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Jodie Marsh Steroids

Here we will go through Jodie Marsh Steroids, Recently due to the success of the former Topless Glamour model Jodie Marsh I’ve been asked to do an article on here which I’m perfectly fine with doing.

The girl has really impressed me. I can’t say when I first began learning about Jodie Marsh and the sport of bodybuilding that I expected her to succeed. She was “Jordan’s” main rival in the united kingdom.

Jodie’s biggest achievement in life so far was flashing her giant melons off to the camera to make as much money as possible, it was hard to believe she could have the dedication to take on the sport of bodybuilding.

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along with many others! Now moving on with this article “Jodie Marsh Steroids?

Does Jodie Marsh Take Steroids


Despite this, she has proved me and 1000s if not millions of others wrong and I have to say she looks fantastic and the work rate she has put in is downright incredible!

Do I believe Jodie Marsh steroids are true and that she has in fact used anabolic steroids?

Yes, personally, I do. I don’t believe in the time frame she did it in, (let alone the fantastic way she looks) is possible to do naturally, but that doesn’t mean you should take anything away from her. Instead, we should praise her higher as it simply means she worked her ass off to look this way.

What do I believe she used?

Well, clen is an obvious one. It is used by anyone who is wanting to cut their body fat to a very low degree.

Clen speeds up metabolism and is known for its extremely powerful fat-burning effects.

Jodie Marsh And Clenbuterol


Likewise, clenbutrol is extremely safe and can improve energy, and just take a look at her in her single-digit body fat levels!

Another positive thing about her, Jodie Marsh has a great boob job! That makes her waist look even smaller and muscles much larger! Another thing that works to her advantage.

The next anabolic steroid I believe she uses will be Anavar.

Anavar is extremely safe and can be used in long durations and dosages by women athletes.

It promotes the use of fat cells for energy (Ie you burn more fat) as well as promoting Lean muscle gains, up to 10lbs in 8 weeks, but will be extremely lean.

Also, another thing it does is that it promotes a ridiculous amount of strength gains and recovery ability! Ie it’s great for healing joints and tendons.

Finally, I don’t believe she is on the “Big boys” or big girls should I say? Such as Dianabol, testosterone, etc.

But I do believe she has used NPP, or deca, NPP is basically fast-acting decaduro and is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid for building muscle mass in men and women.

Usually, I have my clients use NPP when going for weight loss and deca when building muscle mass, I’ve seen girls go as high as 350MG weekly to have some ridiculously fantastic results in adding muscle mass to their frame and it’s again something else I believe Jodie marsh steroids used.



Again she is a great athlete, yes I can’t believe I’m saying that either but it’s true Jodie Marsh is a great athlete.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my article where I’m going to discuss Jodie marsh and her workout routines!

Until next time thank you for reading this article on Jodie marsh steroids and be sure to like share and comment.

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