Mickey Rourke Steroid Accusations For The Wrestler – Are They True?

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Written By Jonathan Deventer

Mickey Rourke Steroids Accusation

It is rumored that Mickey Rourke took steroids for his 2008 film The Wrestler.

At best, there is only speculation and assumption as proof that Rourke did steroids.

Who truly knows whether he took performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) or not?

Presented herein is the available evidence.  Buy legal steroids online here.

Mickey Rourke Steroids

Who Is Mickey Rourke and did he do steroids?

Born Philip Andre Rourke, Jr. on September 16, 1952, is an actor, screenwriter and former boxer.

One movie on his impressive resume was Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

Married and divorced twice, Rourke attributes his sanity to his dogs, of whom he says “the dogs were there when no one else was there”.

He attributes his acting comeback to his agent, David A. Unger, his psychiatrist, and his priest, “Father Pete”. Friends say he is a devoted Catholic.

Rourke’s filmography begins in 1983 with Diner, for which he won an award. It continues until his last film in 1991 for Wild Orchid, for which he was nominated as the Worst Actor.

His boxing career took off about then. It would be 14 years before he would return to the silver screen acting in Sin City in 2006. He continues to film today.

Did Mickey Rourke Do Steroids?

While there are articles claiming that Rourke did not use steroids in The Wrestler, there are just as many that said he did.

Some say he admitted to using steroids in his boxing years. In the year or two following the movie’s release, Rourke coyly avoided any mention of steroids and the movie in the same sentence.

Articles published as recently as 2015 indicating his performance enhancing drug use during the movie:

  • An article in Sports on Earth, dated May of 2014, stated that Rourke said he had used steroids for his role in the movie.
  • Hollywood Reporter in 2013 published an article saying the same.
  • The Taylor Hooton Foundation published a blog in August 2015 reiterating his use of steroids.
  • A 2015 article from Modern Health Monk dealt with actors bulking up for action pictures or comic book hero pictures. Mention of Rourke was in the article.

As far as being arrested, Rourke has only been arrested for spousal abuse and driving under the influence, not for drug abuse.


What Specific Steroids Did Mickey Rourke Use?

Since most steroid use is illegal, it stands to reason there would be no mention of the specific brand names that Rourke used.

It is possible that he used testosterone.

It is a naturally occurring hormone in both male and female bodies.

The hormone helps build muscle, keep the body lean, as well as fighting off disease and enhancing cognitive function.

Most bodybuilders use long-ester based testosterones like Testosterone-Enanthate for the off season. During the contest season, he will possibly use shorter ester based testosterones such as Testosterone-Propionate.

Human growth hormone is also naturally produced in the pituitary gland. It strengthens tissue and is instrumental in cell growth and regeneration. This hormone enhances the testosterone hormone and its uses.

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Did Mickey Rourke Use HGH?

It is possible he used HGH as well.

HGH may mimic testosterone, but in reality, it supports and enhances what testosterone does:

  • HGH improves muscle strength, enhancing performance
  • The hormone aids in weight loss and the gain of lean body mass
  • It helps bones become stronger
  • It aids in the reduction of heart disease
  • Cognitive function is increased
  • May help with sleep

It is easy to see why bodybuilding pros and actors like Mickey Rourke would take these hormones to bulk up. They are natural and they do good things for the body other than weight loss and muscle gain.

Are Any Other Steroids Used?

Trenbolone is one of the drugs of choice if one wants to massively bulk up. On the other hand, the steroid cancels out the user’s natural testosterone and ramps up aggression.

Equipoise, alternatively, doesn’t do those things. The steroid is even tolerated well in female athletes. Although Equipoise is not touted for its aid in gaining huge muscle mass, it does increase strength and muscle tissue.

As a very popular alternative, Durabolin, or NPP, is made of nandrolone, a hormone everyone produces in their bodies. Nandrolone aids the muscles in retaining nitrogen. Red blood cell counts as well as hemoglobin increase.

The hormone helps the structures of all these things as well. These are the building blocks of muscle tissue increase, preserving the muscle tissue already there, and improve performance.

If Mickey Rourke had taken steroids, these are among the choices he had.

But not all actors take PEDs. For example, Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill used all-natural ingredients under the direction of his trainer Mark Twight.

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