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Kai Greene Natural or Steroids

Have you ever wondered if Kai Greene is a completely natural bodybuilder or uses steroids?

It’s a common and consistent question asked of most professional bodybuilders.

Their physiques are beyond what most of us can imagine, and can almost look unreal.

But there are also natural bodybuilders who swear off steroids and figure out how to maximize what they naturally have.

So making assumptions can be a slippery slope. We’re going to take a look at Kai Greene’s history and try to get an idea of what his workouts include.

Does Kai Greene Take Steroids?

Kai Greene is most widely known as an IFBB pro bodybuilder, most recently winning the 2016 Arnold Classic.

He has been competing since 1994, with his professional debut in 2005.

He has won 11 of his 26 professional competitions.

He has placed 2nd or 3rd in nine others and has not placed below third since the 2010 Mr. Olympia.

All of this begs the question, did he use steroids?

Is Kai Greene Natural


It’s important to note that Kai Greene has maintained from the beginning of his pro career a stance that he does not use steroids.

In one early interview, he mentioned that it was important to him to be a steroid-free bodybuilder but he didn’t want the natural ‘smaller’ look.

While this may sound obvious, Kai Greene’s sheer size is usually what gets people talking. He weighs up to 285 pounds in-season, and as much as 310 pounds in the off-season.

This alone doesn’t sound like a big deal when talking about a bodybuilder or even a professional football player, for example.

But Kai Greene is only 5’8″ tall, making it a remarkable amount of weight and muscle on such a relatively smaller frame.

Some noticeable physical attributes also raise some questions about whether he is natural or not, such as a large/distended (but muscular) belly. This is a symptom of HGH (HGH gut) and insulin.

The large, 3D-like shoulders and traps are also typically seen on steroid users.

However, a large belly can also develop from eating massive quantities of food.

Someone of Kai Greene’s size and training volume may eat up to 10 meals a day when on a bulking cycle. Shorter-statured men are also considered more prone to pronounced bellies.

A quick search online will pull up articles on his diet and even videos of him eating like this one, where he spends $90 at IHOP, which is typically a cheap place to eat.

Every bodybuilder will say the same thing when it comes to putting on weight and muscle: you have to eat. A lot.

A bodybuilder like Kai Greene is not eating simply for nourishment and to get through the day. In fact, for Kai Greene, eating a lot is part of his job.


Kai Greene Workout

Kai Greene follows a slightly different workout plan than most bodybuilders.

He believes this is what allows him to bulk up and compete with those using steroids.

Common knowledge when it comes to weight lifting is that heavier weights and fewer reps force your muscles to grow.

Kai believes from his own experience that higher volumes using lighter weights actually maximize his muscle growth.

He works out 5 days a week (working his back twice a week) and does 3-4 high-rep sets for each exercise.

Kai Greene Diet

Even more important at this point is his diet. Kai needs to eat enough to generate enough energy to not only get through his workouts but to also allow his muscles to grow as much as possible.

In the off-season, his meals are strictly measured for protein and fat. Five meals a day is typical, with chicken, tuna, cod, and steak comprising three of the meals.

Pre-competition, Kai Greene will switch to 7 meals per day and leaner proteins. Instead of 5 oz portions of meat or fish, he’ll increase to 16 oz five times per day in addition to his protein shakes.

The amount of food he eats forces his body to get larger and put on weight. The intense and focused workouts make sure that extra weight is in muscle and not fat.

The combination of higher reps lifting sessions and a massive diet has forced his body to grow and develop into what he looks like now. But Kai also preaches a mind-body connection when it comes to training.

His higher rep training sessions allow him to develop this connection between mind and body, he claims. Having that connection allows him to train and refine his muscles to their potential.

Kai also believes in training his body parts from weakest to strongest. That order allows him to work on his weaker areas when he is most energetic and alert.

Given his beliefs about the mind-body connection and his outward position that he wants to be all-natural, it’s unlikely that Kai Greene has used steroids.

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