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What Steroids Did Jose Canseco Admit to Using In “Juiced”?

Jose Canseco steroids use has been all over the news in the past, particularly after he wrote the book, Juiced.

This Cuban-American and twin brother to Ozzie Canseco played in the MLB for years and he would later go on to admit that he used steroids while he was playing.

He later went on to compete in mixed martial arts and boxing.

Those who have read the Juiced Jose Canseco pdf are familiar with his claims of rampant steroid use within the MLB, and here is a closer look at his life, his career in baseball, and his infamous book, JuicedBuy legal steroids online here.

Jose Canseco Steroids

Jose Canseco never mentioned which steroids he actually used, but it could have been Winstrol, Primobolan, and Testosterone.

If it were today, he might have chosen Cardarine and other SARMs.

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He started out in minor league baseball, playing with the Idaho Falls A’s, the Madison Muskies, the Modesto A’s, and the Medford A’s.

What position did Jose Canseco play? He played outfield during his career but was most well-known for his home runs and his steals.

During the 1985 season, he got started with the Class AA Huntsville Stars and quickly gained the nickname of “Parkway Jose,” after doing 25 long home runs that nearly went to the Memorial Parkway behind the Joe Davis Stadium in just half a season.

He went on to win the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award in 1985.

Jose Canseco Baseball Career


His MLB career got started in 1985 when the Oakland Athletics drafted him in the 15th round.

He debuted in the MLB on September 2, 1985, and when he went to bat in the game against the Baltimore Orioles, he struck out.

However, just a few days later he would get his first MLB hit against the New York Yankees and he hit his first home run a couple of days later against the Texas Rangers.

We don’t know if Jose Canseco used steroids this early in his career.

The year 1986 was Jose’s first full season in the major leagues, and he established his career that year.

In fact, he was named the American League’s Rookie of the Year that year with stats of 117 RBIs and 33 home runs. Mark McGwire joined the Athletics in 1987, hitting 49 home runs in one year.

McGwire also was named the Rookie of the Year for the American League, and McGwire and Canseco were quickly dubbed the “Bash Brothers.”

Jose Canseco And Roger Clemens

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: New York Yankee pitcher Roger Clemens throws against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the first inning on 25 September 2001 at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, New York, NY. The game was the first played at Yankee Stadium since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center 11 September 2001. AFP PHOTO/Matt CAMPBELL (Photo credit should read MATT CAMPBELL/AFP/Getty Images)

Canseco went on to play with the Texas Rangers in 1992, and in 1995, he started playing with the Boston Red Sox.

Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens played together during this time, and eventually, he would play with Mo Vaughn on the Red Sox team.

In 1997, Jose was traded to the Athletics again, where he reunited with Mark McGwire, and then he signed a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1998.

In his final seasons, he spent time with the Tamp Bay Devil Rays, the New York Yankees, and the Chicago White Sox, and he chose to retire in May of 2002, although he later attempted a comeback very briefly.

Throughout his career, Canseco won multiple awards and had many incredible highlights.

At one time, he was the Latino player home run leader, although other Latino players, such as Sammy Sosa and David Ortiz, would later surpass him. He’s ranked 35th on the MLB all-time list for the 462 home runs he hit during his career.

He won the Silver Slugger award four times and he’s one of only 11 players within the history of the MLB that had 200 stolen bases and 400 home runs.

Unfortunately, none of this would have been possible for Jose Canseco without steroids.

Jose Canseco Juiced


Often called the “Bad Boy of Baseball,” Jose Canseco shocked many people when he released his book, Juiced, which was an account of his and other MLB stars’ use of human growth hormone and anabolic steroids.

Jose Canseco’s steroid use became common knowledge with the release of this book, and his book also claimed that steroids were used widely across players within the MLB.

In fact, his book named a lot of names, including some well-known, superstar players like Mark McGwire. He didn’t mention Ken Griffery Jr, but there’s speculation that he did it too.

After the release of this book, some of the players named in the book were actually called to testify before Congress about the use of steroids in baseball.

According to Canseco, he never would have been able to play in the major leagues if he did not use steroids.

While he did not recommend that people use human growth hormones or steroids, he did comment that steroids could take an average athlete and turn them into a super athlete.

After writing the book talking about Jose Canseco’s own steroids use, Canseco quickly found himself on the hot seat.

Many of the players he said used steroids while in the MLB have vehemently denied his allegations and some have gone as far as to call him a liar.

Canseco feels that he could have never accomplished what he did within the MLB without the help of steroids.

Considering he had a 40-40 season, he hit 600-foot home runs, and he ran 4-340s in his career.

He also felt that some of his success was a psychological effect of taking the steroids.

When people really believe that they have an edge, they have extra stamina and strength.

Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Did They All Use Steroids?

Barry Bonds Steroids

Since there had long been speculation that Jose Canseco was using steroids, most people were not surprised that Canseco had been using steroids.

However, what did stun people were his claims that other people had used steroids, including “Bash Brother” Mark McGwire.

Canseco also claims that he used steroids with Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriguez, and Juan Gonzalez, although they have also denied these allegations.

Why did he write his book about his own Jose Canseco steroids use and the use of other MLB players?

According to Canseco, he thought that the MLB establishment needed to know how prevalent illegal steroid use was within the league.

Canseco alleges that establishments behind the MLB were all turning a blind eye to steroid use within the league.

However, the MLB has since adopted tougher steroid-testing programs and consequences for players that test positive for using steroids.

After admitting that he used steroids, Jose Canseco says he regrets using them.

However, it is important to note that Jose has dealt with some health effects of using anabolic steroids, including the problem of anabolic steroid-induced hypogonadism.

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