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LeBron James Steroids

LeBron James

Nobody should be surprised to see headlines in newspapers, sports magazines, and blogs stating, “Lebron James Uses Steroids.”

But is there any evidence that supports these claims?

The hall of Fame-bound player is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

When he entered the professional ranks in 2003 at the tender age of 18, many thought he would fail.

How could a “kid” survive in the rough and tumble NBA, they wondered?

Well, It did not take long for “the King” to assert himself as a bona fide celebrity athlete.

Yet, with success comes controversy and Lebron James is not immune. People began linking the athlete to steroids almost from the start.

Lebron James Steroids Suspicions

LeBron James Natural

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People may question Lebron James steroids use because of his amazing physique.

After all, here was a young man, just out of high school, who was able to push around his elders.

Moreover, though he has aged and suffered various injuries, James still remains a force to be reckoned with.

Did he use steroids? Nobody really knows if Lebron James has used steroids.

Unless James admits to the use or a credible source comes forth, such as Anthony Bosch, the issue will remain in doubt.

What are people saying about Lebron James steroids?

One blogger listed many of the known side effects of regular steroid use. These include an increased level of aggression, disrespectful behavior, poor decision making, depression, and hair loss.

He then posted videos of James exhibiting all of these behaviors and photos of his well-known premature balding.

Sure, the whole blog post was humorous, but it also got readers thinking. How could James fit every single description of a steroid user and not be one?

Another blogger took a more nuanced approach. He began by quoting star Derrick Rose, of the New York Knicks, who admitted that the league is full of players who take performance enhancing drugs.

Rose made it seem as if basketball is where baseball was a few decades ago when drug use was a serious problem.

Remember baseball slugger Sammy Sosa? He took performance enhancing drugs because he felt he needed them to keep hitting the ball out of the park and his stats up. His famous home run derby with Mark McGuire, another known drug user, is often referred to as the “steroid derby” now.

Many athletes use performance enhancing steroids to gain an edge over the competition. All of this means that the sports world is not impervious to star athletes using drugs. Think about how long A-Rod was suspended? The pressure drives these stars to take illegal substances.

NBA Drug Testing

The bloggers make a good point. Although the NBA tests for testosterone and other steroids, it does not check for Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

And, regardless of what drugs the league looks for, high-paid athletes will always find a way around the system.

Military personnel, truck drivers, and others who get drug tested can find ways to continue using without getting caught. Imagine how someone who has millions of dollars at their disposal can beat the system?

Many feel there is no way a drug test would be able to catch Lebron James using steroids unless he gets sloppy.

Some of the top minds in medicine work for the infamous labs, such as Biogenesis of America, that produce steroids that are virtually undetectable.

Bill Simmons of ESPN Makes Accusations

bill simmons

Popular ESPN sports reporter Bill Simmons is officially off the Lebron James bandwagon. He is fairly certain that the celebrity athlete is a steroid user.

Simmons made his national accusations after James took two weeks off early in the 2015 season. Things were not going well for the Cavaliers or James. Then, after returning from his hiatus, James played with renewed abilities. He was slam dunking like a madman.

The “young” Lebron was back, scoring nearly 30 points, snagging six rebounds, and helping with six assists each night. What happened?

Simmons believes there is only one logical conclusion. James is a steroid abuser.

Does Steroid Use Matter?

bulking ans cutting steroids

Some people say it is no big deal if Lebron is using performance enhancing drugs.

Basketball is basically a non-contact (or limited in the case of the NBA) finesse sport. If this were football, then whether someone is using steroids would be of concern.

These sports fans believe that steroids are of no benefit to basketball players. Shooting the ball as well as James does, usually, around 50 percent accuracy, does not require strength.

Being too strong can actually make shooting worse, not better. Shaquille O’Neal, whose physical strength is legendary, could never master the simple foul shot, for example.

So, is Lebron James a Steroid User?

Ultimately, it is probably unfair for sports commentators to make such accusations about Lebron James.

Just because someone appears stronger than they previously did not mean they are taking enhancement drugs. James could just be working out more than ever. His hair loss could be purely hereditary.

Nevertheless, “Lebron James steroids” will remain a popular conversation topic for years to come, even after the superstar retires.

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