, instead. He claimed that his famous punching power came primarily from working with the heavy bag, in particular, strengthening the hips.

How Much Can Mike Tyson Bench Press?

If you look at Mike in his prime, he wasn’t top-heavy like many bodybuilders, his muscle mass was evenly distributed. He had huge shoulders, but his legs looked like he could kick a truck over. This doesn’t mean that he couldn’t hit incredible weights in the gym, though. When Tyson was just 13, he could bench press 225lb. for ten reps. Because he wasn’t much of a lifter, the Mike Tyson bench press max is unknown.

If you’re wondering how much can Mike Tyson bench press now, it’s worth noting that he does stay in shape. He’s not one of those athletes who just let it all go when he retired. Check him out in the Hangover movies or the documentary made about him a few years ago. He may not be pro anymore, but he’s still nobody you’d want to run into in a dark alley.


For Mike Tyson steroids would have been just another training tool. We can’t verify one way or another that he did or did not take steroids, but he probably wouldn’t have written them off as an effective path to strength. All we have is speculation, but one does have to wonder if, even with Tyson’s incredible bone structure, he would have been such a beast with nothing but floor exercises and jogging.

Even more so than steroids may have, Tyson’s physique probably owes largely to the fact that his workout routine was seven days a week. If he wasn’t in the ring, he was probably exercising. Even with steroids, you’ll only get where you’re going through dedication and hard work. For Mike Tyson steroids may have been used, but either way, his body was a testament to determination above all else.

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